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What Surgeries and Conditions Does This Post Surgical Abdominal Binder Help With?

This binder for swelling after abdominal surgery not only supports but compresses your stomach so that healing has a chance to occur. This elastic abdominal binder simplifies what would otherwise be a tough but necessary component of stomach surgery recovery—applying compression.

These panels provide compression to help with abdominal swelling after surgery. The compression applied by this abdominal binder can help with swelling or edema, prevent tearing in the incision area, and can help hold tunnels in a collapsed position until scar tissue takes hold for procedures like liposuction.

This abdominal binder after hernia surgery can help after many surgical procedures such as:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Liposuction
  • Caesarean section (C-section)
  • Hernia repair (an umbilical hernia or a ventral hernia)
  • Appendix removal (appendectomy)
  • Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty
  • Laparoscopic or gallbladder surgery

The elastic abdominal belt can also help in non-surgical instances such as after an abdominal muscle strain or a vaginal birth. The abdominal compression can even help ease the tension on your lower back and spine. Do you think you have an abdominal strain or a hernia? This chart will help you determine which condition you have based on your symptoms and how to treat both injuries!

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Features of the Abdominal Brace After Surgery

The numerous features of this surgical girdle help make it stand out from the other options and post surgery items that people might buy at Wal-Mart, CVS, or other retail stores.

  • Maximum Compression Feature of the Surgical Girdle

    This after surgery abdominal binder helps apply a great amount of compression and support to your abdomen region to ensure proper healing. You can adjust the compression level of the wrap by loosening or tightening the back brace and reapplying the Velcro closures. Depending on your current recovery stage, you may need more or less support in your stomach area.

  • Medical Grade Abdominal Binder is Completely Customizable

    The amount of compression this men’s surgical abdominal binder applies to your belly can be easily adjusted simply by adjusting the Velcro closure that secures the support. These closures are located at the front of your body to help prevent you from twisting or turning your torso, which could further harm or stop your abdomen or incision site from healing.

  • Surgical Abdominal Binder is Available In Many Sizes and Two Different Heights

    The abdominal support waistband for after surgery also comes in a number of sizes ranging up to 4X-large, fitting waist (for a man) and hip (for a woman) circumferences of 24” to 64”. Plus, it comes in two different heights, depending on how much vertical coverage you want, and to accommodate various torso heights or sizes. You can choose from the three-panel binder, which is 9” tall or the four-panel binder, which is 12” tall. 

    If you’re a female or male that is considered obese or overweight, the sizes for this binder help give you many different choices to choose from. You no longer have to be frustrated finding a brace that fits comfortably!

  • Abdominal Binder After Surgery is Comfortable and Lightweight

    This post-surgery compression vest is composed of premium elastic panels and foam side components. The panels are joined via stitching that prevents any rolling of the brace. Wearing a stomach sleeve after surgery or injury does not have to be obvious! This abdominal wrap for after surgery is a fairly low profile and it comes in a discreet white color, helping the post-surgical compression garment fit good beneath your shirt and clothes.

Why Do I Need This Post Abdominal Surgery Girdle?

Wearing abdominal binders after surgery is a highly recommended practice for a number of procedures. Besides providing abdominal support after surgery, surgical binders also help limit pain by distributing pressure evenly across the abdomen. Wearing an after surgery abdominal binding can also speed healing by stimulating blood flow to the incision site. This compression also reduces swelling and/or edema.

Another added benefit of such after-surgery compression garments is that they can help improve poor posture and loss of balance. This brace will also help make you feel more comfortable getting back into the swing of things after you’ve endured the surgical procedure. 

After-surgery compression garments are not used exclusively for such uses. The compression an abdominal surgical binder provides can help the uterus return to its normal size more quickly after delivering a baby vaginally. (Learn more about low back and abdominal pain in women.) In addition, abdominal binders have long been used as a solution for back pain. In fact, many back braces contain an abdominal compression element much like what you receive from this post-surgery abdominal binder.

Aside from wearing a binder post surgery, there are many other ways to help speed up your recovery process and help you get back to being healthy. Here are our do’s and don’t of abdominal surgery recovery to give you a couple of ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Abdominal Compression Wrap

What conditions does this compression band help treat?

This binder wrap can be worn after many different surgeries such as a hysterectomy, C-section, liposuction, tummy tuck, abdominal muscle strain surgery, surgical hernia repair, appendectomy, gastric bypass surgery, laparoscopy, and more! This compressor binder can also help reduce chronic lower back pain and promote better posture.

How do I know which size to get?

For men - Using a fabric tape measurer, measure the circumference around your waist at the narrowest part of your torso. This binder fits waist circumferences 24” to 64”

For women - Using a fabric tape measurer, measure the circumference around your hips at the widest part of your buttocks. This wrap fits hip circumference 24” to 64” 

(Use sizing chart as a reference)

How do I put on the abdominal wrap?

First, open the binder and position the brace in the middle of your back. Stretch the left side of the abdominal belt (foam liner) and bind it with the right Velcro portion of the brace in the front of your torso in order to secure the wrap.

How do I adjust the compression level of this post surgery binder?

You can tailor the level of compression you’d like by simply re-adjusting the Velcro closure strap so the elastic bandage is stretched tighter on your abdomen. 

Can I wash the brace?

To clean the brace, close all Velcro closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Air-dry the recovery binder, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry the brace.

Sizing chart for post surgical abdominal binder. Available in sizes S-4XL.
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