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Pregnant Back Brace Belly Sling for Mothers to Be

This belly brace for pregnancy supports the belly and soothes low-back pain and fatigue that often occurs as one’s body makes way for a developing baby.  This belly belt for pregnancy is constructed of a mix of stretchy, flexible elastic and supportive nylon material. Both materials are quite durable so one does not have to worry about the pregnancy belly belt wearing or stretching out as one goes through pregnancy.

BraceAbility’s pregnant belly holder is 8 inches wide at the back and it tapers to a 4-inch width at the front. This design provides more support at the back on which much of the extra strain is placed and narrows at the front so that the belly sling for pregnant women fits smooth against one’s belly and does not interfere with one’s legs.

This belt for a pregnant belly also features a soft, stretchy strap that crosses across the top of one’s belly for additional support. This upper strap can be removed if desired. The strap helps distribute the weight of the belly more evenly across one’s back.

The mother-to-be brace is secured via hook and loop closures with nylon lining that reside at the sides of one’s stomach. As necessary with maternity belts, the girth of this pregnant belly belt is highly adjustable. The fastener straps can simply be moved farther away from the center of the support pad that encircles the belly as one’s hips and tummy expand. Plus it comes in a variety of sizes, as well as a plus-size maternity belt version.

The white color of the pregnancy sling and its relatively low-profile fit helps it to fit discreetly beneath maternity clothes. The materials of which it is constructed are soft against the skin and lightweight.

Why Wear a Maternity Back and Abdominal Support?

There are numerous reasons one should consider wearing a belly support belt for pregnancy back pain. For one, simply the added weight of carrying a child increases the amount of strain on one’s body, with the low- and mid-back largely bearing much of this responsibility. This alone increases the strain and fatigue for the muscles. The added support of a maternity pregnancy support band that lifts the belly and shares in the task of supporting the load can help reduce discomfort and fatigue.

Another fun side effect of pregnancy is that it can compromise one’s posture. Again, the 8-inch wide back part of this sling for the belly promotes better posture that takes less of a toll on the soft tissues of one’s torso.

And towards the end of one’s pregnancy, the body will release hormones that relax your tendons, ligaments and joints, helping your pelvis and body to prepare for giving birth. While this is necessary for delivering a child, it also makes these tissues weaker and more prone to fatigue. It also increases the work one’s muscles—especially the back muscles—must do.  And it can lead to sacroiliac joint pain. Again, wearing a support band for a pregnant belly can lessen the strain this puts on one’s body.

Features of BraceAbility’s Maternity Support Belt

There are many reasons BraceAbility’s maternity girdle is a must-have for expecting mothers. Following is a concise list of its features:

  • Pregnancy belly supports the abdomen and back
  • The stomach sling reduces pain and fatigue, especially in the back muscles
  • The back of the belly band is 8 inches wide, while the front is 4 inches wide
  • The tapered design of this pregnancy band is ideal for lifting the belly while supporting the back
  • The narrower stomach support pad will not interfere with the legs
  • Constructed of stretchy elastic and strong, durable nylon
  • Where the adjustable hook and loop closures attaches to a the belly support pad can easily be adjusted as needed for a widening stomach
  • The belly sling fasteners are lined with non-stretch nylon for secure support
  • The pregnancy back support also has an optional strap that stretches across the top of the belly
  • The length of this upper strap can also be easily adjusted via its fastener
  • White color and low-profile fit helps this support for a pregnant belly fit discreetly beneath clothes
  • Besides the adjustable length, this maternity belly band comes in a number of sizes fitting the following pre-pregnancy dress sizes:
    • Small: 3-10
    • Medium: 11-14
    • Large: 16-18
    • X-Large: 20 and up
Sizing chart for maternity back and abdominal support. Available is sizes S-XL.
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