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19 products

Our plus size lower back brace can help with lower back pain like arthritis or a herniated disc
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Women's back brace support for female lower back pai
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herniated and degenerative medical back brace for spinal pain
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The back brace for heavy lifting supports the tissues of the lumbar back and promotes proper lifting techniques, reducing stress on the back and easing pain.
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Our lumbar decompression back brace stabilizes your lower back to relieve back pain
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Adjustable lower back and spine pain lumbosacral corset brace
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braceability lso back brace for sciatica and spinal stenosis
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Sacroiliac SI joint compression brace for coccyx tailbone pain relief
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Lower back support brace for runners, athletes, and active people
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TLSO throacic full back brace posture corrector for kyphosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis & spine compression fractures
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The spondylolisthesis back brace relieves lower back pain
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Postural extension back straightener brace for posture correction
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Golf back brace for tennis and golfing low back pain and strain
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This CASH back brace controls thoracic flexion and promotes good spinal alignment
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the BraceAbility lower back pain brace is a white wraparound lumbar support
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This bariatric back support for treatment of pain in the lumbar back features crisscross straps as well as double-pull tension straps for ultimate support and compression
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Back Injury Treatment

How to treat a back injury largely depends upon the severity and nature of the injury or condition, but some generalities can be made about what treatment entails. And thankfully, most cases of back injury can be treated without surgery.

General Back Injuries Treatment

In many cases, the first step for injured back treatment is to give the back a rest, apply ice, and take anti-inflammatory pain medications to manage the pain and inflammation. A brace can help with both the ice and rest component of this remedy.

Consider, for instance, the Adjustable Spine Brace. This popular support is great for applying compression and support to the low back and it can easily be cinched up with just one hand thanks to the brand’s patented mechanical pulley system.

Some of the most common causes of back pain is simply straining or spraining the muscles or connective tissues of the lower back. BraceAbility offers supports for work or lifting that can limit the risk of such injuries. The Elastic Back Support Belt is one such brace that promotes proper lifting form and adds some stability to the back for lifting activities (always make sure to use proper form!). This brace also provides compression for treatment of existing back injuries. 

Speaking of work, sitting at a computer all day can also take a toll on one’s back. Taking care to maintain proper posture while seated at a workstation can be helpful for preventing back pain.

how to sit at your desk to avoid back pain

Treatment for Back Injury to the Spine

There are a number of injuries to the spine that can cause back pain at either the cervical, thoracic or lumbar level. Such injuries can stem from degenerative changes over time, trauma, or it may be linked to some other condition, such as a tumor pushing up against the spinal vertebrae. 

Again, conservative treatment for back injuries to the spine is usually the preferred treatment option. In such instances, a brace can be helpful for easing stress on the back. The LSO Back Brace goes a step further as it can provide electrical stimulation to promote healing as well as battery-operated & heat/cold therapy for reducing inflammation and pain. This brace can be used as a treatment for back problems ranging from scoliosis to spinal stenosis to spondylolisthesis and more.  

 Looking for something a bit simpler (and less expensive)? Its chair-back design does not compromise support in doing so. It can be easily cinched with Cybertech’s patented low-friction pulley systems and its panels are removable for an even sleeker fit. Those who suffer low-back injuries such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis will have no trouble wearing this support for extended periods of time if needed.

The discs or vertebrae of the spine can also be injured or damaged higher up on the spine in the cervical area. BraceAbility offers a number of neck and upper back injury treatment supports like the C-Spine Collar Brace for such scenarios. This semi-rigid neck collar is constructed of a thermoplastic material that limits harmful motions of the neck, giving it a chance to heal.

The brace features comfortable, breathable padding and it has a hole at the front of the neck for non-constricted breathing. This neck collar for treating back injuries in the cervical area has a moldable, aluminum spinal element, which also helps relieve and prevent neck pain.

Posture Back Problems Treatment

Some problems with the spine cause posture problems that can aggravate or cause back pain at present or down the road. In most cases, there are steps one can take to correct or prevent posture issues, such as kyphosis, lordosis or scoliosis, from worsening.  

The Thoracic Posture Brace can be helpful to this end. It works to extend and align the thoracic spine to ease the mechanical back pain. This support fits over one’s shoulders like a backpack and it has a belt that wraps around the front of one’s body to secure it in place.

This support has durable, cool-reinforced spacer mesh and a plush liner. The shoulder straps conform to one’s body and the buckles on them are placed in a non-irritating location. This support can also be used for upper back injury treatments for compression fractures, osteoporosis or as a post-surgery support.

Another option is the Low Profile Corset Back Brace. This brace features a chair-back design with a low-profile belt and a very low price. This back brace is lightweight and breathable and it is superior to a number of chair-back supports for the mobility it affords. It can easily be adjusted on the fly thanks to its flexible low-friction pulley system that applies compression at a 3:1 ratio.  

Pregnancy Back Problems Treatment

Back problems are relatively common among women who are pregnant. But there is no reason to grit the teeth and endure. There are a number of pregnancy support products for treating back pain due to pregnancy ranging from sore muscles to back or leg pain stemming from pressure on the sciatic nerve to low-back pain due to too much mobility in the sacroiliac (SI) joints (AKA, SI joint dysfunction).

how you should stand while pregnant to prevent pain

It’s a similar story with the Sacroiliac Brace; this easily customized, low-profile support stabilizes the sacroiliac joints and reduces the amount of strain the lower back must endure. For this reason, it can also function as back injury treatments for people suffering from conditions such as arthritis. (Learn more about sacroiliac joint pain treatment.)

Treating Back Pain in Athletes

A common theme when it comes to treating back injury is the importance of engaging in stretches and exercises to improve the flexibility and strength of the abdominal and the back muscles. Doing so can reduce pain in the back and it can help prevent injury or re-injury down the road.

If you are required or feel the need to wear a brace while engaging in such exercises, the Sport Back Brace is a smart choice because it is specifically designed for athletic use. This low-back support provides abdominal compression without restricting one’s range of motion. It is quick and easy to put this brace on and take it off, and it can easily be adjusted on the go with just one hand. Also in the interest of athletic use, this brace is composed of mesh, nylon material to ensure breathability and a lightweight fit.

Bariatric Treatment for Back Problems

Carrying excess pounds can also increase one’s risk of suffering back pain as the extra weight puts more strain on the tissues of the back and spine that support the upper body. For this reason, weight loss is often recommended as a treatment for a back injury—if applicable, of course.

But weight loss takes time. In the meantime, there are a number of bariatric supports for a support that can ease the low-back pain so that an individual can partake in a more active lifestyle without the restriction of pain.  

Surgical Treatment for Back Injuries

Unfortunately, there are times when conservative back injury treatment fails or the damage is too great to be treated conservatively, necessitating surgery. Following the procedure, a post-operative brace may be necessary to immobilize or restrict the motion of the back, possibly along with a rehabilitation program to restore the function of the back.

The LSO Spine Stabilization Brace is a popular choice following repairs to the lumbar or sacral part of the spine. This comfortable brace has a pulley system that makes it easy to adjust the amount of compression and support it provides to reduce the load on the spine.

Looking for a brace that provides a bit more support to both the lumbar and thoracic spine? Consider the TLSO Back Brace. This brace prevents the spine from moving in harmful ways. And its soft, padded liner and adjustable shoulder straps and sternum pad make this support comfortable to wear. This TLSO support is well suited for treating osteoporosis, strains, compression fractures, spinal stenosis and severe kyphosis.