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What Can I Do for a Broken Collarbone Injury?

The collarbone is one of the most commonly broken or fractured bones in the body caused by trauma such as car accidents, severe falls, or various sports injuries. Clavicle fractures are most common in children and young adults, typically occurring in individuals younger than 25 years. Although clavicle fractures are most commonly seen in children and young adults, as women age, it becomes more common for them to fracture their collarbones, and less likely for men.

If your injury is a simple break that does not require any realignment of the bone, simply immobilizing the region with a clavicle brace will help allow the bone to heal and recover. In more serious breaks where the bone must be reset, surgery may be necessary.

This clavicle brace is women friendly in terms of design because the straps around the shoulder will not rub against your breasts or under the arms. The straps of this collarbone brace are fairly wide and padded which makes the brace a great solution for clavicle injuries. Size S has slightly narrower straps with a width of 2.25”. While sizes M-XL have a strap width of 3.25”.

The figure 8 treatment brace helps to keep the collarbone area immobilized by wrapping around both shoulders and the neck to hold the shoulders back and up. Wearing a brace with wide straps may feel uncomfortable at first, but it will give you a suitable level of stabilization that is needed for your clavicle injury.

The upper back is shielded from irritation at the junction of these figure-eight straps thanks to a soft, stockinette-covered felt-covered pad. The materials of this women’s shoulder support is free of latex—a major advantage for those with allergies to that material. The female posture brace comfortably hugs one’s body for a discreet, low-profile fit. In addition, the white color of this posture brace for females is helpful to that end.

If you have to take off this clavicle brace, it is important that you continue to have good posture and do not lean or slouch forward as this will slow down the healing process. Having good posture will help to protect other parts of your body from getting out of place.

How to Improve Posture in Women

The secondary purpose of this brace is that it can also help to correct your posture by pulling your shoulders back into a proper position. If you are solely looking to buy a posture brace, take a look at this posture corrector brace. It is designed more specifically for a posture improvement brace rather than a clavicle brace.

Desk jobs and stress or just a bad carryover from adolescence can all be contributors to poor posture in women. And this does not end with an unsightly appearance or even shoulder or back pain. Poor posture can stress the soft tissues and/or joints of the neck, back muscles, throat, abdomen and even the legs, in addition to those of the shoulders.

Women with large breasts carry additional weight in the front of their bodies which can cause misalignment of the back, head, shoulders, and neck. Additionally, these females tend to slouch forward allowing their chest to fall down and their shoulder to round forward.

A long-term solution will likely incorporate posture exercises for women to strengthen their core as well as a conscious effort to correct one’s stance when, sitting, standing, etc.

Wearing a figure-eight brace such as this can be a posture help for women, as it forces you to draw back the shoulders into their popular alignment relative to the rest of the body. In addition, simply wearing it is a helpful reminder to be aware of your posture.

This support will fit a variety of different women, ranging from chest circumferences of 24"-48". For even smaller sizes, check out the pediatric version of the clavicle support.

This posture brace has Velcro closures for easy application and adjustment. You may need help to get this brace fully adjusted the way you want it.  If you are experiencing other sources of back pain, check out our full selection of women’s back braces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to wear your clavicle brace?

First, consult with your doctor to determine the severity of your injury and to see how long you should be wearing the brace. You should wear the brace at all times until there is no further pain when you are moving. Most clavicle fractures heal within 4-8 weeks.

How do I know which size to get?

Using a fabric or flexible tape measure, find the circumference around your chest at the bottom of your sternum. This brace is available in sizes S-XL and fits circumferences 24”-48”. Refer to the sizing chart to determine which size you need.

How do I adjust the brace to make it smaller or bigger?

To adjust the fit, undo the Velcro closures and pull the straps tighter until a desired level of support is reached. You may need assistance to adjust the brace.

How do I put on the brace?

Unfold the brace and lay it flat to identify the left and right straps. Undo the Velcro closures on the ends of the straps. Feed the end of the right strap through the right side of the plastic triangle buckle and attach the closure. Repeat with left strap. The brace should now be in a “figure 8” shape. Slip the brace on like you would put on a backpack. The triangle buckle should point down once the brace is on your back. You should feel your shoulders being gently pulled back. If you experience any pain or discomfort, adjust the brace by loosening the straps.

Can I wash the brace?

Yes, this brace is washable. Make sure to close all Velcro closures and hand wash in cold water with mild soap. The brace should be air-dried, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

Can this be used as a posture brace?

Yes, it can also be used to help to correct your posture by pulling your shoulders back into a proper position. But if you are looking specifically for a posture corrector brace, check out our posture brace. It is designed more specifically to act as a posture trainer rather than a clavicle brace.

Sizing chart for broken collarbone injury treatment brace. Available in sizes S-XL.
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