Trochanter Hip Support Belt for SI Joint & Pelvic Pain


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Stabilizing Trochanter Belt for SI Joint Low Back Pain

This simple belt for the hips can make a world of difference for those dealing with hip and low-back pain. The back support belt should be wrapped around the hips just above the greater trochanter area (the rough eminence at the top of the femur on the side).

The pressure and support the lumbosacral belt provides to this area supports and stabilizes the joints in of the lower back. By doing so, the belt for the trochanter region of the body addresses the cause of sacroiliac (SI) joint pain or lumbosacral instability.

The low back brace fits comfortably against the skin, as it is constructed of soft pile that is laminated to a flannel lining. The latter material is warm and soft, as well as quite durable.

The elastic side pulls of the SI joint pain belt ensures that it fits snugly and comfortably against one’s body. This means it can even fit easily beneath one’s clothes if the user so desires. The white color of the lumbar back belt is also helpful when it comes to discreet use.

Contact closures make it easy to apply this trochanter brace and one can easily tweak its fit using its elastic double-pull tabs.

And the universal sizing of the belt for hip and back support make ordering a breeze.  Note that this low back wrap fits hip circumferences up to 48 inches.

Belt for Treating Hip, Pelvic and Tailbone Injuries

Pain in the lumbosacral region of the back can be caused by a number of things. Poor posture, trauma, degenerative wearing over time, hormonal changes during pregnancy or even a long day on one’s feet can all lead to inflammation to the sacroiliac or facet joints of the lumbar spine that causes pain in the low back as well as in the hips, buttocks and/or legs, in some cases.

This belt for facet syndrome or SI joint pain (AKA, sacroiliitis) can help by supporting these joints. Discomfort often stems from too much (or too little) motion of these joints. Thus, stabilizing them via a lumbar belt like this is a great conservative treatment method for SI joint pain.

The intra-abdominal pressure applied by the SI belt also helps to lessen strain on one’s lumbar spine, helping with treatment of lumbar back pain.

Other modes of treatment for lumbosacral pain often include rest, taking anti-inflammatory pain medications and possibly muscle relaxants, ice/heat therapy, physical or occupational therapy to improve the strength and flexibility of one’s core and lessen strain on the low back (find SI joint pain exercises here), addressing problematic posture, losing weight (if applicable), and soft tissue massage.

If such methods fail to bring relief, one may require more invasive treatment measures, such as stronger medications, facet joint injections, electrical stimulation, radiofrequency denervation or, in rare cases, surgery.

Key Features of Trochanter Brace for Hip and Back Pain

This belt for the lower back has numerous qualities that make it a simple and effective solution for various sources of trochanter, hip and low-back pain.  Following is a list of its assets:

  • Supports the sacral region of the back
  • Stabilizes the sacroiliac and lumbosacral joints
  • Wrap-around design is easy to apply
  • Contact closures make applying and adjusting the hip pain belt a breeze
  • Elastic side pulls for quick adjustment of the tension the lumbar back support applies
  • Lumbar back wrap is composed of soft pile that is laminated to a soft flannel lining
  • Low-profile sacral belt fits easily over or beneath one’s clothes
  • White SI back belt goes with most ensembles
  • Universal trochanter brace fits hip circumferences up to 48 inches
  • Belt for back joint pain can be hand washed using warm water and mild soap; should be air dried
Sizing chart for trochanter hip support belt - measure the circumference around your hips. Fits up to 48 inch hip circumferences
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