TLSO throacic full back brace posture corrector for kyphosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis & spine compression fractures
The thoracic back brace for compression fractures sizing char come in five sizes ranging small through 2XL
The tlso thoracic full back brace contours to spine to support your entire spine hide_on_site
The full back brace has a sternal attachment that prevents the torso from rotating and injuring the back further
the plus size tlso full back brace fits a large hip circumference hide_on_site
Mechanical-advantage pulley system helps compress the spine and relieve pain from a herniated disc or osteoporosis
Our TLSO back support jacket is simple and effortless to use even if you feel week after surgery
our rigid back support covers the entire thoracic spine region and is easy to put on with the quick-attach buckles
Our TLSO thoracic brace immobilizes the t2-s1 vertebra helping treat chronic back pain and herniated or bulging disc
Our breathable thoracic kyphosis back brace is made with medical-grade quality materials to use for extended time waiting for surgery
When dealing with scheuermanns disease our full back brace can help to stop the pain
adjustable front and back panels make this a custom back brace to support your spine
to put on the tlso back brace the instruction sheet says to put on the brace like a back pack and attach the straps in the front
to clean the tlso full back brace hand was with a damp cloth
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TLSO Thoracic Full Back Brace | Postural Kyphosis, Parkinson's & Fractured Vertebrae Clamshell Support

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Product Description

The 5 Best TLSO Full Back Brace Features

  1. Easy & Comfortable Application

    Unlike most full-body back braces, this postural correction brace is made with easy application in mind. We know how difficult it can be to move, twist, and bend with back pain, so to apply this support device you simply put it on like a backpack and adjust the compression as needed!

  2. Perfect for Post-Operative Recovery

    If you are looking for a clamshell or turtle shell brace to help you with your recovery process post back surgery, you’re in luck. Back injuries make it difficult and painful to perform even the most simple daily tasks such as lifting a bag of groceries or bending over to pick something up off of the floor. This brace will provide you with the ultimate level of support while you recover.

  3. Adjustable Dual-Pulley System

    The dual-pulley system provides adjustable compression based on what you personally need. Knowing that every individual’s back pain is different, this brace is able to supply you with what you need to relieve that back pain and get back to life!

  4. Breathable, Medical-Grade Materials

    One of the worst factors that come along with a full back brace is the uncomfortable feeling of being trapped while you are wearing it. There is no need to worry about this feeling or sweat when it comes to wearing this brace. Soft shoulder straps provide ultimate comfort, and the lightweight mesh material allows your back to breathe while still receiving the ultimate level of support and compression.

  5. Back Support Jacket Relieves a Variety of Conditions

    Adjustable compression and support allow this device to help relieve pain from many different back injuries and conditions. Whether it is a postural condition, post-surgery pain support, or a compression fracture, this swayback vest is ideal for you.

What is a TLSO Clamshell Brace Used For?

A TLSO, otherwise known as thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis, support brace can be compared to a removable body cast. The hard plastic back brace is used to effectively stabilize the spine after surgery or in the event of a spinal fracture, as well as control and correct posture.

This full back brace was designed to treat many conditions in relation to spinal injury and postural correction such as:

If you are struggling with back, neck, or shoulder pain due solely to poor posture issues, check out our line of posture correctors.

Correction & Confidence Building Postural Thoracic Kyphosis Brace

We know how unpleasant the pain that comes along with bad posture, kyphosis, and lordosis can be. However, one of the worst factors that join that pain when we have bad posture is the lowering levels of self-confidence. Our lumbar kyphosis support helps you get back not only your pain-free life and corrected posture but your confidence as well.

wearing a tlso back brace will increase posture intern boosting your confidence

Does This Posture Support Help with Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease will ultimately take over the control of your automatic activities, such as good posture. The change in your posture may occur without you even being aware of it, due to the lack of the brain’s automatic reminders to stand or sit up straight. Whether it’s stooped shoulders or a decreased back curve causing you to look hunched over, this full back brace can correct unhealthy posture.

If you want to learn more about your posture and what may be causing a hunched posture effect, check out the conditions that cause postural issues.

How Does This Hunchback Corrector Help With Kyphosis?

There are many types of kyphosis ranging from postural to Scheuermann’s. The pain associated with this condition, no matter the type, deals with a hunched back or slouching due to excessive curving of the upper back (thoracic). Kyphosis can be a very frustrating condition to deal with, as the treatment is not one singular quick fix. Our kyphosis corrector vest holds your spine straight, pulling back your shoulders to help take pressure off of the vertebrae, providing a non-surgical route to treat the slouching pain. Devices such as this TLSO turtle shell brace are created to help you relieve your pain and get back to life!

Kyphosis vs Lordosis: What’s The Difference?

Lordosis and kyphosis are very similar conditions, both dealing with excessive curvature in the spine. The difference between the two lies within where the curve is located on the spine. Kyphosis is common in older women and often related to osteoporosis. If you have kyphosis, the curve will be located in your upper back. Lordosis may be inherited or caused by conditions such as arthritis, muscular dystrophy, and dwarfism. If you have lordosis, the curve will be located in your lower back.

the difference between lordosis and kyphosis is lordosis is a curve in the lower spine and kyphosis is a curve in the upper spine

Frequently Asked Questions About This Turtle Shell Brace

  • What conditions / injuries does this full TLSO brace treat? This vest is designed to treat a variety of back conditions such as kyphosis, scoliosis, swayback, postural correction, spinal stenosis, fractured vertebrae, spinal fractures, and more.
  • How long can I wear this brace? Always follow a doctor’s instructions regarding use.
  • What size should I get? This brace is offered in sizes S-2XL, refer to the sizing chart in the photos above to find what size will be the best fit for you.
  • How does it work? A TLSO is a two-piece plastic spinal brace that works like a removable body cast. It controls your spinal posture, helps reduce pain, prevents further injury, and promotes healing. The pulley system of the corset back jacket amplifies force to compress your abdomen, producing pressure that lessens the load on the tissues of your spine. The brace stretches from the top (T1) of your thoracic spine to the bottom of your sacral spine (S1), supporting your entire back.
  • What is it made of? Our TLSO support is made of a polyester mesh belt, nylon and polyurethane pulley handles, woven polyester strings, polypropylene abdominal and back panels, polyester back pad laminated with polyurethane foam, and nylon hook and loop fasteners.
  • Who can wear this brace? This back support is offered in a range of adjustable sizes, designed to fit average to plus size men and women, as well as bigger kids and teens with proper adjustment.
  • Washing instructions: Wipe the entire brace with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Set flat and allow the brace to air dry completely before reapplying.
  • Other features:
    • Adjustable compression offers stabilization throughout the entire post-surgery recovery process.
    • Easy and painless to put on and take off.
    • TLSO support immobilizes and supports T2-S1 vertebrae.
  • Color: Black
  • SKU(s): CYB-CSTL; 12B05

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