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      7 products

      herniated and degenerative medical back brace for spinal pain
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      Postural extension back straightener brace for posture correction
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      BraceAbility inflatable neck traction device for at home cervical spine stretching
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      Having good posture makes a person not only look healthier and more confident but become healthier and confident. How? Because having bad posture creates health problems. Most people are unaware of the effects poor posture has on different parts of their body. For example, bad posture makes the flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body much more difficult. What does the improper flow of oxygen and blood lead to? Anything from heart health problems to lack of energy. Unfortunately, the improper flow of oxygen and blood is only one of many potential issues your poor posture may be causing. Thankfully, you’ve already taken the first step in fixing your bad posture by becoming aware of it. Continue reading to learn about the most effective ways to improve your poor posture.

      What are the Negative Effects of Poor Posture?

      Poor posture has the potential to create numerous health issues including:

      • Low energy levels

      • Chronic neck and back pain

      • Lack of oxygen flow throughout the body

      • Heart problems

      • Migraines and tension headaches

      • Lack of confidence

      • Digestion issues

      Read more information on poor posture and its effect on your health.

      How do I Fix my Bad Posture? 

      Try these exercises for bad posture and prevent future shoulder problems

      Solving your posture problems depends a lot of what type of treatment you’re looking for. The three main components of correcting posture are bracing, exercising, and stretching.

      Exercises & Stretches:

      As you see in the graphic to the left, exercises and stretches for posture correction focus on the shoulder and ab region. This is because these muscles are what hold you upright. If your shoulder and ab muscles are weak it’s more likely holding yourself straight will take more energy, in return causing pain and discomfort. So instead, people with weak shoulders and abs tend to hunch over or slouch. They experience short-term relief by creating long-term problems. It is vital you work at strengthening these areas in order to have the best posture possible. For more stretches and exercises view the BraceAbility posture workout video.

      Braces for Posture Correction:

      Wearing a brace to correct your posture is one of the best ways to get results. Posture braces force a person to hold their shoulders back and self upright. At first, they may seem uncomfortable and unnatural (because they are working). Over time, they will alter your muscles memory to naturally hold itself correctly. As you see above, there are a variety of different braces for different situations. Some braces work best for issues with the clavicle, while others help with all around posture correction. Read the descriptions below to see which brace is the best fit for you.

      #1 I’m aware of my poor posture and looking for a brace that's main intention is to help me correct the way I hold myself.

      The best option for you: All around posture correction can be achieved with a variety of braces. However, this upper back and shoulder corrector is made to correct posture comfortably. Because the brace is user-friendly, people can wear it for longer periods of time, generating the best results. This brace is designed like a backpack making application a one-man job. We recommend wearing this brace in increments ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours, gradually increasing your time. Not only will you see a huge improvement in your posture over time, but you’ll feel the many health benefits like relief of chronic neck and back pain and higher energy levels. The best part about this brace is that it comes in a variety of sizes, including a plus size posture brace for big & tall people.

      #2 I suffer from severe back and spine pain or a spine curvature disorder because of my poor posture.

      The best option for you: If you’re suffering from some type of posture-related health problem you will need a more intense correcting brace. This postural extension brace treats anything from general back pain to kyphosis and spinal stenosis. This brace provides support along the abdominal area and spine, making it great for a variety of thoracic conditions.

      If you are suffering from a severe spine disorder or your spine is visibly curved in an unnatural way, you might be suffering from osteoporosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, or compression fractures. For these more serious conditions, we recommend a TLSO brace like one of these.

      #3 I’m suffering from a clavicle break or fracture and wondering what brace is the best option for me.

      The best option for you: Clavicle or collarbone fractures and breaks are treated in a very similar way to posture correction. In fact, posture braces were modeled after clavicle braces and can even be interchangeable. However, over time some clear differences have been made in the two treatments, even though the braces still look extremely similar. Collarbone braces, like this clavicle support, are much more intense. This brace also comes in kids sizes for clavicle fractures in teens, youth, children, and toddlers. They are designed with thicker straps for recovery, making them a better fit for clavicle issues and less user-friendly. Click to read more about the difference between posture braces and clavicle braces.