Nighttime splint for achilles tendon, calf stretching, and ankle dorsiflexion
Sizing chart for dorsal night splint. Available in sizes S/M and L/XL.
Soft night splint secures and stabilizes your foot and ankle, leaving your heel open
The foot splint shell is composed of durable, high-density polyethylene
Dorsal night splints are easier to move around in than anterior boot-style plantar night splints
Sewn-in memory foam support pad for user comfort when treating foot injuries
How to put on the dorsal night splint instruction sheet
to clean the achilles tendon stretching night sock hand wash in warm water with mild detergent

Nighttime Splint for Achilles Tendon & Calf Stretching and Ankle Dorsiflexion

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Product Description

Shop our new and improved dorsal night splint featuring medical grade fasteners and and an adjustable dorsiflexion strap

Comfortable and Effective Dorsal Night Splint

This simple Achilles tendonitis night splint fits securely and comfortably, holding the foot at a 90-degree angle to the ankle (plantar flexed). This enables the dorsal night splint to treat conditions such as:

The dorsal night splint for plantar fasciitis is made out of high-density polyethylene shell that is durable and stable and straps to keep it in place. The Achilles night splint has a sewn-in memory foam pad that provides support and makes the dorsal foot splint comfortable to wear as one sleeps.

The Achilles splint covers no more of the foot than is necessary, making it more comfortable and breathable. The memory foam pad also helps avoid the pressure points one might develop wearing other night splints.

Of note, some studies have shown dorsal night splints reduce one’s plantar fasciitis symptoms more quickly than traditional anterior night splints that fit against the back of the ankle and bottom of one’s foot. 

Plus, dorsal splints for the foot are generally viewed as more comfortable, making it easier to follow through on this conservative treatment method. It is also easier to move around at night when wearing a night dorsal splint than an anterior night splint.

Night Splint for Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis and More

Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis occur when one has put too much strain on the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia, respectively, causing pain and stiffness in the corresponding areas. (Learn more about the symptoms and causes of Achilles tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis) Both are common among runners and can typically be addressed via simple at-home measures. These might include:

  • Resting the foot
  • Icing the injured region
  • Engaging in stretching exercises
  • Using orthotics such as a shoe insert during the day and a night splint while sleeping
  • Taking over-the-counter pain medications
  • Losing weight (if needed)

Using orthotics such as a heel wedge for Achilles tendonitis or an arch support during the day can reduce stress on the Achilles tendon and arch of the support when one is going about his or her day. At night, one can wear a night splint to prevent the Achilles tendon or plantar fascia from tightening up or healing in a shortened length, causing plantar flexion contracture.

The ability of this night splint to hold the foot in plantar flexion also makes it useful after a stroke or for one looking for a foot drop brace to prevent the forefoot from slapping or dragging across the floor.

Key Features of Dorsal Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis Night Splint

This dorsal plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis splint has a number of features that make it more comfortable, and therefore an effective solution for dealing with these conditions. Following is a detailed list of its features:

  • Simple design for a more comfortable fit
  • Soft night splint secures and stabilizes the ankle and foot
  • Dorsal night splint composed of straps at the ankle and sole of the foot and a dorsal support component
  • Shell is composed of durable, high-density polyethylene
  • Sewn-in memory foam support pad for user comfort when treating foot injuries
  • Memory foam of this Achilles/plantar night splint eliminates pressure points
  • Low-profile night splint leaves much of the foot free
  • Dorsal night splints are easier to move around in than anterior boot-style plantar night splints. Great for those who like to sleep on their stomach.
  • Indications: Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, drop foot, plantar flexion contracture, stroke patients
  • Black night splint
  • Highly adjustable fit and easy application of Achilles dorsal splint
  • Foot splint for nighttime holds foot in an upright, plantar-flexed position
    • Small/Medium: Men’s size 5-9 | Women’s size 6-10
    • Large/X-Large: Men’s size 9.5-14 | Women’s size 10.5-15

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