Pregnancy Back Pain Supports


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      4 products

      Our plus size belly band abdominal binder is used to compress stomach
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      Our plus size lower back brace can help with lower back pain like arthritis or a herniated disc
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      Women's back brace support for female lower back pai
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      Sacroiliac SI joint compression brace for coccyx tailbone pain relief
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      Pregnancy Back Support

      The body goes through some astounding changes during pregnancy to allow the baby (or babies) to develop and grow. The body even generates hormones to increase the laxity of one’s joints and connective tissues so that a woman can deliver the baby.

      But unfortunately, many of these changes take their toll on the body and can result in some unpleasant side effects. BraceAbility offers a number of pregnancy brace products to help from the first trimester through the third and even for post-partum needs.

      Maternity Back Support: SI Pregnancy Belt

      Many of the top-selling maternity back brace products at BraceAbility are geared toward treating sacroiliac joint pain on either side of the spine in the low-back. Increased laxity of the joints due to hormone changes along with the pregnant lady “waddle” and the excess weight can all stress these joints. (Learn more about Sacroiliac Joint Pain & Pregnancy.)

      An SI back support for pregnancy like the Low Profile Sacroiliac Brace can stabilize these joints, easing discomfort. Some of the main selling points of this back brace for pregnancy include its low-profile design and easy-to-adjust mechanical pulley system, which eliminates the need for painful twisting when using this SI maternity belt.

      General Back Support: Pregnancy

      While one of the hallmarks of pregnancy—the baby bump—is often called “cute,” it can be quite burdensome for the woman bearing it; the addition of weight can also result in strain on the muscles and ligaments of the back. In such cases, a pregnancy back brace can help ease this discomfort.

      This back brace for women is one such brace. Besides supporting the back, this back support during pregnancy features a pad with nodules to massage the back and reduce tension in this region. The breathable, knitted material means the brace is also comfortable to wear.

      Maternity Belly Support Band

      Supporting the belly itself can also help with back pain. The Abdominal Pregnancy Support offers the best of both worlds as it functions as both a belly and back support during pregnancy.

      This pregnancy back support band can be adjusted to just about any circumference, making it an ideal plus-size maternity belly support. The fabric of this pregnancy back belt/maternity support belly band is soft and breathable. The four support rods of this pregnant back brace can be removed for further customization and comfort.

      Abdominal Binder Maternity Brace

      Abdominal binders are also used as a maternity belly band support during pregnancy and in some cases, such as following a cesarean delivery, after pregnancy. The Short Abdominal Binder for Women (also available in a tall size) is one such product that features two-part hook tapes for optimal fit and ease of application. The pregnancy support brace is made of breathable material with a wide Velcro closure.

      This abdominal binder is an even more affordable pregnancy belly brace. This abdominal binder is a similar product that helps support the muscles of the abdomen in a comfortable manner thanks to its soft lining. This elastic pregnancy belly brace can be helpful following a c-section, as well as after surgeries such as liposuction, a tummy tuck, hernia repair or bladder surgery.

      Pelvic Back Brace: Pregnancy

      Another area of the body that is subject to a lot of stress during pregnancy is the pelvis. Pelvic pain impacts an estimated 20% of pregnant women and it lingers in some of these women following delivery. During pregnancy the baby grows, a woman puts on more pounds, her posture changes and the ligaments of the pelvis become more lax—all of this increases pressure on the pelvic joints, which can cause painful inflammation that might radiate to the butt, groin or thighs.

      A compression garment like the Women's Posture Support or a pelvic support belt, such as the Pelvic Support Belt can be helpful with discomfort in the pelvic region. This pelvic support belt is padded on the inner layer and features a tapered shape for a comfortable, secure fit.

      Other Pregnancy Discomfort Treatment Methods

      Other corrective methods besides wearing a pregnancy support brace for pelvic, abdominal, SI joint and low-back pain beside wearing a pregnancy support brace include engaging in doctor-approved strength exercises and taking care to exercise proper posture as much as possible, especially when sitting. A pregnancy back-support pillow or a chair-back support can be helpful to that end.

      The use of heat and ice packs (See BraceAbility’s full line of heat, cold and compression therapy products) and wearing low-heeled (not flat) shoes can also be helpful for warding off or easing discomfort associated with pregnancy.