Yoga Wrist Support Brace for Arthritis Pain Relief during Exercise


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Yoga Wrist Support

This wrist support for yoga is a simple solution for one’s wrist pain. The premium-grade neoprene of which this brace for yoga wrist pain is composed warms, compresses and protects one’s wrist.  (See more neoprene wrist braces). This material is soft against the skin as well as flexible. This makes it well suited as a wrist support for gymnastics, yoga, pilates, dance, weightlifting, or any other activity where a flexible exercise wrist brace is needed.

Another practical feature when it comes to a gymnastic or yoga wrist injury is the fact that such wrist supports for yoga leave much of the hand unrestricted. This yoga wrist brace loops around the wrist and the base of the thumb, leaving the rest of the hand free. This is one of several reasons many people consider this the best wrist support for yoga.

The warmth the wrist brace for exercise provides can help reduce pain and stiffness, ultimately easing wrist pain from yoga. The compression of the yoga wrist guards provide reduces painful inflammation and encourages blood flow that speeds healing.

One can easily adjust the degree of compression this wrist brace for gymnastics applies thanks to its simple wrap-around design and its Velcro closure. This allows one to tighten the yoga wrist brace as any swelling or inflammation subsides.

The wrist support for yoga comes in a discreet black color and it is both lightweight and low-profile in terms of fit. The neoprene material of which this wrist brace for yoga is composed is also soft against the skin, durable and free of latex.

Unlike many wrist braces for yoga, there is no need for extensive measuring and attempting to guess one’s size. This gymnastics wrist support is highly adjustable in terms of fit and therefore comes in one universal size that fits wrist circumferences up to 9 inches.

Wrist Support for Yoga, Gymnastics, and More

Many yoga poses put a lot of force on the wrist, which can lead to injury such as sprains. Often this is due to muscle imbalances and/or tendencies to collapse into certain areas of the wrist. Adjustments in form, taking care that one’s sequence of poses spreads out those that put the most pressure on the wrists, and occasional practices that avoid putting stress on the wrist altogether can lower one’s risk of an injury. Plus yoga for wrist pain can actually help correct some muscle imbalances in the arms.

But if one already has a wrist yoga injury, he or she may need a more immediate solution, such as wearing yoga wrist wraps. Wrist wraps for yoga like this protect the wrist against further injury when it is in a vulnerable state. This particular exercise wrist support is flexible enough that it can be worn comfortably while one is engaging in yoga exercises for wrist pain.

Simply using yoga props for wrist pain can act as a helpful reminder not to collapse the wrists into certain poses and to include the hands and wrists when considering one’s form.

And the compression and warmth of this particular wrist support for exercising eases pain and speeds healing.

Of course, you should always check with a medical professional for advice whether practicing yoga with a wrist injury is wise.

Wrist Pain Yoga Brace Features

Yoga wrist supports such as this are helpful for both treating and preventing wrist injuries that can be quite disruptive to one’s practice. Following is a breakdown of the features of this yoga/gymnastics wrist wrap:

  • Lightweight, low-profile exercising wrist brace
  • Constructed of premium-grade neoprene
  • Applies compression and warmth
  • Wrap supports/protects the wrist
  • Yoga wrap for the wrist enhances blood flow and healing
  • Latex-free yoga wristband
  • Flexible material makes this ideal for active use, such as yoga wrist exercises
  • Indications: Wrist strains and sprains, athletic protection
  • Can be used in conjunction with yoga for wrist injuries
  • Brace for gymnastics is easy to apply thanks to its wrap design and Velcro closures
  • Brace for athletic wrist injuries features a highly adjustable fit
  • Color: Black
  • Universal wrist brace (fits wrist circumferences up to 9 inches)
  • Unisex wrist support for men and women
Sizing chart for yoga wrist support fits wrist circumferences up to 9 inches
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