Pregnancy & Postpartum Belly Wraps


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      6 products

      Our plus size belly band abdominal binder is used to compress stomach
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      Our plus size lower back brace can help with lower back pain like arthritis or a herniated disc
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      The black BraceAbility Pelvic Pro works to keep prolapsed pelvic organs in the proper position
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      Umbilical and abdominal hernia support belt shown with pad
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      The therapeutic KT tape comes with 20, 10 inch precut strips for knee pain or shoulder pain
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      What is a Postpartum Belly Wrap?

      A post-pregnancy belly wrap is an abdominal compression wrap providing support, pain relief and a quick recovery process for women after experiencing child labor or a cesarean (also known as C-Section) labor. The best postpartum pregnancy belly wrap effectively applies compression evenly throughout the lower and upper abdomen areas, along with the lower back for ideal comfort and pain relief. A postpartum stomach wrap also helps in reducing swelling after pregnancy by boosting blood circulation through pressure and compression of the abdomen area. Overall, a postpartum girdle promotes rapid healing, making the recovery process much quicker and comfortable for new mothers. The post-pregnancy stomach wrap is very easy to apply with easy adjustability for optimal comfort and compression. BraceAbility offers its very own abdominal binder to provide mothers with proper support and to tighten the tummy after pregnancy.

      Benefits of Wearing a Postpartum Abdominal Binder

      There are many benefits of wearing a post-pregnancy tummy wrap for new mothers. After pregnancy and labor, many women struggle with having loose, excess skin- primarily in the abdominal area. A belly support for pregnancy will help keep this excess loose skin together through compression, allowing mothers to get into their old clothes faster and feel comfortable in their skin. When pairing a postpartum binder with exercise and proper nutrition, mothers are able to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back in no time.

      After pregnancy and childbirth, the abdominal and lower back muscles are very weak and vulnerable. The stress and pressure put on your back and abdomen from pregnancy can cause immense pain and discomfort that can lead to serious injury if not treated. Common pain that many pregnant mothers experience is Sacroiliac Joint Pain, which is chronic pain in the lower back due to weak sacroiliac joints. To learn more, read about sacroiliac joint pain in our orthopedic conditions library. You can also learn about sacroiliac joint pain treatment and symptoms by reading this blog post. A post-pregnancy belly belt applies pressure on these weakened areas, diminishing the stress on the mother’s lower back and abdomen. In addition to an abdominal binder, Sacroiliac Joint Pain Exercises are also helpful in relieving postpartum and pregnancy-related lower back pain from weak sacroiliac joints. The postpartum bellyband is white with a low profile fit, making it fit easily underneath clothing with little to no visibility.

      Plus-Size Postpartum Belly Bands and Belts

      A plus-size postpartum girdle is a great abdominal binder for women who recently gave birth or experienced a cesarean labor and are in need of a larger fit for a postpartum belt. BraceAbility offers a plus-size binder in sizes up to 4XL for mothers in need of a larger size in the abdomen area after pregnancy. Many women experience weight gain after pregnancy, and this extra weight can put additional pressure on the lower back and abdomen. A plus-size postpartum abdominal binder is a great tool to relieve the pressure on these areas while relieving pain and maximizing comfort. View all of BraceAbility’s plus-size braces for additional maternity and postpartum belts and binders available in plus sizes.

      Postpartum Compression Belts

      A postpartum C-section wrap is very helpful for mothers who recently experienced a cesarean labor. A C-section postpartum belt will aid in decreasing pain while also protecting the incision site on the lower abdomen. Postpartum belly binders are designed to increase comfort levels and avoid any further pain, irritation or infection in the abdomen area. View all of BraceAbility’s C-section binders for additional supports and belts for C-section recovery and healing.

      A mother to a newborn baby will be doing a lot of carrying, pushing and running around. This can be very difficult for women if they are experiencing pain and discomfort in their abdomen area from a C-Section or natural child labor. Belly binding postpartum will protect the incision from a C-Section and put constant pressure on the abdomen to maximize comfort and allow mothers to care for their child without experiencing this pain and discomfort.

      Learn about C-section recovery by reading our blog post about the 5 Best Products for Post C-section Delivery.

      Belly Support for Pregnancy

      A belly support for pregnancy is a great support sling for a woman’s growing belly during her pregnancy journey. The pregnant belly sling relieves pressure on the back to help avoid strains and pain the lower back. If you experiencing a great deal of abdominal muscle pain and strains from pregnancy, view all of BraceAbility’s abdominal muscle pain and strain braces and belts to aid in relieving this pain. Over time, the added weight on a mother’s body can cause immense pain and strain on her body. The mid and lower back is bearing a lot of weight during pregnancy, causing strain and fatigue of the muscles. Constant strains of the muscle can lead to serious, permanent damage to the lower back muscles. Read more about lower back pain in pregnant women by reading our blog post, Lower Back Pain in Women. The added support of the belly support for pregnancy lifts and supports the pregnant belly, relieving and lifting the weight off the mother’s back to reduce discomfort and pain in these areas. By lifting the pregnant belly, it can also improve one’s posture, which can also relieve any additional pain in the back caused by poor posture while pregnant. BraceAbility’s maternity belly sling is great sling for women who need the extra support during their pregnancy, and to lift the extra weight off their body from being pregnant.