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      6 products

      Our plus size belly band abdominal binder is used to compress stomach
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      Umbilical and abdominal hernia support belt shown with pad
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      Stomach Binders & Braces

      BraceAbility offers many different products including stomach binders, braces, girdles, belts, and trusses for various conditions of stomach pain. We offer braces for both men and women and also bariatric braces for plus-size individuals. Most of our abdominal binders are made from elastic and are able to stretch to fit different body types (sizes ranging from 4XL to 3XL to 2XL to XL). Stomach binders are used for many different conditions, you may need a stomach binder or brace for the following:

      Abdominal Pain:

      The abdomen can be injured in many ways and an injury to your abdomen is a very serious thing. If you are experiencing abdominal pain it would be best to get a stomach brace to help ease your discomfort and pain by applying pressure from the brace. It helps to hold the stomach in, essentially tightening it. Check out all of our abdominal supports for your abdominal pains and strains.

      After Surgery:

      After any type of stomach surgery your stomach is going to be very sore, we recommend that you get the post-surgical abdominal binder. This stomach binder helps with swelling after abdominal surgery. It helps to support and compress the stomach region so healing can occur.


      An abdominal hernia occurs when tissue pushes through a weak spot in or around the abdominal wall. A hernia binder wrap is recommended for various hernia procedures, the stomach binder is used to help the incision heal and protect the incision site. The hernia binder will also ease the pain by compressing the affected area and preventing a rupture of a hernia from occurring.


      We offer many braces and binders for women that are pregnant. They can be worn during the pregnancy to help carry the extra weight of the child, help reduce the abdominal and back pain, and to tighten excess or loose skin. We also offer braces that can be worn after the pregnancy to help protect the incision site and compress the belly to minimize the pain. These braces are available in extra large and plus sizes which fits hip circumferences up to 96 inches. If you are looking for more pregnancy braces, you may also want to check out our selection of back and belly maternity braces to use for support and pain relief during pregnancy.

      Back Supports

      BraceAbility offers a wide variety of back supports and braces suited to treat and relieve pain of various conditions that cause back pain. These back supports are designed for men, women, and plus size individuals. You may need a back brace if you suffer from one or more of the following:

      Lower Back Strain:

      A lower back strain can occur due to a variety of reasons, including forceful or excessive exercise, improper lifting of heavy objects, persistent coughing or sneezing, and being overweight. For treatment of lower back pain, it’s suggested that if to stretch before and after exercises, apply ice or heat to the lower back, and to rest your muscles and avoid overworking them. BraceAbility also recommends a lower back brace for treatment and pain relief of lower back pain. This back corset provides support through compression and also prevents future pain the lower back. This back support can also be used during your workout to avoid muscle strain and pain. To view all back pain and strain braces, click here.

      Poor Posture:

      Practicing good posture is extremely important for your short and long-term health. When you slouch, your muscles are forced to work harder. This extra work and weight put on your muscles can cause tightness, tension, and soreness of your back muscles. To fix poor posture and avoid the stemming side effects, BraceAbility offers a back pain brace. This back pain belt aligns and straightens the spine to treat poor posture. Lower back braces also aid in retraining your back by supporting the body in a more upright position. Click here to view all posture braces and back straighteners.


      Individuals who are overweight or obese are at a higher risk of muscle strains, poor posture and other conditions causing back pain. Lack of regular exercise can cause the muscles to weaken, making an individual more prone to muscle weakness and strains, even from light activity. Additionally, excess weight can put added stress on your abdomen and lower back, causing the muscles to weaken. BraceAbility offers a variety of plus size back and stomach braces for heavy individuals suffering from lower back pain. For lower back pain, BraceAbility would recommend a low back support belt, which is designed for hips up to 60”, ranging from sizes XL-4XL.