Figure 8 Lace-up Athletic Ankle Brace for Sprains & Sports Protection


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Durable & Comfortable Figure-8 Ankle Support

This lace-up ankle brace has a number of features that make it a favorite both for its comfortable fit and its functional elements. For instance, it is constructed of a strong ballistic-type nylon that is durable as well as thin for a low-profile fit.

Some areas of the brace, such as the figure-8 straps, are made of non-stretch nylon to support the ankle and prevent it from moving in damaging ways. But other areas, like the tongue and Achilles area, are composed of breathable and comfortable flex mesh material. Also in the interests of user comfort and brace breathability, the toe and heel area of the ankle lace-up brace are open.

There is no seam on the foot of this brace, which makes it more comfortable for the user.  Another convenience is the laces of this ankle lace-up brace are secured by straps at the ankle. See more lace-up ankle braces.

The support fits either the left or the right leg and it can treat several conditions, such as ankle sprains and instability. It is also available in bariatric (plus) sizes. Check out BraceAbility’s full line of bariatric products.

Lace-up Ankle Support Brace

Following a turn of the ankle that results in a tear to a ligament (or several) of the ankle, otherwise known as an ankle sprain, one will likely need to follow the steps of RICE to reduce swelling and promote healing. This includes rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

The rest component might include a period of time on crutches and/or wearing a figure-8 brace for the ankle.  An ankle brace can also apply compression that is helpful for reducing inflammation. Check out BraceAbility’s selection of ice and compression therapy products

The figure-8 wrapping of this support at the ankle also makes it well suited for treating instability. However, wearing a brace is not a long-term solution.

 For permanent relief, one will likely have to engage in physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in this vicinity. This low-profile, breathable brace can help provide support during any such period of rehabilitation. In rare cases, surgery may be necessary to repair the damage. (See post-operative ankle boots here.

Best Features of the Figure-8 Ankle Brace

The figure-8 lace-up ankle brace provides ultimate support and protection to the ankle, and it does so in a comfortable way. The following are some of its main selling points:

  • Composed of thin but strong ballistic-type nylon
  • Non-stretch figure-8 straps for ultimate support
  • Breathable, comfortable flex mesh material at the Achilles and tongue area
  • No seam on foot
  • Eliminates the need for ankle taping
  • Discreet black color
  • Works for either the right or left ankle
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes, including bariatric sizes up to 2XL

How do You Put on a Figure-8 Ankle Brace?

Undo all straps, loosen the laces, and slip your foot into the brace. Wrap each figure-8 strap over your ankle, under your foot and back around. Secure the straps to the sides of the brace. They should cross in front, forming an X. Secure the ankle straps at the top of the brace. They provide extra security to keep the figure-8 straps in place.

Sizing chart for figure-8 ankle support. Available in sizes XS-2XL.
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