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      42 products

      42 products

      Plus size large compression knee sleeve is available in sizes up to 6XL
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      Obesity knee pain brace for plus size people and arthritis treatment
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      bariatric plus size knee brace
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      Big knee sleeve brace for large legs with patella support
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      Our plus size belly band abdominal binder is used to compress stomach
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      Our plus size lower back brace can help with lower back pain like arthritis or a herniated disc
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      Women's back brace support for female lower back pai
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      Short and lightweight patella tracking brace for runner's kneecap pain, dislocation, and subluxation
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      herniated and degenerative medical back brace for spinal pain
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      The back brace for heavy lifting supports the tissues of the lumbar back and promotes proper lifting techniques, reducing stress on the back and easing pain.
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      Plus size XXL knee brace for patella support for working out, walking and exercising with excess knee fat
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      Our lumbar decompression back brace stabilizes your lower back to relieve back pain
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      Neoprene open patella and open back athletic knee sleeve
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      The incrediwear knee sleeve is an athletic bamboo brace to help provide sports pain relief
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      The BraceAbility plus size hinged wrap around knee brace is made of a soft black neoprene material
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      braceability lso back brace for sciatica and spinal stenosis
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      The BraceAbility U-shaped patella stabilizing knee brace is designed to prevent patella tracking
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      The slip-on knee brace provides lightweight knee support and compression that can stabilize the joint and relieve inflammation and pain.
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      Lower back support brace for runners, athletes, and active people
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      braceability torn meniscus knee brace to prevent hyperextension
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      The BraceAbility hinged, range of motion knee brace reduces how far the leg can bend after surgery or an injury
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      The BraceAbility Women's Knee Sleeve is made with a breathable material and comes in plus sizes up to 4XL
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      TLSO throacic full back brace posture corrector for kyphosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis & spine compression fractures
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      The spondylolisthesis back brace relieves lower back pain
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      Postural extension back straightener brace for posture correction
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      Golf back brace for tennis and golfing low back pain and strain
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      The BraceAbility Sarmiento Brace works as a humeral fracture splint
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      The BraceAbility full leg compression sleeve is copper infused, perfect for recovery for calf, thigh, or knee pain
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      the braceability copper elbow compression sleeve relieves pain from tennis elbow and tendonitis
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      The BraceAbility rechargable heated vest will keep you warm outside while hunting or golfing
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      Obesity can be quite problematic in and of itself and because of the numerous other health problems it can cause. Pain or injury to one’s knee or back can make it very difficult for one to go about day-to-day life, let alone pursue a more active lifestyle.

      For this reason, we offer a wide variety of bariatric products, from plus size knee braces to XXXL back braces to bariatric abdominal binders.

      Plus-size Knee Braces: Hinged and Wrap-around

      The knees are one of the body’s primary weight-bearing joints. Therefore, they are more susceptible to injury or damage because of the mechanical force to which they are subject. And this is even more so the case if one is overweight or obese.

      Each pound of weight puts around five pounds of force on one’s knee, so it is easy to see why obesity increases one’s risk of knee pain. Someone who is obese is roughly 60% more likely to develop arthritis than someone who is normal weight.

      Unfortunately, there is no cure for the pain, grating, and stiffness that are some of the hallmarks of osteoarthritis, outside of a knee replacement. But there are steps one can take to ease the discomfort, including the use of plus-size knee braces.

      This neoprene knee brace for arthritis warms and compresses the knee joint, soothing pain stemming from arthritis as well as other injuries like a sprain or strain. This bariatric knee brace is open at both the kneecap and the popliteal area for a more comfortable fit. And it includes a c-shaped buttress that stabilizes the patella.

      For even more support one might consider this obesity knee pain brace in sizes up to 4XL. It features heavy-duty hinges that stabilize the joint. The wrap-around design makes the XXXXL knee brace easy to apply. And it is constructed of a breathable, lightweight alternative to neoprene that wicks away moisture, making this a non-latex, non-neoprene plus size knee support.

      Osteoarthritis is far from the only source of knee pain that is linked to excess pounds. Overweight or obese patients are also much more at risk of sustaining a meniscus tear that causes one pain and instability. The type, severity, and location of the tear will dictate whether it can heal on its own or if surgery to trim or remove part of the cartilage will be necessary.

      Wearing a knee brace in plus sizes can stabilize the kneecap when it is vulnerable so that it does not cause further damage.

      The BraceAbility bariatric plus size knee support features dual axis, polycentric hinges, and an open patella design that helps it to stabilize the knee as needed for treating meniscus tears.  The wraparound hinged knee brace comes in sizes ranging from XL all the way up to 6XL. Another unique feature of the hinged knee brace for a torn meniscus in obese people is the fact that these hinges can be removed from the obesity hinged knee brace for less support as one’s treatment advances.

      If one needs an even larger size, he or she might consider this knee brace for large legs. The XXL knee brace version fits thigh circumferences ranging up to 31 inches. The super obese knee brace has a J-shaped tubular buttress that is sewn into place as well as an adjustable pressure strap. The pull-on obese knee brace can help with a number of conditions, including patella instability, patella tendonitis, lateral patella subluxation or even a dislocated knee.

      The latter does not occur often, but it is more common with those who are morbidly obese because of the high amount of stress the excess weight puts on the stabilizing muscles and the knee joints during movement.

      Wearing a U-shaped patella stabilizer knee brace for plus sizes can help prevent that from occurring. This XS to 4XL knee brace has a U-shaped buttress that both supports and stabilizes the kneecap. The material of this bariatric knee stabilizer is breathable and lightweight, ensuring a cool fit. This makes the health aid for extra-large knees comfortable for either long-term or active use.

      Those in the market for an XXXL hinged knee brace might consider our big & tall knee braces which are well suited for tall men and those with heavy legs. Our wrap-around knee braces features an anterior (front) closure, making it easy to put on my yourself, and removable polycentric hinges which limit side to side movement and harmful twisting motions which can irritate the knee joint.

      These XXL knee braces for plus size individuals are composed of perforated, breathable material. And four Velcro straps keep the obesity knee brace suspended on one’s leg.

      Some knee injuries require a period of immobilization or range-of-motion control to heal. In such cases, one might consider this range of motion knee stabilizer for athletes. The plus size knee immobilizer can be set to varying degrees of flexion or extension control. The hinges of the high-impact plus size knee brace are covered, so it can be used in contact sports.  This adds to the appeal of the extra-large knee braces for the obese or large individuals going through rehab or participating in athletic activity.

      Plus Size Compression Knee Sleeve

      In some cases, a bariatric knee support with hinges is overkill and simply a plus-size knee sleeve will suffice.

      A top seller among our selection of plus size knee sleeves is the plus size compression knee sleeve. This plus size (up to XXXXL) compression knee sleeve is a simple solution for arthritis, knee sprains or strains and other knee injuries. The BraceAbility plus-size (4XL) bariatric knee brace compresses the knee joint, easing pain, promoting healing, and providing a soothing warmth that reduces stiffness. The knee brace for obese legs also comes with an affordable price tag.

      Another great option when it comes to a fitness knee support for obese people is the Incredibrace compression athletic bamboo charcoal knee sleeve. This knee brace in sizes up to 2XL employs cutting-edge, circulation-enhancing technology so that you get the most out of the support. The charcoal, bamboo and geranium blend material of this knee compression sleeve in plus sizes increases blood flow, helping to regulate one’s temperature, ease pain and inflammation and stimulate healing, to name just a few benefits. This makes it a great obese arthritis knee brace.

      The most affordable product within our selection of knee sleeves for plus-size thighs is the elastic cotton slip-on knee sleeve. This bariatric knee sleeve is lightweight, flexible and comfortable to wear. The compression it applies can help with numerous conditions, from a baker’s cyst to osteoarthritis to meniscus tears to general pain.

      Those seeking a closed patella plus size knee brace should consider the latex-free pull-on kneecap stabilizer brace. There is a bit more to this latex-free knee brace in plus sizes up to 4XL than there is to many compression sleeves. It features silicone pads around the kneecap that support and stabilize the patella in addition to providing targeted compression. It keeps pressure off the kneecap itself. And the 4XL knee compression sleeve still allows a high degree of flexibility.

      The plus-size XXXL compression knee sleeve is composed of a knitted material that will not slip. The XXXL knee support also comes with stays that stabilize the knee and prevent the sleeve from bunching or rolling.

      Other Bariatric Knee Braces

      Studies have shown that losing even a small amount of weight can make a significant difference when it comes to one’s joint health. But working out when one is overweight or obese presents its own set of challenges.

      BraceAbility can help make this a bit easier in at least one respect—by offering knee support in plus sizes that are designed to stand up to active use and sweat.

      Our sweat-resistant exercise knee brace for working out has a much more streamlined fit than many of our other knee braces for fat legs. This plus-size knee compression sleeve is composed of a material that is resistant to sweat and will let heat escape, making for a much cooler, more comfortable fit. The extra small to 4XL knee sleeve is open at the patella but closed at the back of one’s knee. And the brace as a whole covers no more of the body than is necessary.

      For some injuries such as patellar tendonitis (AKA, jumper’s knee) one can get away with even less support. Wearing a patellar tendon adjustable knee strap that diverts pressure away from one’s patella tendon can make a world of difference for easing pain at the front of one’s knee. Considering that obesity increases one’s risk of developing patella tendonitis, it seems only appropriate that we offer this plus-size thin knee brace in sizes up to 2XL.

      Finding a Plus Size Back Brace for Lumbar Pain

      The knees aren’t the only weight bearing area of the body that can be stressed by excess pounds. One’s back and spine, especially the lower back are also subject to a good deal of stress. Think about it—these tissues support the weight of one’s entire upper body. And being overweight or obese increases the amount of strain on the back. Therefore we also offer a wide selection of plus-size back braces.

      One of our most popular is this bariatric back brace in sizes up to 6XL. This 6XL back brace fits hip circumferences ranging up to 68 inches. The plus-size back support is composed of premium-quality elastic and it features a comfortable, breathable back panel and double-pull tension straps. Malleable stays also help with a comfortable fit and they prevent the back support belt in 5XL to 6XL sizes from rolling up or bunching.

      A similar product that has crisscross straps for additional support and compression is the bariatric low back support belt for hips up to 60 inches. The up to 4XL back brace can help with numerous sources of low-back pain, including strains of the lumbar back or lumbar muscle weakness.

      One of our most affordable back braces for plus size individuals is the elastic and neoprene back pain relief compression brace. As indicated by the name, this plus-size lumbar back brace in black is composed of a mix of neoprene and elastic material and can be secured via a simple contact closure. This obese back brace comes with pockets that can hold gel pack inserts for heat or cold therapy or a pressure pad for additional compression.

      Cybertech Bariatric Back Braces

      Many find the Cybertech line of products to be well worth the extra money when it comes to low back pain relief. Such products utilize the company’s patented mechanical advantage pulley system that provides compression at a 6:1 ratio.

      The Cybertech SPINE adjustable lower back pain brace features a simple corset design. It takes just seconds to adjust the compression the Cybertech back brace applies, so one can easily transition from standing to sitting and the like. A nylon mesh side panel improves the breathability of this lower back support girdle for obese individuals, which also comes with a video on back pain, a first aid booklet, and a carrying case.

      The Cybertech SPINE sport back brace is a similar product that has a narrower profile geared toward a greater range of motion. This makes it a great men’s or women’s XXXL back brace for sports, physical therapy or simply a more active lifestyle. The streamlined fit of this back support brace for obese individuals and those struggling with various low back problems make it more comfortable to wear and helps it to fit beneath one’s clothes. The material of the brace breathable, optimizing the plus-size lumbar support belt for active use. It comes in sizes up to 4XL and this bariatric back support brace can help with a wide range of back issues from general back pain to herniated discs of the lumbar spine to degenerative disc disease.

      Plus-Size Back Support for Work

      Careers that require long days on one’s feet or lifting, twisting, carrying and the like amplify the amount of stress on one’s spine. Therefore, BraceAbility also offers several plus size lumbar support belts intended for industrial use.

      A lower back support belt for heavy lifting is one of our more popular back supports for bigger men, especially one with suspender straps. It reduces strain one’s back, eases the existing pain, prevents further damage and encourages proper lifting techniques, all qualities that make it one of the best lumbar support belts for obese men. Our industrial back support includes crisscross suspender straps for additional support that can be removed if one so desires.

      The crisscross straps of the lower back support girdle for obese or overweight individuals can be easily adjusted via easy-to-operate buckles. One can also completely remove the straps for a sleeker fit. This back support belt works for both men and women.

      Plus-size Abdominal Binders

      Low-hanging fat known as a pendulous abdomen can stress the back, cause poor posture and make it tough to fit into clothing. This might be caused by overeating, a lack of exercise or pregnancy. While losing weight and/or surgery are the only way to truly treat this, there are some steps one can take to remedy its symptoms.

      For one, wearing an obesity belt belly sling can reduce strain on one’s back and improve one’s posture. The plus size bariatric abdominal binder also comes with a molded back insert that one can add in for extra support.

      If one does opt to undergo some form of bariatric surgery, he or she will likely need to wear a bariatric surgery abdominal binder, such as the BraceAbility bariatric abdominal binder or the ultra plus size abdominal tummy wrap girdle.

      These plus size corsets for weight loss surgical procedures compress and support one’s abdomen and low back, speeding along healing and protecting one’s incision site. The bariatric abdominal binder support can also help with other injuries to the lumbar spine or abdomen or simply offer support to those with weak abdominal muscles.

      The hernia binder wrap for abdominal hernia repair is another product that can help after various surgical procedures to one’s abdomen, including leading up to or after a hernia repair. (Learn about the difference between an abdominal strain and a hernia.) The plus size hernia belt provides even compression needed to prevent a hernia from protruding or protecting an incision site. And the obesity support belt comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging up to a 94-inch girth.

      Our men's abdominal binder/stomach wrap is another great abdominal compression binder for obese people. The elastic plus size abdominal chest wrap is breathable and the plush liner is soft against one’s skin. Despite its name, the belly support band in plus sizes works for both men and women. The plus-size belly binder can help after hernia repairs, liposuction, bariatric procedures and more.

      Plus-size Maternity Support Belts

      BraceAbility also offers a number of plus size pregnancy support belts for supporting one’s growing abdomen and easing strain on the back. Some of these plus size belly bands can also help with a pendulous abdomen.

      A top seller is the plus size maternity support belt for pregnancy. The plus size maternity belt takes on much of the stress of the added weight of pregnancy. It also includes an optional strap over the belly for additional support. It makes the final months of pregnancy more comfortable, has stays in the back for additional lumbar support and an added strap so the size can be adjusted as your belly grows.

      Sacroiliac joint pain is a common complaint among pregnant women. Wearing BraceAbility’s maternity sacroiliac joint belt can provide welcome relief.  The plus size maternity belly support band stabilizes the sacroiliac joint so that painful inflammation can subside. The plus-size maternity support band is constructed of durable material that will hold up to the task at hand and it allows a wide range of adjustment in terms of sizing.

      If one undergoes a cesarean section birth, she will likely need to wear an abdominal binder for some time afterward. An after C-Section abdominal binder is perfect for such usage. The plus-size belly support protects one’s incision site after a C-section delivery, in addition, to gently compressing one’s midsection. This reduces inflammation and encourages healing. This plus-size postpartum belly wrap can also be used after a vaginal birth or other surgeries to one’s abdominal region.

      Many women rely on a postpartum abdominal binder after giving birth. A plus-size post-pregnancy belly wrap can support one’s weakened abdomen and help the uterus get back to its normal size more quickly. Another benefit of a plus-size maternity belly support belt is that it can make a woman more comfortable moving about after delivering a baby.