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      Neck Braces and Neck Supports

      From bike accidents to car accidents to collisions in football or other contact sports, neck or cervical injuries can occur when a blow to the head transfers energy to the muscles and bones in the neck. Oftentimes these injuries require immobilization of the neck to allow the injury to heal. That's where neck braces and neck supports come in. Neck support braces can be used in the treatment of neck injury, neck pain, and related conditions. Here at BraceAbility, we offer a wide selection of neck braces, cervical neck supports, and soft neck collars that not only provides speedy recovery from a neck injury but can also be used in the treatment of neck pain and related conditions by relieving strain on the neck muscles.

      What Is Whiplash and How Can a Soft Neck Brace Collar Help?

      Whiplash is a fairly common neck injury that occurs following motor-vehicle accidents. Whiplash injury refers to damage suffered to the bone structures and soft tissue in the neck. While whiplash is not generally a life-threatening injury, it can often lead to an extended period of partial disability.

      So what causes whiplash? It is most commonly caused by a motor-vehicle accident wherein the vehicle that the person is driving or riding on is hit from behind by another vehicle. The impact from the rear causes the head and neck to hyperextend as the seat pushes the driver or passenger forward, causing the unrestrained head and neck to fall backward which, after a short delay, are then thrown into a hyperflexed position. Other causes of whiplash include strains of the neck caused by bike accidents or minor slips and falls or even repetitive stress injuries or chronic neck strain.

      The most common symptoms of whiplash include the following: neck pain and stiffness, headache, shoulder pain, jaw pain, arm weakness, ringing in the ears, back pain, and even visual disturbances.

      So how can a soft neck collar support help treat whiplash? Doctors often prescribe wearing a neck brace or neck support for whiplash for a certain period of time to stabilize and immobilize the injured area. Whiplash usually heals within a few weeks after wearing the brace or support, without subsequent problems.

      The soft foam cervical brace is an ideal cervical neck support that helps treat whiplash. Its skin-friendly cover made of 100 percent foam ensures that you have a neck brace that is irritation-free. In addition, its adjustable Velcro closure and an anatomically shaped fit ensures an optimum and snug fit. As such, this support can be comfortably worn every day. And being one of the more versatile neck supports in the market today, it can also be used for sprains, cervical syndrome, and for post-operative use after torticollis operations and operations of the cervical spine.

      An Ideal Neck Support Brace and Cervical Orthosis

      The Philadelphia neck collar is best for immobilization for both extrication and rehabilitation, post-operative discectomy, and spinal fusion. This neck support brace features a two-piece design anatomically contoured to provide superior stability and comfort with a large trachea opening for easy access.

      On the other hand, the cervical halo brace is an excellent neck cervical collar that is best for treatment of acute neck pain, arthritis, spinal stenosis, and for use for post-operative non-invasive restriction and immobilization of the cervical spine or for post-trauma use. This neck collar incorporates the best design features of past proven systems with today's materials for a functional and comprehensive all-adjustable cervical immobilization system to conform to each patient's individual needs.

      BraceAbility offers a variety of neck braces, neck supports, soft neck collars and cervical orthoses depending on your needs. Not sure what neck support brace you require? No problem. Our customer service representatives are here to help. To speak with one, please call us at (866) 712.7808. We'll be glad to assist you in any way we can.