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What Sets this Plus Size Girdle Apart from Others?

This plus size belly band has many functional and comfortable features, which help it stand out from other abdominal wraps. Following we will review why this belly girdle is one of our top sellers.

  1. Easy Adjustability and Secure fit

    The fit of this plus size girdle for men and women can be easily adjusted thanks to its hook-and-loop, Velcro compatible material.

    Patients appreciate this abdominal binder’s user-friendly features, including its wrap-around design and front closure, especially after having a tummy tuck surgery, hysterectomy, c-section birth, and more.

    In comparison to ace bandage stomach wrap, this design also makes it easier to access any bandaging or dressing post-surgery.

  2. Soft Lining for Maximum Comfort

    This abdominal support band is composed of an elastic material with a plush liner that is soft against your skin and flexible. Meaning, this plus size stomach girdle is no more restrictive than necessary.

  3. Girdle for Men and Women

    Whether you are a man or woman, this plus size waist trimmer boosts your confidence by slimming the appearance of your gut or hanging belly fat.

  4. Slim Shaping Girdle Boosts Your Confidence  

    Many people find wearing an abdominal muscle wrap helps hold their stomach in place and makes them feel more comfortable with movement and exercises.

    Furthermore, this compression bandage also helps shrink, flatten, and hide the appearance of loose, sagging skin following big weight loss.

  5. Treats a Variety of Conditions

    This abdominal compression garment provides even compression to your abdomen, which can help support your muscles and reduce pain after a variety of surgeries, including:

    • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

    • Cesarean section

    • Bladder surgery

    • Hernia repair

    • Laparotomy

    • Liposuction

    • Panniculectomy surgery

    • Hysterectomy

    • Other bariatric surgical treatments

Best Abdominal Wrap for Postpartum Use, Tummy Tucks, Weight Loss and More

Aside from simply boosting your confidence by slimming your post-baby body, this belly apron support can help after pregnancy by reducing the swelling of your uterus and easing back pain by improving your posture. BraceAbility also offers a variety of maternity support belts and slings.

In addition, this plus size waist trainer serves as a good reminder to contract your abdominal muscles, which can help you lose weight and burn stubborn belly fat. It can also help strengthen, tone, and tighten your abdomen.

For these reasons and more, we also recommend using this large tummy binder following a number of abdominal procedures.

How Does This Belly Wrap Help with Pain, Instability, and Recovery?

Compression Eases Painful Swelling and Speeds Healing

Wearing an abdominal compression wrap reduces inflammation and can help protect any stitches.

The compression of this abdominal girdle enhances blood and oxygen flow to your abdominal region, which helps reduce inflammation and encourages more rapid healing. Compression applied by this ab sleeve also prevents edema (fluid buildup).

In addition, wearing a compression binder provides support to the muscles around your stomach, which might be quite weakened following an extended period of limited use. This is often the case following surgery in your abdominal region.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Abdominal Support Wrap

  • What size should I buy? Using a soft / flexible tape measure, find the circumference around the widest part of your abdomen where you plan to wear this brace. (If you are between sizes, please order the larger size.)

  • What conditions / injuries does this plus size abdominal support treat? This versatile support can help you recover from an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), cesarean section, bladder surgery, hernia repair, laparotomy, liposuction, panniculectomy surgery, hysterectomy, and other bariatric surgical treatments.

  • How does it work? This ab wrap compresses your abdominal and low-back region, providing support and limiting pain as needed after a variety of surgical procedures.

  • When should I wear it? You can use this wrap for hours at a time throughout the day or night. Some prefer to use only as needed for added support.

  • What is it made of? It’s made of a thin, hook compatible elastic material. Material is soft and stretchy.

  • Who can wear this brace? Anybody, including overweight, obese, or morbidly obese men and women of all ages.
  • How do I put it on? Simply, unhook binder and wrap around your torso. Position the Velcro over the opposite side of the wrap. Secure to your desired compression level and adjust as needed.

  • Dimensions: 12" tall and between 40”-84” wide, varying by size.

  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash in warm water with mild soap and lay flat to air dry completely.

  • Color: White

Sizing chart for plus size girdle. Available in extra big sizes M-XL.
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