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Cycling Injuries

Cycling is a great way to exercise and keep in shape in order to live a healthy life. Preparing for your biking trips in the correct ways is essential in order to experience a successful ride. Unfortunately, many injuries do occur from biking. Therefore, understanding the many different conditions that can possibly occur during or after cycling is important. One very common problem among cyclists of all levels of experience is knee pain. There are many types of knee problems that can develop when biking. Cycling can also cause many other problems including Achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, saddle sores, low back pain, neck pain and many others. BraceAbility offers many supports for your knee, calf, wrist, arm, back, or ankle to help your biking injuries and also to prevent other injuries from occurring in the future.

Cycling Knee Brace

Knee injuries are the most common injuries that cyclist experience. The knee brace for cycling is one of BraceAbility’s top sellers. Made out of neoprene material, this knee sleeve provides warmth and long-lasting support to the rider. It is an ideal accessory for riders who are experiencing knee pain, aching joints, or swelling during or after their bike ride.

BraceAbility offers bikers a compression athletic knee support for those dealing with arthritis in the knee, meniscal tear, knee sprains, or any particular injury to the knee. Allowing for increased blood flow, regulation of temperature, and greater supply of oxygen and blood to the injured area, this compression knee sleeve can help enhance mobility for the cyclists.

Many cyclists jump on their bike without correctly adjusting the seat to the correct height, causing extreme knee pain. Keeping your seat at the correct height is important to avoid unnecessary knee pain, read the article here on correct seat height.

For more options, check out BraceAbility’s vast selection of knee braces.

Cycling Wrist Brace

This easily applied cycling wrist support is made of soft, flexible material and provides warmth and compression to reduce pain and stiffness. The wrist compression wrap helps treat wrist sprains or strains as well as many other wrist injuries. The fingers and thumb are left unrestricted allowing them to be mobile while riding a bike.

Ankle Support for Cycling

The elastic compression ankle brace sleeve brings comfort and energy to tired legs while providing extra support to the ankle when biking. Helping to prevent ankle pain in cyclist, this compression sleeve increases blood flow and minimizes swelling while being active. The elastic design allows for mobility and comfort while wearing. This ankle support offers the user mobility and to remain active. A great feature of the brace is that it is odor absorbent and moisture-wicking, allowing the user to wear it longer.

Cycling Calf Sleeves

Reflective running calf and leg sleeves are ideal for all bikers who are looking to safely ride at night while adding compression to their muscles. The medical grade graduated compression allows for improved circulation throughout the legs. The calf and leg sleeve creates compression helps to flush the lactic acid from the muscles leading the cyclist to a quick recovery.

BraceAbility also offers a cycling calf sleeve which can be worn before or after physical activity for almost instant relief from soreness, aches, and pains. Made out of special material, this calf support is durable and allows for comfort while being worn for a long period of time. The calf guard can help ease the pain of arthritis and help with muscle cramps as well as many other injuries to the calves.

Cycling Back Brace

The sport back brace has an enhanced range of motion allowing for a cyclist to ride normally while preventing or recovering from an injury. This brace is equipped to fight pain in the lower back due to compression towards the abdominal region. The spine sport back brace can help ease the pain of spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, or a fracture to the back region.

Cycling Arm Sleeves

The biking arm sleeve provides comfort and relief to the elbow specifically. This elbow sleeve helps to increase blood flow and circulation while also reducing inflammation. With an increase in range of motion, cyclists are allowed to be active and mobile while recovering or preventing injury to the elbow area. This brace is helpful in easing arthritis pain, sprains, and pre or post surgery elbow pain.

Another good product for arm pain is the compression arm sleeve. It has a seamless design in order to avoid pressure points and chafing. The elbow pocket provides maximum comfort by reducing bunching and irritation. It is available in black or pink and can be worn during physical activities such as a bike ride.

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