BraceAbility resting hand splint for surgery or stroke recovery
The sizing chart for the volar wrist brace comes in size XS through XL fitting plus sizes
Our functional resting hand splint comfortably holds your hand in the correct position
Our resting hand splint can be use for stroke recovery, tendonitis, and rheumatoid arthritis
Our comfortable stroke hand splint immobilizes the thumb and fingers
The braceability resting hand splint is up to 15 inches long, giving maximum arm support
our soft padded hand brace is comfortable day or night for stroke recovery
the functional wrist and finger immobilizer stabilizes the hand for recover from stroke
the instruction sheet for the resting hand splint is made with simple wrap around straps

Resting Hand Splint | Day or Night Soft Wrist and Finger Immobilizer Brace for Surgery or Stroke Recovery

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Product Description

The 4 Top-Rated Features of This Hand Brace for Stroke Patients

  1. Personalized Fit for Men and Women

    There is a wide range of sizes available for teen to adult men and women, as well as choices for either right or left-handed options. Supportive straps cover the wrist, hand, and fingers that can be adjusted for targeted compression and pressure. Completely adjustable and reusable, the functional splint can be used time and time again, as needed, unlike other hand cast options that you can only use once or twice.

  2. Comfortable Hand and Wrist Immobilization

    Unlike most wrist immobilizer splints and braces, this resting hand splint holds your entire hand, wrist, and fingers in a neutral healing position. Padded, soft, and breathable materials make this wrist sprain brace the best option for comfortable, functional positioning. Whether you’re relaxing, sleeping, or working, this hand brace will hold your wrist and palm in the best position to avoid any dangerous or painful movements as you heal. Unlike rigid hard plastic splints, this support was made with your comfort and all-day or night use in mind.

  3. Functional Option for Recovery and Protection

    This volar support can be used for a wide range of injuries, conditions, and recovery as needed in the hand or wrist. Thanks to the full coverage, compression, and immobilization of the wrist, thumb, fingers, and hand, the support can be helpful for a range of conditions, such as:

    • Hand tendonitis
    • Arthritis
    • Fractures, strains, or sprains
    • Stroke recovery
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Wrist drop
    • De Quervain's syndrome
    • Hand nerve damage
    • Post-surgery recovery

    Speak to your doctor or medical professional to ensure this resting splint is the right option for your injury, condition, or pain before purchasing.

  4. Day or Night Protection and Support

    This overnight wrist splint is perfect for wearing during the day, or through the night. The materials make this hand brace soft against the skin, so there is no need to worry about itching, sweat, or discomfort while wearing it. The use of this wrist brace is extremely handy, as immobilization is hard to control while you’re sleeping. Use this cockup splint through the night to protect and heal your injured hand or rest while you’re sleeping.

Why Do I Need a Resting Hand Splint?

This splint was designed to hold your hand in the correct, neutral healing position for proper recovery and protection following a hand or wrist injury, stroke, or surgery. Resting splints are one of the best ways to support joints to help ease sharp pains and inflammation. Whether you are recovering from a traumatic hand injury, or experience painful flare-ups due to arthritis, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel, this splint support can be a big help. Plus, you can wear this brace day or night, which means no more waking up to sharp, painful aches right away in the morning. Properly position and protect your injured hand, and in turn, speed up your recovery process with this comfy immobilizer splint.

Immobilization for Hand Recovery After Stroke

Following a stroke, you may have lost certain movements in your hand or wrist. To achieve a full recovery after a stroke, the protection and restriction from dangerous movements are crucial steps in the healing process. If you’re unable to hold your hand in the proper positioning, this soft resting hand splint will prove extremely useful both during the day and throughout the night as you recover.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Wrist Sprain Brace

  • What conditions / injuries does this support treat? Use to help treat, manage, and heal pain following stroke, surgery, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fractures, sprains, and other hand, finger, or wrist injuries.
  • How does it work? The immobilizer holds your hand, wrist, and fingers in the optimal healing position for a range of injuries and conditions.
  • Who can wear it? With a wide range of sizes available, this splint will fit most teen to adult men and women. There are both right and left-hand options available.
  • What size should I get? Use a flexible measuring tape and refer to the sizing chart pictured above to find the perfect fit for you before purchasing.
  • What is it made of? The hand brace is made of velvet wrapped foam, rigid plastic splint, and nylon hook and loop fasteners.
  • How do I put it on? Lay splint flat on a table, and place hand palm down on splint. Wrap middle strap around wrist, followed by forearm strap. Securely wrap the thumb strap to prevent movement. Wrap finger strap across the top of fingers and fasten.
  • How tall is this support? The length of this hand immobilizer will range from 10.5 to 15 inches based on the size you order.
  • Washing instructions: Close all fasteners and hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Allow splint to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry this support.
  • Other features:
    • Holds hand in the neutral healing position
    • Protects thumb, fingers, hand, and wrist all at once
    • Washable, durable, and reusable for long-time use
  • Color: Black.

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