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      6 products

      The black BraceAbility Pelvic Pro works to keep prolapsed pelvic organs in the proper position
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      Men and women inguinal hernia truss belt for single or bilateral scrotal sports hernia treatment
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      Wear the anterior pelvic tilt brace day or night to help fix and correct lower crossed syndrome
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      The BraceAbility inguinal hernia truss is an underwear style support to hold a groin hernia
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      When Should I Wear a Pelvic or Groin Brace?

      Pain in the upper thigh, pelvic or groin area can be caused by a wide range of conditions and injuries. The use of a groin support brace can help speed up your recovery time and lessen the risk of developing an infection, or further injury and pain. Whether you’ve torn your hamstring, or you’re looking for supportive relief from a prolapsed uterus, there is an upper thigh or groin support for you!

      Most Common Thigh, Groin & Hamstring Conditions

      Not sure if wearing an upper thigh wrap will work for your condition? No problem! We put together a list of common conditions our line of pelvic and groin braces are designed for.

      Some common conditions that a pelvic or groin brace can help include:

      Most Common Thigh, Groin & Hamstring Injuries

      Pain within the groin region is not only caused by conditions, it is also a common area for injuries to occur. If you’re looking for assistance during the healing process for any of the following injuries, a thigh wrap can be a big help!

      Some injuries that a groin support can help protect and heal include:

      • Pulled groin
      • Hamstring tears
      • Hip abductor injuries
      • Hip flexor strains
      • Hip tendonitis
      • Quadricep strains
      • Hip arthritis or osteoarthritis
      • Post-pregnancy pubic symphysis dysfunction
      • Sciatica nerve pain
      • Inguinal hernias
      • Hip bursitis

      Are Groin Braces Only For Men?

      Nope! Groin pain has no gender preference, although if you’re a woman you may not be associating the pain you’re feeling with a groin injury, it is more common than you may think. Female groin pain is likely caused by a strain to the groin, femoral hernias, pinched nerve in the hip, or hip arthritis.

      If you are feeling pain in your groin, thigh, or groin region it is best to consult a medical professional to help with the diagnosis. Commonly people will have pain when they walk or kneel, along with swelling and bruising. Pain can be worsened by sitting for too long without proper back support.

      What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Groin or Pelvic Support?

      ​​A groin protector helps provide the body with more stability and helps protect against damage to the groin region, which can happen when you try to stop quickly or change direction rapidly. The use of an upper thigh wrap is not only great for effective pain relief but also provides at-home treatment, in some cases without surgery. If you are looking to get back to your day-to-day activities post-injury or surgery, the use of a groin brace will offer extra support and assistance as you heal.

      What is a Hamstring Brace?

      Are you feeling pain in the back of your thigh when you bend or straighten your leg? If so, you’re likely experiencing a torn or strained hamstring. The hamstring muscles that run down each side of your thigh connect to your pelvis at different points. Injury to either part of this muscle group may result in pain and difficulty walking if it is not cared for correctly. A hamstring support spica helps relieve this pain by redistributing some of the tension caused by heavy lifting, running, or playing sports. Wearing a hamstring compression sleeve will not only relieve the current pain you may be experiencing but will also help prevent and protect any further injury from occurring.

      What is The Best Upper Thigh Wrap for My Pain?

      The first step to relieving upper thigh, groin, or hamstring pain is to find the right support for your injury or condition. Our line of pelvic braces covers a range of groin pain conditions, each designed to relieve specific pain points. Keep reading to find which support wrap will work best for you.

      Inguinal, Bilateral, Scrotal & Femoral Hernias

      The resulting bulge caused by a hernia can be extremely painful, especially when you bend over, lift heavy objects or even cough. Wearing a hernia belt, or groin support truss can be a great and easy way to relieve pain and provide some extra support to the groin.  If you have an inguinal hernia, a hernia truss can help you feel more comfortable temporarily. It is not a permanent solution, but it helps a great deal in coping with the pain.

      Hernia Treatment Brace

      Pelvic Organ Prolapse

      Pelvic organs are held in place by muscles, ligaments, and other structures. If they become weak, the uterus, bladder, or bowel can drop or "prolapse." Not only can this be a painful experience, but it can also be embarrassing and keep you from the things you love to do. We designed a pelvic prolapse support belt to keep you active and on the go. The Pelvic Pro is all-day support that discreetly provides customizable compression to alleviate pressure, discomfort, and swelling.

      Pelvic Prolapse Support Belt

      Pulled Groin or Torn Hamstring

      A torn hamstring or groin can cause major pain, stiffness, and swelling, making it difficult to walk and perform daily activities. Using a hamstring support sleeve will provide compression, reducing inflammation and easing the symptoms and pain associated with the pulled or torn muscle. The use of an upper thigh spica is especially beneficial for those in the recovery process, looking to get back to exercise, sports, or other activities.

      Hamstring Compression Sleeve

      Frequently Asked Questions

      When Do I Need a Groin Support?

      If your groin pain, injury, or condition is keeping you from performing your daily activities, you may be surprised by how much of a difference receiving the extra support and assistance an upper thigh brace can give you. If you are recovering from surgery or healing from an injury, the use of a groin wrap will be most beneficial for you.

      Can I Wear a Groin or Hamstring Wrap All Day?

      Groin pain can be an all-day affair, and for that reason, we designed our pelvic braces to be worn comfortably throughout the day. Built to be discreet, in most situations you will be able to wear your brace underneath your pants and go about your day!

      How Tight Should My Pelvic Brace Be?

      These upper thigh wraps are made to provide effective, supportive compression to help with any swelling and pain. That being said, you should wear the groin brace tight enough to feel the extra support and assistance, but loose enough to feel comfortable.

      Can I Sleep With a Groin Brace On?

      These pelvic braces are designed for active, daily use. Unless it’s been approved by your doctor, it is not recommended to wear the wrap while sleeping.

      How Long Will an Upper Thigh Wrap Last?

      The lifespan of a wrap, from the elastic material to its overall stitching, will depend on how often it is worn. The more frequently a wrap is used, the shorter the lifetime of the product. An upper thigh brace or wrap can be used for months or even years, depending on how often it is used.