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Adjustable Knee Band for Patellar Tendonitis

This knee band is a simple patella tendon strap that uses a specially shaped, molded pad to compress the area directly below the kneecap without uncomfortable constriction of blood flow to the lower limb. Wearing a knee strap like this one directly under the patella (kneecap) takes pressure off the joint, dramatically reducing pain caused by chondromalacia, tendonitis, osgood schlatters disease, runner's knee, jumper's knee, patello-femoral syndrome, and other knee conditions affecting the patella. This discreet knee band features a solid tubular neoprene pad that applies pressure to the patella tendon and is manufactured from premium grade latex-free soft loop neoprene - so you can wear it comfortably all day, and even while playing sports.

A buckle and fastener closure make this knee band for tendonitis and other conditions easy to adjust and put on. The fact that this band for the knee is adjustable means one can tighten it to an ideal amount of pressure. Being able to adjust and tighten your knee strap to just the right amount of pressure is crucial in order to effectively ease the pain. So a sized knee strap like the one is typically much more effective than a universal or one-size-fits-all knee strap.

Knee Strap for Osgood Schlatters, Chondromalacia & More

This knee band gets the job done when it comes to addressing pain, plus it fits comfortably beneath the kneecap. The soft knee band tacks down the patella tendon, which can help with pain stemming from Osgood Schlatter disease, patellofemoral syndrome, patella tendonitis, jumpers’ knee, and other patella disorders like Chondromalacia.

Chondromalacia patella is the inflammation of the underside of the patella. This condition usually affects younger individuals who actively engage in sports, but it is not uncommon for older adults who tend to overwork their knees. This disorder commonly denotes the irritation of the underside of the kneecap. The most common sports that bring about this condition include the following: soccer, gymnastics, cycling, rowing, basketball, volleyball, and snowboarding. The good news is that treatment of chondromalacia patella doesn’t involve surgery. Using a good chondromalacia patella brace like this one can effectively provide relief from this condition.

Osgood Schlatters is a condition that affects growing children. With this condition, the strap helps by tacking down the patellar tendon and distributing force away from the tender area, allowing healing to take place and relieving pain. The many sizes and adjustable fit of the support also make it a good knee strap for children. Conservative treatment is usually a preferable choice to Osgood Schlatter's surgery. BraceAbility offers a number of braces and straps for treating Osgood Schlatter's disease.

If you need a knee strap for your child and do not see a small enough size here, check out our kid's version of this same knee band

The aching pain at the front of the knee and/or around and under the patella known as patellofemoral pain syndrome sometimes referred to as runners’ knee, can be aided by improving the tracking of the kneecap by wearing a patella tracking knee brace or a knee band for the patella.

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Features of This Patella Tendon Strap

There are a number of reasons this knee band is a popular orthotic for a number of the knee joint and patella problems. Following is a breakdown of its features.

  • Solid, tubular neoprene pad
  • Knee strap applies pressures to the patella tendon
  • Comfortable knee band holds the patellar tendon down
  • Knee band is made of premium-grade latex-free soft loop neoprene
  • Latex-free
  • Adjustable knee strap in a range of sizes for the perfect fit and appropriate amount of compression
  • Fastener straps are easy to adjust
  • Treats: Osgood Schlatter disease, patella-femoral pain syndrome, patella tendonitis (jumpers’ knee)
  • Discreet black color
  • Low-profile knee strap
Sizing chart for Patellar Tendon Adjustable knee strap. Available in sizes XS-2XL.
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