Ankle Braces

The ankles are some of the most frequently injured parts of the human body because they support your entire body weight as you engage in various physical activities that involve forward motion and lateral movement. Movements that involve walking, running, turning, and pivoting can all lead to ankle injuries. In other words, because the ankle plays a very important part in almost all aspects of movement, protecting it from injury during strenuous activities is of the essence.

Ankle Supports and Braces

Ankle braces work twofold: there are braces that are designed to simply protect the ankle and give ample support to help prevent injury (or prevent re-injury as in the case of post-injury use) while there are those that help stabilize already injured ankles to aid in the healing process.

So who will benefit the most from using ankle braces? Ankle supports are best suited for athletes who engage in sports that result in a high incidence of ankle injury (such as running, basketball, volleyball, football, etc.) as well as for people who are recovering from ankle sprains or strains or for those who just want added stability for their ankles.

The Best Braces for Ankle Sprain Treatment and Other Ankle Injuries

Here at BraceAbility, we offer a range of ankle braces that help treat a variety of ankle conditions, including ankle sprains, achilles tendonitis, ankle swelling, chronic ankle instability, foot drop,  and peroneal tendon injury. We also have braces that are perfect for post-operative use and braces for preventative protection.

Needless to say, proper treatment of ankle conditions and injuries is important to prevent permanent disability. You can learn more about the most common ankle injuries and disorders.

Ankle Braces for Sports

Sports and exercise are great for the health, but oftentimes when you engage in extremely physical and strenuous activities, injuries can become unavoidable. The ankle, in particular, can be susceptible to various types of injuries depending on the sport that a person plays. Some of the most common sports that result in a high incidence of ankle injuries include running, baseball, basketball, cycling, golf, motocross, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, tennis, football, and volleyball. We at BraceAbility provide a variety of braces that will help stabilize your ankle while you have fun playing your chosen sport.

The Best Ankle Brace for Basketball

Basketball is a fast-moving and exciting sport that involves a lot of running, jumping, pivoting, and quick lateral movements. It is, however, unfortunate that what makes the sport fun to watch and exciting to play also makes it a high-risk game for ankle injuries.

The Perfect Ankle Brace for Volleyball

Because volleyball has evolved to become a very competitive sport the past few years, injuries are often inevitable, and ankle sprains have become one of the more acute injuries occurring on the volleyball court. It is therefore imperative that volleyball players protect their ankles with the best ankle brace available for the sport.

BraceAbility offers a variety of ankle braces and supports depending on your needs. Not sure what ankle brace you require? No problem. Our customer service representatives are here to help. To speak with one, please call us at (866) 712.7808. We'll be glad to assist you in any way we can.

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