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How is Obesity Directly Correlated with Lower Back Pain?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, over one-third (35.7%) of Americans are considered obese. This number has been increasing in the last few years - making health problems related to obesity a large issue. To be considered ‘obese,’ you have an excess of body fat, which can greatly increase the risk of health issues. If you’re unsure if you’re considered a heavy individual, we’ve created an easy BMI calculator to help you understand what your current weight/fat ratio is.

Negative health effects of becoming obese include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancer (breast, pancreas, colon, rectum, esophagus, and endometrium)
  • Gout
  • Heart disease
  • Sleeping issues (sleep apnea)

Aside from the conditions listed above, another common negative health effect of being plus size is having spinal/back issues. It’s been proven that the higher your BMI level is, the higher chance you have of experiencing lumbar back pain or injury. Carrying around extra weight can take a huge toll on the mechanisms of your back, especially your spinal discs, muscles, and bones. This excess weight shifts your center of gravity, resulting in your back working harder to hold your body in an upright position. To read more about why back pain is a side effect of obesity, check out our blog post!

7 Reasons Why People Love This Lower Plus Size Back Brace Support

Since many people are struggling with obesity, we understand the need for a brace that not only completely supports the back region allowing for back relief, but also helps make day-to-day activities easier. Wearing an obesity back brace can do wonders in relieving some of that tension placed on your spine due to the excess weight you’ve been carrying around. The numerous features of this big and tall back support belt help it stand out from the alternative products you can buy at the big box stores.

    1. Obesity Back Support Tapers in Length in the Fron

      This elastic plus-size back support brace for males and females tapers from 10 ½” tall in the back to 6” in the front, giving your back full coverage and support while also preventing irritation in your abdomen region.

    2. Big and Tall Back Brace is Great for Those Ranging in Sizes XL-6XL

      One of the best features of this plus size belt is that it fits all ranges of large individuals. You no longer have to be frustrated in finding a size that’s large enough for your specific body shape/size. The softback girdle fits hip circumferences of 42” up to 68”. If you’re looking for a smaller size, check out our large selection of back support belts to find the perfect brace for you!

    3. Plus Size Back Brace is Comprised of Premium Elastic and Cotton Flannel / Foam Material

      The front and sides of the belt are made of a premium elastic material, allowing it to stretch and conform to your body. The adjustable elastic material is durable enough for everyday activities, such as walking or exercising. The backside of the brace is comprised of a soft, breathable foam/cloth laminate with polyurethane foam and cotton flannel fabric covering, making it comfortable against your skin. The lightweight aspect of the brace prevents sweating and allows you to wear it over or under your clothes, depending on your preference. All parts of this brace are latex-free.

      The BraceAbility Bariatric Plus Size Back Brace to wear while at work, home, or on the go.

  1. Bariatric Back Brace Has Double-Pull Elastic Tension Straps to Provide Extra Compression

    This back support brace features double-pull elastic tension straps in front to help increase the amount of confinement of the obesity back brace. The straps are easily adjusted on your own by pulling them out and away from your body until you reach the amount of compression you desire then simply secure the straps by the fastener.

  2. Back Brace for Overweight Features Removable Aluminum Stays Prevent Brace from Rolling/Bunching Up

    There are four removable aluminum stays located on the backside of this back support belt for large men and women. These stays help prevent any uncomfortable rolling or bunching up of the brace. The stays enable you to wear the brace throughout your entire day without having to adjust or reposition the lumbosacral orthopedic brace.

  3. Aluminum Stays in the XL Back Brace Can Be Contoured to Your Specific Body Shape

    The aluminum stays mentioned above can be bent to fit the shape of your lower back and add support to your lumbar spine. This feature adds to the customization of this bariatric support for a plus-size lady.

  4. Back Support is Easily Adjusted and Applied

    This obese back corset is simple and quick to apply! To put on the waist trainer, you secure the front closures first, then adjust the double-pull tension straps to add compression. You can apply this waist trimmer by yourself, without any assistance.

Can This Extra Large Back Brace Help Promote Weight Loss?

Yes! This extra-large back brace not only acts as a plus-size waist trainer that helps slim and trim down your stomach but makes you more active and energized. This supporter helps lift and compress your stomach to help lower the amount of stress placed on your spine -  in turn, making your body feel healthier! You will no longer feel pain when trying to lose weight. Wearing plus size back braces can help prevent fatigue and shortness of breath while exercising or doing the activities you love.

This obesity back brace also helps promote good posture, which relieves the weight on the joints in your knees. If you’re experiencing knee pain due to being overweight, wearing an obesity knee sleeve is another pain relief option. Additionally, this 4x large back brace is a great post weight loss surgery brace because it helps compress the incision site to promote healing. Many individuals undergoing bariatric surgery find wearing a lower back/abdomen brace after the procedure can help tremendously during the recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Big and Tall Back Brace Support

  • What conditions/injuries does this SI joint stabilizer treat? This obese belly support band can help treat moderate lower back pain, muscle strains, tears, or pulls, bulging discs, herniated discs, scoliosis, sciatica, and hip pain. It helps those morbidly obese individuals suffering from excess pain in their lumbar spine.

    Big and Tall back brace for low back pain, degenerative disc disease, and lumbar muscle weakness

  • How does it work? This lumbar support is specifically designed to provide superior lower back and abdominal support, treating and easing mild to chronic back pain.
  • When should I wear it? Thanks to the lightweight, latex-free material it's possible for you to wear this brace 24/7 if advised by your doctor. You can also sleep comfortably in this brace due to its soft material. It’s advised to speak with a medical professional before wearing a brace for an extended amount of time.
  • What is it made of?
    • Front of the brace and tension straps: elastic
    • Back panel: soft and breathable foam/cloth laminate with polyurethane foam and polyester fabric covering
    • Removable stays: aluminum
    • All parts are latex-free
  • Who can wear this brace? Men and women of all ages can benefit from this back brace support, so long as the circumference of their hips falls within a range of 44 inches to 80 inches. A pregnant woman can even wear this support so long as her belly does not take her past the size limit. We also offer maternity support belts and postpartum binders.
  • What size should I buy? Using a soft/flexible tape measure, find the circumference around your hips, in inches. This obese medical support accommodates large waists and fits wide hip circumferences of 44” up to 80”.
  • How do I put it on? Unhook all closures and lay the brace flat on the floor to identify the topside. The top has openings, which allow you to remove the metal stays. Next, position the brace behind your body so it’s centered on your back with the bottom of the brace sitting at the widest part of your hips. Fold the left side of the brace towards the middle of your stomach. Wrap around the right side but pull firmly and secure the closure. Repeat this process with the double-pull tension straps for your desired compression level.
  • How do I adjust the brace? Grab the double-pull tension straps (located on the outside of the brace) and adjust them to make it either tighter or looser, then re-apply the closures.
  • How tall is this brace? The brace tapers from 10 ½” tall in the back to 6” in the front.
  • Washing Instructions: To wash the brace, first, remove stays and close all closures. Hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Do not use bleach. The brace should be air-dried. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • The 60-inch belt is flexible and breathable, making it ideal for active use.
    • Unisex brace fits overweight to morbidly obese men and women.
    • Provided compression stimulates healing, reducing inflammation.
  • Color: White
The sizing for this back brace comes in sizes XL through 6XL. XL fits 45
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    Giuseppe C.
    Australia Australia
    Back brace

    Too big, the Velcro doesn’t stretch enough to make it tight

    • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
    Lourdes A.
    United States United States

    No question my sz 2 brace feel great, alive my pain and I feel comfortable all day

    • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
    Liz A.
    United States United States
    Pain Ease

    I hurt my back 3 weeks ago and this brace has been a life saver. Very comfortable and helps with the pain.

    • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
    Tiffany K.
    United States United States
    Too big

    I got the biggest size you have but its too big and I need to return it for just a little bit smaller on so I havent been able to where it yet

    • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
    A BraceAbility Customer
    Heidi A.
    United States United States
    I think it's working?

    I have degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. Ever since January I have been struggling with what I may have to accept is my new normal. My daily walks of 3 miles have been reduced to less than a mile. My normally 12K daily step count is 3K on a good day but leaves me in pain for a couple days after and barely managing 1,500 steps. For months I've been trying to figure out how to get all that needs to be done accomplished even if I cannot hit my fitness goals. But much of my end of day consists of me grunting, groaning, and even yelping in pain. My husband noticed a couple of months ago that more and more when I am "standing straight" it is more of an obtuse angle. A friend said her PT suggested this brace to help hers so I have gotten one too. I am bad about remembering to put it on when I start to hurt (as evidenced by my yelping and groaning through making dinner tonight then remembering at the end that I should've grabbed the brace!) but when I do wear it in those times it does restrict my motion to prevent me from doing many of the ****** things that trigger the pain. IT doesn't help when I twist side to side though. Do not expect it to heal and you should not wear it all the time as it will actually weaken your core muscles thereby being counterproductive. I also cannot wear it while sitting as it just stabs me the same way a corset would, and it gets all twisted and tangled if I wear it while doing a lot of sitting and standing (like when we have to go to a couple of different stores on shopping day this Sunday.) and it is not a total solution to the pain. That being said, I am able to get more done, I keep my walking posture straight during my morning walks and am hoping as I cause less irritation I might get better results in my efforts to heal. I have to say, I was not expecting an XL to fit me. I typically wear a 2xl but it may be why it shifts up when sitting and why going from sitting to standing is problematic for me. But I measured from my belly button as directed and it does fit. I would be concerned anything looser would not provide the support needed.

    • How is the fit? Too SmallSlightly SmallTrue to SizeSlightly BigToo Big
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