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      7 products

      Short and lightweight patella tracking brace for runner's kneecap pain, dislocation, and subluxation
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      The BraceAbility plus size hinged wrap around knee brace is made of a soft black neoprene material
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      Lower back support brace for runners, athletes, and active people
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      This waterproof ankle brace helps treat ankle sprains, strains, arthritis and tendonitis
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      The BraceAbility handheld full body massager comes in a sleek black color
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      Basketball is one of the most injury-prone sports in the world and the need for basketball braces and basketball supports are essential. Here at BraceAbility we have all of the sports braces and supports needed to prevent any serious or further injury to a variety of different areas of the body. Permanent disability is always a threat when it comes to being active, and our goal is to prevent that while returning you to action not only quickly, but healthy. Top quality basketball ankle braces and knee braces are provided to protect those areas that are affected by all of the running, jumping, and pivoting done by players.

      Most Common Basketball Injuries

      • Knee injuries, including both the ligaments, joints and patella
      • Sprained ankle and other ankle injuries such as swelling and instability

      Best Basketball Ankle Braces

      Perfect for many sports, including both basketball and volleyball, our sports brace offers amazing ankle support and stability for its users. A basketball brace designed with the user in mind, the sports ankle brace is light-weight and fits with any shoe. It also supports the inside and outside ankle bone to help prevent any ankle rolling while not hindering mobility and keeping players at the top of their game.

      Ankle sprains are amongst the most common basketball injuries and should be dealt with quickly and correctly. The rolling of the ankle causes ligaments in the ankle to stretch and possibly tear, causing pain and instability. This is why basketball ankle support can be very important even if an injury has not taken place, and even more important in the recovery stage of an injury.

      Please visit our complete ankle braces and ankle supports page to check out more top quality, comfortable sports braces and supports for all of your sports and ankle supportive needs.

      Basketball ankle support is ideal for:

      • Ankle sprains, prevention or protection
      • Ankle swelling
      • Ankle instability
      • Post-operative rehabilitation

      Best Knee Braces for Basketball Players

      There is a large variety of knee braces here at BraceAbility and they offer users the assistance needed involving any knee condition. If you are suffering from an ACL injury, LCL injury, MCL injury, or PCL injury, you will find that these basketball knee braces will help protect and support knees with ligament damage. These braces are good for rehab and long-term stability usage while lessening the negative effects of impact on the ground.

      It is difficult to find the best knee brace for basketball; the most successful brace depends on the injury or support needed by the player. If combined instability, general stability, or general knee pain is an issue we have multiple knee brace supports to help you get back on the court and able to perform like new. These basketball knee braces prevent pain and injury from impact while keeping the knee stable and supported.

      You will find other quality knee supports for other health issues including Osgood-Schlatters, meniscal injury, osteoarthritis, patella dislocation, and tendonitis. These specialized braces and supports help prevent further damage to the knee. The basketball athlete will find these hinged sports braces and supports to effectively stabilize the knee and prevent further injury. Without the knee working in full function, the player can’t perform to their potential and is vulnerable to permanent damage.


      • Helps with varying levels of impact, one of the most common causes of ligament damage
      • Hinged athletic brace tracks natural movement of knee
      • Adjustable for more comfortable fit
      • Helps prevent varying levels of knee instability

      Sports Braces and Supports

      It is important to keep the body healthy and supported while playing in all athletics and especially in one as trying as basketball. All joints and moving parts of the body are affected by just the smallest of movements. When just the ankle is rolled to one side, the body makes multiple compensations that can distress the knee and other parts of the body. Just one minor injury can hinder the body less effective. Supports and braces are essential to a basketball player’s health and protection, so check out BraceAbility’s long line of basketball ankle supports and knee supports to help you become the best player that you can be.