Figure 8 clavicle brace and posture support strap
Sizing chart for clavicle brace for broken collarbones. Available in sizes S-XL.
size small clavicle brace fits children and small adults
Padded shoulder straps on the posture correction brace are covered in a soft, stockinette material
The figure-8 padded clavicle support pulls back on shoulders to help fix posture
Shoulder padding on this figure 8 back posture brace is 1/4-inch thick
You will need someone to help you apply, adjust, and remove this clavicle brace
How to put on the figure 8 clavicle and posture brace instruction sheet
hand wash the braceability posture brace with warm water and mild detergent. Air dry completely before reapplying

Figure 8 Clavicle Support & Posture Improvement Strap for Men & Women

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Product Description

benefits of this broken collarbone brace for clavicle fractures and posture support

Why You Need This Clavicle Brace for Broken Collarbones and Posture Correction

The collarbone (clavicle) is one of the most commonly broken or fractured bones in the human body. This injury is typically seen among younger kids, adults involved in high impact exercises, or anyone who spends a lot of time playing high contact sports like soccer or football. A broken collarbone can also be caused by trauma such as car crashes or severe falls.

This figure-8 clavicle harness was specifically designed to help treat clavicle fractures, broken collarbones, dislocated clavicles, and post-operative pain by providing optimal support and immobilization of the area. 

What Does a Broken Collarbone Feel Like?

A broken clavicle is usually pretty apparent. You will probably feel a crack when it happens. Then, you will likely experience some of these symptoms:

  • Trouble moving your arm and shoulder

  • Swelling and pain around the collarbone

  • A lump or deformity around the area of the break

  • A grinding sensation when you try to lift your arm

  • Sagging or drooping around your shoulder

Can This Collarbone Brace Be Used as a Posture Support?

This upper back brace can also be used as a posture trainer to help prevent you from developing a hunchback. It does so thanks to the figure-8 design, which loops around your shoulders and crosses in the back, gently pulling your shoulders back. This design helps retrain the muscles in your back to hold an upright, non-slouched position, keeping your spine properly aligned and straight.

However, if you are looking specifically for a posture corrector brace to fix rounded shoulders, you should check out BraceAbility’s posture brace. This support was designed specifically to prevent hunching over, rather than immobilizing your clavicle.

Wearing BraceAbility’s posture improving device can help you to maintain good posture while typing on your computer at the office, sitting in your desk chair, or standing up, for example. A pediatric sized posture corrector for children is also available. Learn more about the differences between our posture and clavicle brace.

5 Reasons Why People Love This Figure 8 Back Posture Brace

This broken clavicle treatment brace and posture corrector has a number of features that make it comfortable to wear when dealing with collarbone pain. Following we detail 5 top-rated features that help it stand out from similar clavicle immobilizers or broken collarbone arm slings on the market.

  1. Easily Adjustable, Medical-Grade Closures

    You will need help putting on this posture correcting harness, which shouldn’t be too difficult thanks to its simple fastener closures that allow for easy application and adjustments throughout the day if needed.

    As an added bonus, the fasteners are 10 times stronger than the standard, retail-grade fasteners you’ll find at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, or other online retailers. Medical-grade fastener is meant to open and close at least 900 times, unlike retail-grade fastener, which is only meant to open and close 90 times.

  2. Thick Padded Straps Offer Comfortable Stabilization

    The straps on this brace are shielded from your body with padding and a felt-covered back pad where the straps merge. Plus, a breathable, knitted stockinette material covers the straps on this figure 8 clavicle splint, making it extra soft and comfortable for daytime and nighttime wear while sleeping.

    This brace also has fairly wide straps, making it a great solution for clavicle injuries. Narrower versions are not recommended for such injuries. If the width of these straps feels uncomfortable at first, remember that this width gives you the appropriate level of stabilization that is needed to properly heal from a collarbone injury.

  3. Provides More Mobility Than an Arm Sling

    In comparison to an arm sling, this figure 8 design provides full mobility of your hands. Plus, this figure 8 brace keeps both of your shoulders back and stabilizes them rather than an arm sling, which generally just keeps just one side stabilized. You can also choose to wear this shoulder brace beneath or over your clothing, unlike an arm sling which must be worn over your clothing.

    For more serious clavicle injuries, your doctor might specifically recommend purchasing a shoulder sling. If needed, please check our selection of immobilizing arm and shoulder slings.

  4. Available in Several Sizes, Fitting a Wide Variety of People

    Available in size small through XL, the clavicle splint fits a variety of chest circumferences, ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches. For even smaller sizes, one can check out the child’s version of the support.

    Also, in the interest of making this posture and clavicle support device accessible to everyone, this brace is latex free, making it safe to use even if you’re allergic.

  5. Use After Collarbone Surgery

    If your injury is a simple break that does not require any realignment of your collarbone or fragmentation, simply immobilizing the region with this clavicle brace should allow your bone to heal. In more serious breaks where the bone must be reset, surgery might be necessary.

    After surgery, this clavicle fracture brace helps hold your shoulders still so your collarbone can properly heal. In either a serious or more minor break, ice can also help ease any discomfort or swelling. Check out BraceAbility’s convenient ice wrap for shoulder injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Back Straightener & Posture Corrector

  • What conditions / injuries does this clavicle harness treat? Use this figure 8 brace for a bruised, cracked, fractured, or dislocated clavicle or after surgery on your collarbone.

  • Can this be used to fix bad posture? Yes, it can also be used to help to correct poor posture by pulling your shoulders back into a proper position. But if you are solely searching for a posture corrector, check out this our posture brace. It was designed more specifically to act as a posture trainer rather than a clavicle brace.

  • How does it work? Designed to provide immobilization of your collarbone and support during day-to-day activities while healing from a broken or injured clavicle.

  • Who can wear this upper back brace for a broken clavicle? Available sizes S-XL, fitting a wide variety women’s and men’s chest circumferences. 

  • What size should I get? To choose your size, use a soft, flexible tape measure and find the circumference around your chest at the bottom of your sternum underneath your chest or breasts, in inches. This brace is available in sizes S-XL and fits circumferences 24”-48”. Refer to the sizing chart to determine which size you need.

  • When should I wear it? First, consult with your doctor to determine the severity of your injury and to see how long you should be wearing the brace. You should wear the brace at all times until there is no further pain when you are moving. Most clavicle fractures heal within 4-8 weeks.

  • What is this posture trainer made of? Latex-free stockinette covered felt with nylon straps and closures.

  • How wide are the straps on this broken clavicle support?

    • Size S has 2 inch wide straps

    • Sizes M-XL have 3 inch wide straps

  • How do I put it on? You will need someone to help you apply, adjust, and remove this brace. Begin by laying the brace flat to identify the left and right straps. Next, position the back pad between the shoulder blades with the plastic triangle buckle pointing down. Then, carefully wrap the padding straps around each shoulder. Feed each strap through the plastic triangle buckle opening and fold the strap over to attach the fasteners. You should feel your shoulder being gently pulled back.

  • How do I adjust the fit? To adjust the fit, have the person helping you pull to tighten or loosen one strap at a time until your desired level of support is reached.

  • Washing Instructions: Close all fasteners and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Lay flat and air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperature to wash or dry.

  • Other features:

    • Can be worn over or under clothing.

    • Can be worn all-day while sleeping, sitting, standing, etc.

    • Clavicle brace comes at a very affordable provide.

  • Color: White.

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Joanna E.

Wish this came in a different color!

Comfortable, does the job of keeping my shoulders from slumping. Easy to adjust and take on/off. I'd prefer that it was available in black.


Does the Job

I like the piece because it does work on my posture. There is a bit of uncomfortable---ness under the arms. But I put up with it because it does what I want it to do.


Great Brace

Great product. I can see and feel the difference after only one week.

Ron Z.
United States United States

Figure 8 Clavicle

Seems to be protective of my clavicle, it hasn't been tested yet by a softball but hope it will be sufficient.

  • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
BraceAbility  Review
Solomon S.
United States United States

Enjoyed your product

Liked the way the first one felt I ordered another one

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