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What Does the Trochanter Hip Support Belt Treat?

Pain in the lumbosacral region of your back can be caused by a number of things. Poor posture, trauma, degenerative wearing over time, hormonal changes during pregnancy, or even a long day on your feet can all lead to inflammation of the sacroiliac or facet joints of your lumbar spine. This inflammation can cause pain in your low back, hips, buttocks (coccyx or tailbone), legs, and pelvis in some cases.

This simple belt for your hips can make a world of difference for those dealing with hip and low-back pain. The back support belt should be wrapped around your hips just above the greater trochanter area.

our trochanter belt is a natural relief for pelvic and hip pain
  • Sacroiliac Belt for SI Joint Pain or Facet Syndrome

    The pressure and support the lumbosacral belt provides to this area supports and stabilizes the joints in your lower back. By doing so, the band for the trochanter region of the body addresses the cause of sacroiliac (SI) joint pain or lumbosacral instability. Discomfort often stems from too much (or too little) motion of these joints. Thus, stabilizing them via a lumbar belt is a great, conservative treatment method for SI joint pain.

  • Hip Support for Lumbar Back Pain

    The intra-abdominal pressure applied by the SI belt also helps to lessen the strain on your lumbar spine, helping with the treatment of lumbar back pain.

    Other modes of treatment for lumbosacral pain often include rest, taking anti-inflammatory pain medications and possibly muscle relaxants, ice and heat therapy, physical or occupational therapy to improve the strength and flexibility of your core and lessen strain on your low back (try these SI joint pain exercises), correcting problematic posture, losing weight (if applicable), and soft tissue massage.

  • Maternity Pelvic Tilt Correction Brace

    During pregnancy, your pelvic joints and ligaments naturally shift and stretch, often causing severe lower back, hip, and sciatic leg pain. This lower-belly and pelvic girdle belt provides support, easing discomfort while pregnant and alleviating postpartum SI joint pain.

    It adjustable, dual-tension straps apply targeted pressure for comfortable hip pain relief and posterior or anterior pelvic tilt correction for proper alignment.

  • SI Joint Girdle for Coccyx Tailbone Pain Relief

    This versatile hip support belt offers superior stabilization from your L5 vertebra to your coccyx bone, helping ease pain resulting from trauma to your tailbone.

    Whatever the case may be, non-surgical treatment of an achy, broken tailbone is effective for 90% of people, and many of these remedies can be done from the comfort of your home.

    In addition to wearing a supportive sacroiliac joint belt, common best practices for tailbone pain relief include:

    • Applying a cold pack
    • Using heat to ease muscle tension (after a few days have passed)
    • Modifying your activity to reduce pressure on your tailbone
    • Trying a fractured tailbone pillow or donut-shaped cushion for your bottom

    Physical therapy or manipulation of the muscles attached to your tailbone (by a doctor) might help if these initial steps fail to relieve your symptoms. Surgery to remove your tailbone is typically a last resort option and rarely necessary.

2 Reasons Why This SI Joint Brace Will Help Your Hip & Back Pain:

  1. Thoughtful Design

    The Trochanter Brace was specifically designed to support the sacral region of your back. It will stabilize your sacroiliac and lumbosacral joints. This pelvic belt has elastic pulls for quick adjustment of the tension applied to your affected hip or back area. It’s low-profile design also makes it easy to fit over or beneath your clothing. The SI back wrap is composed of a soft pile that is laminated to comfy, flannel lining.

  2. Easy to Use

    The wrap-around design of this hip stabilizer is easy to apply. Plus, its hook and loop fasteners make applying and adjusting the waist hip support belt a breeze. The SI belt also goes with most ensembles since it’s color is white. The hip brace for joint pain can be hand washed using warm water and mild soap. It should be air dried.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Sacral Support & Pelvic Brace

  • What conditions / injuries does this back stabilizer treat? It’s specifically designed to apply customizable compression, helping alleviate sacroiliac and SI Joint inflammation, hip pain, pelvis or tailbone injuries, lumbosacral instability, sciatica, arthritis, and trochanteric (hip) bursitis.
  • How does it work? Support provided by this compression brace for coccyx tailbone pain relief helps soothe pain, stabilizing your lower back and hip joints during recovery. The wraparound, “dual-tension" design provides controllable compression, allowing you to add pressure over specific sore or inflamed areas.
  • When should I wear it? This hip support is designed for everyday use. It can be worn during the day or at night while sleeping. Make sure to consult a health care professional regarding treatment recommendations for your specific condition.
  • What is it made of? Soft pile laminated to flannel lining with elastic side pulls and medical-grade, hook and loop fasteners. All components are latex free.
  • Who can wear this brace? Men and women of all ages and various sizes can benefit from this band, so long as the circumference of their hips falls under 48 inches.
  • What size should I buy? That’s an easy one with this universal, one size fits most, back brace. Just make sure the circumference around the area where you plan to wear this brace falls under 48 inches. To check, wrap a soft, flexible tape measure around your hips.
  • How do I put it on? With the fastener facing inward in your left hand, position the belt behind your body around your hips. Fold in the right side across your lower abdomen. Repeat with the left side and secure. For added compression, undo the dual- tension straps, stretch around your hips, and secure.
  • How tall is this brace? The hip brace is 4 inches tall and 52 inches long. The width is 0.25 inches.
  • Washing Instructions: With fasteners attached, hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Allow the belt to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Adjustable, dual-tension straps apply targeted pressure for superior pain relief
    • Medical-grade fastener is 10X stronger than standard, retail-grade fastener
    • Made of lightweight and breathable material for comfortable, everyday use
  • Color: White.
Sizing chart for trochanter hip support belt - measure the circumference around your hips. Fits up to 48 inch hip circumferences
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