Plus Size Back Braces


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      10 products

      Our plus size belly band abdominal binder is used to compress stomach
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      Our plus size lower back brace can help with lower back pain like arthritis or a herniated disc
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      Women's back brace support for female lower back pai
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      herniated and degenerative medical back brace for spinal pain
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      The back brace for heavy lifting supports the tissues of the lumbar back and promotes proper lifting techniques, reducing stress on the back and easing pain.
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      Adjustable lower back and spine pain lumbosacral corset brace
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      Lower back support brace for runners, athletes, and active people
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      The spondylolisthesis back brace relieves lower back pain
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      Finding a Plus Size Back Brace That Fits

      Finding a plus size back brace can be difficult. Look no further, BraceAbility offers a wide selection of bariatric plus size back braces, abdominal binders, posture braces, and even a back belt for work.

      Excess weight tends to put extra stress on the spine and back. Wearing a bariatric lumbar brace can help to support the back and distribute the weight more evenly across the body. Learn more about back pain related to obesity here. For more information on back pain caused by being overweight or obese click here.

      We offer many different braces that can help to support your lower back. Additional weight increases the amount of strain that is put on the back. One of our most common back braces is the bariatric back brace that goes all the way up to size 6XL and fits hip circumferences up to 68 inches. The brace helps to diminish lower back pain that associated with weight. It is composed of a high-quality elastic that is comfortable and breathable. Malleable stays also help with a comfortable fit as they prevent the back belt from rolling or bunching up when wearing.

      A similar product that also features support and compression is the bariatric low back support belt. This back brace can help with numerous sources of low-back pain, including strains of the lumbar back or lumbar muscle weakness.

      Another one of our popular plus size back braces is the back pain relief compression brace. This plus size lumbar back brace in black is composed of a mix of neoprene and elastic material and can be secured with a simple contact Velcro closure. This obese back brace comes with pockets that can hold gel pack inserts for heat or cold therapy or a pressure pad for additional compression.

      This lower back pain brace features a simple corset design. It takes just seconds to adjust the compression that the back brace applies, so one can easily transition from standing to sitting and the like. A nylon mesh side panel improves the breathability of this lower back support wrap for obese individuals.

      Extra Large Posture Corrective Brace for Men & Women

      Using a BraceAbility posture brace will help correct rolled shoulders and make you looks slimmer

      Our adjustable plus size posture corrector is big enough to fit chest circumferences 34” and up. It is also adjustable in the front so you can apply and adjust it easily as you need and the front is completely free from constraint. Carrying excess weight can lead to poor posture and cause back, shoulder, and even spine pain. This big and tall posture brace helps to pull your shoulders back into a proper posture position. Practicing good posture will help you to receive increased oxygen levels which in turn can eliminate fatigue and migraines. This is because when you are slouched over, your body squeezes your lungs, making them smaller and reducing your breathing volume.

      Additionally, wearing a posture brace can help to make you look slimmer. Read this blog post to see why.

      Plus-Size Back Support for Work & Heavy Lifting

      Many jobs require you to be on your feet lifting, or twisting and carrying heavy items. BraceAbility offers a lumbar support brace that is intended to be used for industrial use. It helps to reduce the strain on your lower back, eases existing pain, prevents further damage, and encourages proper lifting techniques. The back support also includes removable crisscross suspender straps that can be used for extra support and stabilization.

      Straps of this back support are attached by double-pull straps and Velcro closures to ensure the straps and suspenders are securely attached for optimal working environments. The sizes for this lifting belt are available up to 4XL and fitting up to 60” hip circumference so you can find the correct size that will fit you.

      If you spend a lot of time doing heavy lifting we recommend you read our article on proper lifting techniques as well as wearing the protective brace mentioned above.

      Bariatric Abdominal Support Binders

      Wearing an obesity belly sling can help to support your belly while helping to ease the back pain you may be experiencing as well. This abdominal brace for obese individuals helps to stabilize both the abdomen and back region that take on the stress of a heavy or off-balance stomach.

      BraceAbility also offers an extra-large abdominal wrap for plus size individuals. This plus size abdominal wrap will fit body circumferences up to 90” around. The binder compresses the abdominal and low-back region to help provide support. It also can help to eliminate pain from a variety of surgical procedures such as:

      • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

      • Cesarean section

      • Bladder surgery

      • Hernia repair

      • Laparotomy

      • Liposuction

      • Hysterectomy

      • Other bariatric surgical treatments

      Wearing a bariatric binder after surgery helps to compress the stomach to reduce inflammation and protect any incisions or stitches. These plus size binders help to compress and support your abdomen and lower back, speeding along healing and protecting one’s incision site. The bariatric abdominal binder support can also help with other injuries to the lumbar spine or abdomen or simply offer support to those with weak abdominal muscles. The material that his brace is made of is breathable and the plush liner is soft against your skin.

      The hernia binder wrap is another product that can help after various surgical procedures to your abdomen, including leading up to or after a hernia repair. The plus size hernia belt provides even compression needed to prevent a hernia from protruding or protecting an incision site. And the obesity support belt comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging up to a 94-inch hip circumference.