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      6 products

      Our plus size belly band abdominal binder is used to compress stomach
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      Umbilical and abdominal hernia support belt shown with pad
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      The back brace for heavy lifting supports the tissues of the lumbar back and promotes proper lifting techniques, reducing stress on the back and easing pain.
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      Abdominal hernia treatment belt with a raised pad
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      Rib injury and chest wrap for sore, broken, or bruised rib cage
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      Men's Binders for Abdominal Pain

      Abdominal pain can be caused by gas pains or a pulled muscle that occurs between the chest and pelvic regions. The pain can be cramp-like, ache, or be a sharp pain. Abdominal pain is located in many places such as the lower, upper, or both sides of your abdomen. If you are experiencing upper abdominal pain it would be best to get a tall men's stomach binder that covers your entire torso, or you can try our men's rib binder and chest support which only covers the upper half of your abdomen and rib cage. For the lower portion of your abdomen, shorter abdominal wrap or a hernia truss belt might be the best option. Designed for men with umbilical or stomach hernias, our men's hernia belt has a movable hernia support pad inside that can be placed directly over the spot of your hernia for customized treatment.

      What Causes Stomach & Abdominal Pain in Men?

      Abdominal pain is mainly caused by inflammation or the stretching of an organ or muscle. In terms of self-diagnosing, be sure to record your location, any patterns, and the duration. Keeping a detailed record will aid if you ever need to meet with a medical professional. Abdominal pain is also very common directly after surgery. If you are a male who has recently had hernia surgery or a weight loss procedure like a tummy tuck, have just recently had surgery, a post-surgical abdominal compression binder will help organs and abdominal muscles heal properly.

      BraceAbility Men’s Abdominal Binder

      We believe that our compression abdominal binder for men is the best fix for most types of abdominal pain. The soft inner lining this stomach girdle will be comfortable and forgiving when dealing with a problematic abdomen. This men’s stomach wrap will velcro around to allow you to change the tightness and your desired support.

      Other Treatments for Abdominal Pain in Men

      In addition to using a stomach girdle or abdominal bandage, there are a couple other ways to aid in healing your abdominal pain. Diagnosing abdominal pain is a tricky process and finding the perfect stomach wrap might be a challenge, but having a physical examination is always the number one recommendation. However, here are a couple natural home remedies that may ease your pain:

      • Drinking chamomile tea
      • Using a ‘hot’ pack
      • Mint (either candies or mint water)
      • Warm lemon water
      • Club soda and lime

      Back Pain in Men

      Back pain is a frequent side effect of stomach or abdominal pain, and many men experience both at the same time. If your abdominal injury is not treated, it can lead to back pain and further complicate mobility in the future. Back pain can range from a dull, consistent soreness to a sudden, stinging pain that makes it difficult to move. Back pain can occur in many different places including the lower, middle, and upper back. Sometimes the pain can even make its way down the legs. To ensure that your abdominal problems do not lead to back pain, use a men’s stomach support bandage or binder to provide abdominal support and speed up your healing process.

      What Causes Back Pain in Men?

      There are many things that cause back pain, here are a few you could be experiencing:

      • Strain (muscles, ligaments)
      • Structural problems
      • Poor posture
      • Everyday activities (lifting, bending, pulling, twisting, carrying)

      BraceAbility Men’s Back Support Suggestions

      There are various products we offer for back and abdominal stomach support. If you are needing extra support while you are working we recommend the men’s industrial back support belt. This is for heavy lifting and will support the back by putting less stress on it. It also encourages proper lifting techniques. This brace gives belly and back support for the muscle weakness in your abdomen and back.

      Other Treatments for Back Pain

      Treatment for back pain depends on the location of discomfort and the severity of pain. The following treatments are recommended if back pain persists or worsens over time:

      Rib Belts for Rib Injuries in Men

      A broken or fractured rib is a break in one of the bones of the rib cage. Many broken ribs are just cracked and not as dangerous as ribs that have been broken into separate pieces. A fractured rib may cause pain in the rib area when you breathe. As a result, you may feel short of breath, anxious, or restless which may cause headaches, dizziness, or sleepiness.

      What Causes a Broken or Fractured Rib?

      The most common cause is a direct pressure to the rib cage causing the bone to crack or break. This could be caused from a car accident, a fall, or impact during contact sports. For a broken or fractured rib, the broken rib brace is suggested.

      A support wrap or rib belt is designed to compress and support the rib cage area. Rib belts provide comfort and help prevent muscle and costovertebral strains. In most cases, broken ribs usually heal on their own so using this stomach rib binder belt will help with the recovery.

      Braces & Wraps for Men’s Abdominal Surgeries


      Appendicitis is a condition in which the appendix is inflamed, causing severe abdominal pain. Medical officials believe appendicitis is caused by a blockage in the lining of the appendix, resulting in infection. This condition requires immediate surgery to remove the appendix, known as Appendectomy, to avoid the appendix from rupturing. After the surgery, the right side of your abdomen will be very tender, and you will want a lower fitting brace that covers and protects this area. BraceAbility offers many post-op belly wraps for men that will aid in the healing process and provide comfort at the same time.

      Men’s Stomach Support Girdle for Appendectomy Recovery

      The post-surgical compression binder is suggested for post-surgical pain relief for procedures such as appendix removal. This abdominal binder for men will quicken the recovery process, reduce swelling, and more through compression of the abdominal area. If you are an obese or overweight male needing extra large stomach support, the plus-size abdominal binder might be a better choice.

      Abdominal Hernia Supports for Men

      What is a Stomach or Abdominal Hernia?

      An abdominal hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue bulges through a weak spot of nearby muscle or fascia, which is the tissue surrounding a muscle or other organ. Symptoms of an abdominal hernia include:

      • A bulge in the groin, upper thigh, abdomen or navel area
      • Burning, a gurgling or aching sensation at the bulge
      • Pain or discomfort, especially when bending over, coughing, or lifting
      • Nausea, vomiting, and fever

      What Causes an Abdominal Hernia?

      Hernias are often triggered by a combination of pressure and an opening or weak spot of these areas, causing the pressure to push the organ or tissue through the opening. Normally all stomach girdles operate the same way, but there are specific braces that focus solely on helping heal hernias like this hernia treatment belt.

      Men’s Stomach Hernia Girdles & Supports

      Typical treatment for hernia conditions includes a hernia-repair surgery, known as Herniorrhaphy. Whether you are repairing a belly button hernia, an abdominal hernia, a waist or stomach hernia - we recommend wearing a hernia repair belt or truss post-surgery to help the incision heal and protect the incision site.

      Additionally, this hernia belt for umbilical, navel or an abdominal hernia repair can be used to apply compression to the abdomen following hernia-repair surgery. This men’s stomach support eases pain, protects the incision site, and speeds healing.

      In some cases, surgery is not needed for hernia conditions, although wearing a compression abdominal binder will put pressure on the weak area of the abdomen wall, which could help prevent a hernia from occurring.  This belly wrap also is velcro so you can vary the pressure you wish to apply.

      Men’s Tummy Tuck Belts

      What is a Tummy Tuck?

      Abdominoplasty, or “Tummy Tuck” is a cosmetic procedure performed to make the abdomen appear more firm and thin. This surgery removes excess fat and skin from the middle and lower abdomen area in order to tighten the muscle and tissue of the abdominal wall. In most cases, individuals choose to get a Tummy Tuck if they have one or more of the following concerns:

      • Loose or excess skin
      • Stretch marks
      • Muscle laxity from pregnancy
      • Protruding stomach pouch

      Men’s Binder for Post Tummy Tuck Care

      After undergoing a Tummy Tuck, we suggest that one uses a tummy tuck belt or binder to accelerate the healing process after the procedure, reduce swelling, and protect the incision site. BraceAbility’s male stomach wraps and tummy compressor belts will give your belly a slimming look, ease pain for post tummy tuck procedures, and help ensure proper healing of incisions after stomach surgery.