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Plus-size Maternity Band

This plus-size maternity support belt features a tapered design that is wider in the back and narrower in the front. The eight-inch wide back component of this pregnancy corset helps spread out and reduce the load a growing belly puts on the mid- and low-back, while the four-inch wide front component of the belly belt for pregnancy will not overpower the stomach or interfere with one’s legs while walking or otherwise moving.

The plus-size maternity belt also has an optional upper strap for keeping the support in position and helping it to lift the belly.

The pregnancy support band is constructed of a mix of flexible elastic and durable, strong nylon. The nylon lining of the mother-to-be brace is comfortable against the skin. And the elastic components help the pregnancy belly belt contour to one’s body.

The maternity support belt in plus sizes can be secured and adjusted with simple hook-and-loop fasteners. Where they attach can be adjusted as one’s belly and hips expand, as appropriate for belly bands for pregnancy in plus sizes.

The plus-size pregnancy belly support comes in a white color. That along with its body-hugging fit helps it to fit easily beneath one’s clothes. The belly support band in plus sizes fit those whose pre-pregnancy dress size was 16 or higher. Smaller sizes of the pregnant belly brace are also available.

The pregnancy belly belt can be hand washed using cold water and mild detergent.

Why Use a Maternity Girdle?

Pregnancy support belts are not some new fad… over the years, many a woman has turned to a pregnancy belly support belt to ease the back and hip pain that is often associated with a growing baby bump. In fact, insurance companies often cover the cost of a pregnancy belly support belt. 

Plus-size maternity belts support the belly and help the back with load bearing. Wearing a plus-size belly support during pregnancy can also help improve one’s posture, which in and of itself can ease discomfort associated with the off-balance weight of pregnancy.

Those who are on their feet a lot, have gained a lot of excess weight or amniotic fluid, or are carrying multiple children may find a maternity belt in plus sizes especially helpful.

It is important to note that one should only wear maternity belts for plus sizes for a few hours each day. 

Other pregnancy-related back and hip pain remedies include regular exercise, such as Kegels and squats to strengthen the pelvic floor, increasing magnesium intake, exercising good posture or possibly seeing a physiotherapist.

Features of BraceAbility’s Plus-size Pregnancy Support Belt

Finding the best pregnancy support belt is no easy task. This plus-size maternity support belt has many of the features pregnant women are seeking—comfortable support to the abdomen and back from a 3X maternity support belt that is durable and affordable. Following is a list of its features:

  • Plus-size maternity band lifts the abdomen and supports the low- and mid-back
  • Plus-size maternity belly support band is composed of flexible elastic and durable, strong nylon
  • Maternity support brace has an optional upper strap across the top of the belly for added support
  • Upper belly strap also helps keep the pregnancy support belt plus-size product in place
  • The pregnancy belt support is 8” wide at the back to spread out the force of the excess weight and it narrows to a 4” width at the front that won’t interfere with one’s legs when walking or sitting
  • Fasteners enable the pregnancy orthotic to expand as needed
  • The maternity band support (plus size) can be easily applied and adjusted
  • The pregnancy belt plus-size support can be hand washed using mild detergent and cold water
  • White plus-size pregnancy belt fits easily beneath one’s clothes
  • The belly support for plus-size pregnancy comes in two sizes based on the following pre-pregnancy dress sizes:
    • Large: 16-18
    • Extra-Large: 20 and up
    • Smaller sizes of this pre-natal sling are also available
Sizing chart for plus size maternity band. Available in sizes L and XL.
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