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      11 products

      Our plus size belly band abdominal binder is used to compress stomach
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      Umbilical and abdominal hernia support belt shown with pad
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      Men and women inguinal hernia truss belt for single or bilateral scrotal sports hernia treatment
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      Abdominal hernia treatment belt with a raised pad
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      Rib injury and chest wrap for sore, broken, or bruised rib cage
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      The BraceAbility inguinal hernia truss is an underwear style support to hold a groin hernia
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      What Are The Benefits Of Wearing An Abdominal Brace?

      If you’ve ever dealt with abdominal or stomach pain, then you know how important the feeling of relief can be. An abdominal binder is, in most cases, a compression band that can help decrease the amount of stress on your stomach, abdomen, and back muscles. Whether you’re on the hunt for pain relief, or just want some extra support while you’re active, there is a stomach brace out there for you.

      How Do I Know If I Need A Stomach Support?

      Abdominal and stomach supports are typically used by individuals who have undergone surgical procedures on their abdomen or pelvic region; pregnant mothers; individuals with hernias; athletes recovering from injury; and those suffering from chronic pain.

      Common Abdominal Pain Conditions and Injuries

      Abdominal injuries and conditions are not uncommon, there are a wide variety of reasons you may be experiencing pain in the abdomen, such as:

      • Abdominal hernias
      • Umbilical hernias
      • Diastasis recti
      • Lower back pain
      • Postpartum stomach separation
      • Incisional and ventral hernias
      • Broken, cracked, or dislocated ribs
      • Intercostal or abdominal muscle strain and weakness

      Common Abdominal Surgeries

      One of the most common reasons for the use of an abdominal support is for compression and healing following surgery in the abdomen or stomach. If you’re recovering from one of these procedures, a belly band can help provide some extra support:

      • Cesarean section
      • Bladder surgery
      • Liposuction
      • Gastric bypass
      • Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty
      • Hernia repair
      • Obesity-related waist surgeries
      • Appendix removal
      • Hysterectomy
      • Gallbladder surgery

      How Does A Belly Binder Work?

      An abdominal binder is worn around the stomach or waist, helping support your core by providing support for your muscles and joints. A waist wrap will help relieve pain caused by an injury or condition, and it helps to reduce scarring and stiffness of muscles post-surgery. Belly belts also work very effectively to reduce swelling and bruising. The thermal qualities of abdominal wraps are very soothing to sore muscles and joints.

      There are many excellent abdominal bands on the market, and with so many options, you may find it difficult to find a quality stomach brace. Keep reading to find our suggestions based on the abdominal condition or injury you’re experiencing, so you can’t find the best support for you.

      What Is The Best Abdominal Support For Me?

      If you know you need an abdominal brace but aren’t sure where to start, we've got you covered. Before you can start healing, you’ll need the proper additional support for your pain, injury, or condition. Here are the best stomach support options for you based on the most common abdominal conditions and injuries!

      Surgery Recovery

      It is extremely common to need some extra support, protection, and compression following a surgical procedure. The use of a stomach binder after surgery can be life-changing. Not only useful for assisting with discomfort but also reducing swelling and protecting the incision site from damage. Whether you’re recovering from weight-loss surgery or appendix removal, a surgical girdle will be your best friend as you heal.

      Post-Surgical Abdominal Binder

      Bariatric Surgery Abdominal Binder

      Cracked, Bruised, or Broken Ribs

      When treating a broken, cracked, or bruised rib, support and protection are key. Wearing a rib belt can provide compression and extra support while still allowing you to breathe properly and comfortably. Knowing how difficult and strenuous the road to recovery may be after a rib injury, it’s important you find the most comfortable and effective abdominal brace that was designed specifically for your injury. We offer a wide variety of adjustable rib support wraps for both men and women, so you are sure to find one that will fit your body perfectly.

      Broken Rib Compression Brace

      Rib Injury Chest Belt

      Women’s Rib Compression Wrap

      Abdominal Hernia Pain Relief

      Hernias can appear in many different locations. Stomach hernias in the abdominal region can be extremely painful and frustrating to deal with. With the painful symptoms and aching a hernia can leave behind, finding the right relief is crucial. Whether it’s post-surgery recovery or preventing hernia surgery, a belly wrap can be extremely useful for extra support and compression. BraceAbility’s range of truss support belts provides relief from abdominal hernias such as umbilical, ventral, Spigelian, epigastric, and incisional hernias. It’s also a great tool for those wanting to postpone their hernia procedure.

      Umbilical & Abdominal Hernia Support Belt

      Inguinal Hernia Belt

      Sore, Weak, or Strained Ab Muscles

      If you don’t properly treat, support, and protect overused, pulled, or strained muscles, things are likely to continue getting worse. This is where the use of a comfortable, supportive stomach wrap can come in handy. A stretch or tear of a muscle in your stomach or abdomen is very common, especially in active individuals. The strain, pull or tear of a muscle can cause the area to become weakened, especially as you’re healing. Wear a belly band for effective abdominal muscle strain treatment, as the wrap can properly ease the pain with tight compression to ensure proper healing.

      Non-Slip Abdominal Support

      Plus Size Abdominal Binder

      Lower Back Pain & Weight Loss

      Are you looking for an easy, comfortable and convenient way to boost your confidence? If you’re struggling with weight loss and back pain, the use of a belly girdle may surprise you. Wearing an abdominal compression wrap reduces inflammation, eases back pain, and helps you strengthen, tone, and tighten your abdominal muscles. Many people find that wearing a plus-size waist trimmer can help support their stomach, all while helping your overall appearance by shrinking, flattening, and hiding the appearance of loose or sagging skin.

      Plus Size Abdominal Tummy Wrap

      Pregnancy & Postpartum Pain

      There are aching pains that can happen both while you’re pregnant and after giving birth. Abdominal binders can help strengthen weakened muscles or provide some extra support when needed. One of the best uses of a postpartum belly wrap is wearing during your cesarean section healing process. Overall, the use of a belly belt can be extremely helpful as your body begins to change and shift both during pregnancy and post-baby. We offer a range of sizes, from average to plus-size so you are sure to find the best fit for you.

      C-Section Support Belt

      Post-Pregnancy Hernia Wrap

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Are The Most Common Reasons People Wear A Stomach Wrap?

      Reasons for the use of a stomach support can range greatly depending on the pain, injury, or condition. The most common reasons someone may use a belly band include recovery from surgery on their abdomen or pelvic region, athletic injury, pregnant or new mothers, hernias, and chronic pain.

      How Long Should You Wear An Abdominal Binder?

      The length of time you should wear your stomach support belt will depend completely on your injury or condition. Speak with your doctor to find the best length of wear-time for you depending on the condition, when, or if you had surgery, and if you have had any complications.

      Can I Wear A Girdle While Exercising?

      In most situations, the use of a stomach girdle while exercising or performing other daily activities is encouraged, as it can help provide extra support and protection. However, you should always make sure you have permission from a doctor or medical professional before exercising with your abdominal belt on.

      How Soon Can I Wear An Abdomen Belt After Surgery?

      Depending on your surgery and whether or not you had any complications following the procedure will all play into how soon, and how long you can wear a stomach wrap. In most cases, you can put the abdominal support on directly after surgery to help with any inflammation, swelling, and pain.

      Are Abdominal Binders Safe During Pregnancy?

      Always check with your doctor or medical professional before the use of a belly wrap while pregnant. If you are having trouble with pain in your abdomen, or back the binder can help support the spine and keep it from stretching out during pregnancy. However, the best time to wear an abdominal binder is actually while recovering after you have just given birth.