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A Newly Designed Back Brace for Improving Posture

Good posture can provide an individual with higher energy levels (because it allows oxygen to travel to your head), more confidence, relief of neck tension, prevention of future back problems and alleviation of already existing back pain. The posture corrector upper back & shoulder support does this all while being both customizable, durable and comfortable. This brace for better back and spinal alignment is easy to wear with a backpack like design, making application a breeze. In fact, you no longer have to rely on another person to apply the brace. The adjustable straps allow for a person to find the perfect fit for their body type. After you’ve found your perfect fit, feel free to trim off any excess material as no portion of the brace will ever fray (including the back piece, straps, sleeves, shoulder padding, etc.). The "alligator” hook pieces are removable, so you can trim the ends of the straps and re-attach them no matter the length.  The easy to adjust design allows for you to be able to tighten and release the brace as you choose. The straps wrap only around your arms, leaving your torso open and not constrained. Our back straightener brace comes pre assembled, just adjust to your perfect fit and trim where needed. The brace is made of latex free nylon and polyester material.

Looking for something to wear both under and over clothing? This posture correcting upper back and & shoulder support is sleek enough to hide underneath most clothing. The perfect amount of padding exists between and around the armpit area of the brace, providing a relatively comfortable fit and no chafing. However, because the brace is intended to correct your posture, some level of discomfort should be expected. Rectangle D-rings located on the back of the brace prevent any type of twisting of the straps, meaning you’ll never have to worry about readjusting a twisted strap throughout the day.

What are the Health Benefits of Good Posture?

The health benefits of proper posture are endless. Beginning with confidence, good posture makes an individual not only appear healthier but become healthier. By practicing correct posture in your daily life you can prevent back pain that may come with age or an incorrect stance. For example, practicing the correct posture technique will prevent you from the aches and pains your back feels after a long day at your desk job. Without being addressed these aches and pains can become long term issues for a person.

Keeping an upright posture allows your airways to open up helping you to breathe properly. As you begin to open up, more oxygen will travel to your head. This will allow for the blood to carry a sufficient amount of oxygen to your entire body, creating a healthier individual. Low levels of oxygen can create countless health issues for a person including- migraines, strong pains throughout the body, low energy levels, and even heart problems.

Good posture also has the potential to help you with weight lose by taking tension off of your body. As your practice better posture your core muscles will strengthen by the extension of the mid back. This extension allows your core muscles to engage better, which in return will slim your frame and improve your appearance.

What Other Health Issues can this Back Straightening Brace Treat?

  • Post surgery recovery - keeping your spine aligned after back surgery, spinal disc fusions, c-sections and more.

  • Muscle spasms - keeping your spine in the proper position eases tension on your muscles

  • Prevention of spine curvature problems like hyperkyphosis, lordosis, hunchback

  • “Text neck - the damaged sustain from the stance held while using a cellphone

  • Scoliosis, if surgery is not an option or if you have a mild case.

Will This Posture Corrector Fix Dowager's Hump or Widows Hump?

Dowager's hump is an outdated name for kyphosis, which can result in a hunched upper back. Many people find the word "dowager" (a widow holding property or title derived from her late husband) offensive because kyphosis can actually affect individuals of any gender or age, not just elderly women. This posture corrector can help prevent or slow the progression of a hump on the base of your neck by realigning and stabilizing your spine.

Our Neck Brace may also help prevent spine curvature problems like upper cross syndrome or kyphosis Dowager's hump by correcting forward head posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to wear your posture brace?

Initially, we recommend easing into the duration of time you wear the brace. Start out in thirty minute increments and gradually increase up to three hours, depending on your comfort preference. If you experience any pain or discomfort, remove or loosen the straps. You can also reduce the amount of time you wear it.  

How do I know which size to get?

Using a fabric or flexible tape measure, find the circumference around your chest at the bottom of your sternum. This brace fits 30-50” chest circumferences.

How do I adjust the brace to make it smaller or bigger?

To adjust the straps, undo the fasteners and tighten or loosen them for your ideal comfort. If the straps are still too long, trim the ends (after removing the alligator clips) and then re-attach the clips.

How do I put on the brace?

Unfold the brace to figure out which is the left and right strap. Feed the right end of the strap through the plastic triangle buckle, attaching the fastener. Do the same for the left side of strap. Slip the straps over your shoulder like a backpack, ensure the triangle buckle points down on your back. To adjust to your comfort level, use the fastener to pull the straps tighter or until your desired level of posture support is reached. If you feel any discomfort, loosen or remove the brace.

Can I wash the brace?

Yes, unstrap the fastener, then hand wash the straps in warm water with mild soap. Brace should be air-dried, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

Can you sleep in the brace?

For the greatest impact on your posture and pain relief we recommend wearing it during the day. During the day wear will allow you to correct your posture when you are finding discomfort from natural slouching. However, if you want to wear it at night it will not hurt you in anyway but you will find more results from daytime use.

Can this be used as a clavicle brace?

Although this brace can be used to treat a clavicle fracture or break, the narrow straps of the posture brace are not ideal for such injuries. Instead, the clavicle brace is a better option for this condition.   

Sizing chart for back straightening brace. Available in sizes small and large.
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Love, love, love this posture brace!

I love, love, love your Braceability posture brace. It works great for me! I suffer with a form of Lupus that makes my shoulders and shoulder blade area feel like they burn. Stretching, hot tubs, massages, and medications all help, but wearing the Braceability posture brace is my favorite solution. It pulls my shoulder blades back in such a way to review the pain and burning solution. Thank you for this product - it works great for me!

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