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13 products

Plus size XXL knee brace for patella support for working out, walking and exercising with excess knee fat
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Neoprene open patella and open back athletic knee sleeve
69 Reviews
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The incrediwear knee sleeve is an athletic bamboo brace to help provide sports pain relief
127 Reviews
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Lower back support brace for runners, athletes, and active people
58 Reviews
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This waterproof ankle brace helps treat ankle sprains, strains, arthritis and tendonitis
48 Reviews
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The BraceAbility Women's Knee Sleeve is made with a breathable material and comes in plus sizes up to 4XL
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Non-slip knee wrap for athletic support and arthritis pain relief
36 Reviews
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Arnicare gel is an all natural pain relief cream that treats muscle pain and stiffness
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Golf back brace for tennis and golfing low back pain and strain
30 Reviews
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The incrediwear knee sleeve is an athletic bamboo brace to help provide sports pain relief
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Sports Braces & Supports

Athletic activity can be a bit of a double-edged sword. While the physical activity involved in playing a sport is good for both physical and mental health, it also increases the risk of a sports injury. Thankfully, there are a number of sports orthotics designed specifically to get an athlete free of pain and on the mend. At BraceAbility, one can find such athletic supports at a price that will not break the bank.

Sports Knee Brace

Besides the fact that knee injuries are a relatively common occurrence in a number of different sports, customers also find this to be one of the best knee braces for sports thanks to its user-friendly features. 

As should be true of most knee braces for sports, this product is lightweight, breathable and machine-washable, plus it features corrective wire to prevent uncomfortable bunching.

But what sets this product apart and makes it the best knee brace for sports participation is the silicone insert pad that keeps pressure off the patella and provides targeted compression to the knee joint along with an omega pad that encircles the kneecap to reduce pain and promote proprioception.

This support is well-suited for a number of types of knee injuries or conditions, including general instability, arthritis or osteoarthritis, meniscus pain, ACL injuries, or Osgood Schlatters Disease. This can also be used for post-operative care.

knee pain from sports and what it means

BraceAbility also offers a number of other sports knee braces that are specialized for patellar support, arthritis, or medial or lateral ligament injuries

Hinged Knee Braces for Sports

Another, heavier duty option when it comes to ACL braces for sports and other mild to moderate ligament tears is the Hyperextension Knee Brace for Sports. This support can also be used following surgery.

Ankle Braces for Sports

BraceAbility offers a wide number of athletic ankle braces geared toward certain sports and injuries well as some general sports ankle braces designed to treat Achilles bursitis, a common foot disorder for athletes (especially runners) and those who wear non-supportive shoes. It is also a good general ankle brace for sports like running. Other conditions our ankle braces can help treat or prevent include:

This ankle brace sports orthotic works well with a number of injuries and conditions because besides providing support and compression, it also promotes muscular stabilization via a friction insert pad that massages the transition area between the muscles and tendons, encouraging healing in the process.

Also helping to make this the best ankle brace for sports, it is composed of a knitted fabric that is lightweight, breathable and machine-washable. Its handy “stretch zone” makes it easy to pull on and off.  

Another affordable product that falls into the general ankle braces sports category is the Lace-up Figure 8 Sports Ankle Brace. It can be adjusted and laced up without taking off the shoe, and its inner non-slip coating means it will not hinder one’s performance. The brace features a figure-eight design for added support and an elastic strap to hold loose laces. It is considered by some to be the best sports ankle brace because it offers the best of both worlds in terms of athletic taping and bracing. The non-stretch nylon straps imitate the heel lock of a tape job and there is steel stays on either side of the ankle for even more support. But the brace also offers the mobility and simplicity of a brace. This ankle brace is not exclusive to volleyball. It can also be used in sports like:

Sports Back Brace

There are also times when an athlete might injure his or her back or shoulder, necessitating the use of a sports shoulder brace or a back brace for sports. 

This compression tank top protects the skin, supports the torso and can enhance performance. For this reason, the Cybertech body sock is sometimes purchased as a standalone product.

The orthotics sports product is made of breathable, moisture-wicking material. And its seamless and wrinkle-free design ensures the ultimate user experience.

Sports Elbow Brace

Looking a bit farther out to the extremities, those who play golf, tennis or other racket sports might find themselves in need of elbow braces for sports. Our elbow sports brace is a low-profile band that fits just beneath the elbow where it provides targeted compression to ease discomfort and promotes a rapid recovery. It can be used on either arm and is very simple to apply.

Another option for treating pain in the elbow joint and associated muscles is the use of a compression sleeve. This lightweight sleeve provides compression above and below the elbow to encourage blood flow and help with the removal of lactic acid. The sleeve will not bunch or chafe the skin, and the material of the sleeve has an anti-microbial that diminishes any unpleasant odors.

Sports Orthotics Insoles

Foot health is important for all individuals, regardless of activity level, but those who participate in athletics put even greater stress on the feet than the average Joe. For that reason, BraceAbility offers several styles of sports insoles and athletic arch supports made of a viscoelastic material that molds itself to one’s shoe and foot each time it is worn, making it fit like a custom sports orthotic. These heel cushions are highly effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, and general foot pain. The latex-free inserts can be easily cleaned with just soap and water.

Another option for foot pain that works by more evenly distributing pressure on the foot. This support can help treat a number of disorders like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, diabetic foot or metatarsalgia.

It can also help with back pain. These insole pairs can be trimmed to fit any shoe perfectly. The insole also has holes to improve the breathability and reduce heat retention of the insert.

It is specifically designed with the treatment of metarsalgia in mind, a condition that is relatively common among athletes who do a lot of running and jumping, but it also works well for those with plantar pressure pain, fat pad atrophy, Morton’s neuroma or toe deformities, to name just a few. 

Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves are a popular product across a number of sports from football to basketball to softball. These can help stimulate blood flow, reduce the buildup of lactic acid, support the muscles and joints and diminish slippage, to name just a few benefits.

For these reasons, BraceAbility stocks a number of sports medicine braces of this type. Whatever your sports orthotics requirements, BraceAbility likely has a brace to fit your needs and lifestyle.