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Why Might Overweight People Benefit from a Posture Corrector?

If you are a man or a woman suffering from obesity, or if you are carrying around some extra weight that you’d like to get rid of, you might be unaware that unwanted body fat can contribute to back pain. In addition to back pain, obese and overweight people often have a tendency to feel fatigue, have difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath, all can leading to slouching or bad posture. In order to compensate for this extra weight, your spine can be stressed and curve forward.

Because these conditions can be particularly hard on your back, neck, and spine, this posture support can help reduce the stress that is pressed on your body from excess weight. This universal support is adjustable up to an XL size 34” and up chest circumference.

Why is good posture important for your health if you are suffering from weight issues? While there are many advantages to having good posture, one of the advantages directly influences the amount of oxygen your body inhales on a daily basis. Now you might be thinking, “there is no way I’m receiving less oxygen just because of a little slouching.” When you lean over, your body squeezes your lungs, making them smaller and reduces your breathing volume. This can ultimately lead to shortness of breath, heart and vascular disease, and other complications.

This lightweight posture brace support helps counter that slouching effect and gives your lungs the optimal amount of oxygen. This brace for back, spine, and neck for larger individuals works to help train and strengthen your muscles to naturally hold your shoulders up and reduce the tension in your neck or back.

Ditch your coffee and grab a posture brace! Another health benefit of having correct posture is more energy. As mentioned above, having good posture gives your body more oxygen, eliminating fatigue, which gives you more energy. This extra energy throughout the day, will make you more willing to exercise and promotes weight loss.

Other Health Conditions a Posture Brace Helps Treat

While using this posture brace, you will feel not only better about yourself but you will look better. This plus size posture corrector helps to lift your shoulders, abdomen, and neck, lengthening and slimming your body. While slouching, your body is confined into a smaller position compared to when you are sitting up. This will give you the confidence you need to push yourself to the next level!

Another benefit of the posture brace for plus size individuals is if you have experienced rapid weight loss, it is common that you will have bad posture that resulted from being overweight. By using this specific brace, you can help your muscles adapt and strengthen.

Aside from increasing oxygen, energy levels, and promoting weight loss, this brace treats many different conditions and has other health benefits:

  • Post surgery: C-section or a back surgery
  • Chronic migraines: those who endure chronic migraine pain will be relieved to know this brace helps give more oxygen to their brain to help stop those migraines
  • Muscle spasms
  • Text neck:” especially for this generation, those looking down at their phones for a long period of time
  • Scoliosis: if surgery is not an option/available or if you have a mild case
  • Kyphosis

Unique Features of this Plus Size Posture Brace for Maximum Comfort & Support

This plus size posture support is specifically designed and made for optimal comfort and stability. The straps and soft shoulder padding are made of a latex-free, nylon and polyester material, meaning there is no irritation or chafing under the arms and the support rests at the right position on your back.

Another great thing about this posture support is the adjustable straps. These straps allow you to tighten or loosen them for the ideal amount of comfort. This posture corrector is easy to slide on and off yourself so you no longer have to rely on someone else to help fasten the brace. You also don’t have to worry about reaching behind your back to secure the straps. The straps for this plus size posture brace wrap only around your arms, keeping your front torso open and not constrained. These straps are connected by a rectangle D-ring in the back keeping them in line, eliminating the twisting and discomfort that might arise otherwise.

Although this unisex upper back corrector is made for plus size individuals, you can trim and shorten any part of the brace by simply cutting the edges. This adds to the customization of this brace and you can make it fit perfectly for your body size. You also don’t have to worry about the edges fraying and there are removable “alligator” clips so you can re-attach them every time after you cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to wear your posture brace?

Initially, we recommend easing into the duration of time you wear the brace. Start out in thirty-minute increments and gradually increase up to three hours, depending on your comfort preference. If you experience any pain or discomfort, remove or loosen the straps. You can also reduce the amount of time you wear it.  

How do I know which size to get?

Using a fabric or flexible tape measure, find the circumference around your chest at the bottom of your sternum. This brace fits 34” and up chest circumferences.

How do I adjust the brace to make it smaller or bigger?

To adjust the straps, undo the Velcro closures and tighten or loosen them for your ideal comfort. If the straps are still too long, trim the ends (after removing the alligator clips) and then re-attach the clips.

How do I put on the brace?

Unfold the brace to figure out which is the left and right strap. Feed the right end of the strap through the plastic triangle buckle, attaching the velcro closure. Do the same for the left side of strap. Slip the straps over your shoulder like a backpack, ensure the triangle buckle points down on your back. To adjust to your comfort level, use the velcro closures to pull the straps tighter or until your desired level of posture support is reached. If you feel any discomfort, loosen or remove the brace. 

Can I wash the brace?

Yes, remove the Velcro pieces, then hand wash the brace in warm water with mild soap. Brace should be air-dried, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

Can you sleep in the brace?

For the greatest impact on your posture and pain relief we recommend wearing it during the day. During the day wear will allow you to correct your posture when you are finding discomfort from natural slouching. However, if you want to wear it at night it will not hurt you in anyway but you will find more results from daytime use.

Can this be used as a clavicle brace?

Although this brace can be used to treat a clavicle fracture or break, the narrow straps of the posture brace are not ideal for such injuries. Instead, the clavicle brace is a better option for this condition.   

Sizing chart for plus size posture corrector fits chest circumferences from 40-50 inches
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