4 Back Strengthening Exercises for Men to Improve Posture

Why is having good posture so important for men? Well, for starters it can cure your migraines, prevent or stop chronic neck and back pain, increase oxygen flow throughout your body, and maybe even get rid of your beer belly. Having good posture is a great way to look more confident and the perfect first step to better overall health. As a man, it can be difficult to know whether your posture needs some work. As a rule of thumb, most people could use some type of posture improvement. So even if you think you have great posture, don’t hesitate to implement some of these posture improvement tips and tricks into your life!

Thankfully, having bad posture is treatable. Once you know your posture isn’t perfect, you will become more conscious of when you’re holding poor posture. At BraceAbility, we recommend making a concerted effort at a correction to the get the best results. Wearing a posture correcting brace, exercises for back strengthening, and stretches for posture improvement will make a HUGE difference. Implement these posture correction tips and tricks into your life and you will be amazed at the difference it can make.

Back and Shoulder Exercises for Men

1. Plank: Stomach and Core Exercise for Men 

mens shoulder plank exercise to improve posture

What does a plank do? 

A plank will help to engage and build muscles in your core. This helps your posture because the stronger the core - the more you can hold yourself upright! It’s important to know the effect your core has on your back. A stronger core = a stronger back.

Directions for how to do a plank:

Place yourself in a press up position. Start by bending your elbows and pressing your weight onto your forearms. Make sure to engage your core by sucking your belly in as seen in the above graphic. Hold this position for whatever time is necessary. Feel free to repeat the exercise however many times your body can handle. We recommend holding between 30 to 60 seconds.

2. Back Extensions: Lower Back Exercise for Men

Mens back extension to help with posture pain 

What do back extensions do? 

Back extensions are the perfect way to target your lower back (which can be a tough area to reach). These exercises will facilitate in getting rid of those love handles and keeping your posture upright.

Directions for how to do back extensions: 

Lay flat facing downward on a mat. Lift your chest off the mat and hold for 3 to 5 seconds. You may extend your arms out to enhance the exercise, or lift your legs at the same time for an added challenge.

3. Reverse Dumbbell: Shoulder Exercise for Men

reverse dumbbell raises to help strengthen mens backs for improved posture

What do reverse dumbbells do? 

While the back extensions target your lower back, the reverse dumbbell is targeting your upper back. The combination of targeted exercises will get you lean, stronger and upright in no time.

Directions for how to do reverse dumbbells: 

Sit in a position with your chest laying over top of your thighs (as seen above). With the weight of your choice repeatedly move your arms from your side to a horizontal position.

4. Kneeling Stretch: Lower Back Stretch for Men 

What do kneeling stretches do?

 Now that you have a few exercises to strengthen your back, it’s important you also stretch those muscles out. The kneeling stretch will provide you with the perfect full backstretch.

Directions for how to do kneeling stretches: 

Sit in a lunging position with one knee on the ground. Lean forward to stretch out those back muscles while alternate your legs.

Along with getting your back muscles worked out, it’s important you implement other posture correcting actions into your life. For example, wearing the posture correcting brace for men. Setting time aside every day to put your posture brace on will transform your posture. The brace works to change your muscle memory in order to get you sitting and standing upright in no time! It’s completely adjustable in size making it your perfect fit.

Just because you’re a man that doesn’t mean you can’t work hard to improve your posture! You will be astonished how these small actions can transform your posture, and in return improve your life. Consider joining BraceAbility in our 21 Day Posture Challenge to get a kick start at improved posture today!

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