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Fractured rib brace helps treat cracked, fractured, dislocated, bruised rib cages

Why You Need This Brace for Sore, Broken, and Bruised Ribs

Rib cage soreness stemming from bruised ribs is a common complaint among those involved in contact sports like football, boxing, rugby, or hockey. You might also sustain a rib contusion (bruised rib) in a car accident or after a big fall.

Fortunately, wearing a sex-specific or universal rib belt can help prevent you from making sudden movements that might cause rib pain.

What does it feel like to have a bruised rib?

One of the first steps when it comes to caring for bruised ribs is to make sure you do not have a rib fracture because a break poses the risk of damage to your internal organs. This might lead to symptoms such as pain in your ribs that might radiate to your back, shoulders or neck, shallow breathing, muscle spasms, swelling, and rib cage tenderness. Certain movements and actions such as laughing, sneezing, twisting, lifting, etc. can also heighten your discomfort.

The causes and symptoms of bruised or fractured ribs are quite similar, as is treatment. It is important that you visit your doctor if you have severe tenderness around your rib cage.

Bruised and Broken Rib Treatment Methods

There is no instant cure for bruised ribs, but there are several steps you can take to speed healing and make bruised rib recovery more pleasant.

  • REST. One of the most important steps in caring for a bruised rib is rest—rest from irritating activities and sleep are important for allowing healing to take place.

  • APPLY ICE. Cold therapy can reduce both swelling and pain. This is also important when it comes to healing a bruised rib faster, as swelling must subside for healing to begin.

  • WEAR A RIB WRAP. The light compression this bruised rib wrap applies improves blood flow to your tender chest and rib cage, which is beneficial for reducing swelling and promoting healing. Light pressure provided by this wrap for cracked or bruised ribs is helpful for supporting your soft tissues. The added layer across your midsection also acts as protection.

  • MEDICINE. Taking painkillers is another common step in caring for fractured or bruised ribs.

  • BREATHING EXERCISES. Breathing exercises are also important for rib bruise treatment. Deep breathing is necessary for preventing complications. For this reason, it is important to make sure your wrap is not tightened to the degree that your breathing is impacted.

4 Top-Rated Reasons Why People Love This Rib Wrap

This rib belt can make recovery an easier experience. Following is a list of the features that make this a useful component of bruised or cracked rib treatment.

  1. Flannel-Lined Foam Padding

    Velcro-compatible and flannel-lined foam padding is soft yet sturdy for secure protection during the recovery process. The padded layer helps prevent sudden, painful movements.

  2. Medical-Grade Velcro

    This mode of treatment for bruised ribs can be easily applied and removed thanks to its single Velcro closure. This feature also makes it simple to adjust the fit of this rib bandage. For instance, it is convenient to be able to easily adjust this belt for injured rib when you move from a seated to a standing position or vice versa.  

  3. Universal Male and Female Sizes

    For an even more customized fit, this rib belt for bruised ribs comes in gender-specific versions. The rib belt for females is contoured, meaning it has a curved cutout to accommodate a woman’s chest, while the men’s version has a straight design.

  4. Breathable and Low-Profile Design

    BraceAbility’s belt for rib cage injuries is constructed of a breathable elastic material that conforms to the shape of your body. At only six inches tall, the thin and low-profile support fits easily over or beneath your clothes and it comes in a simple white color. The material of this treatment for a bruised rib is free of latex.

    Frequently Asked Questions About BraceAbility’s Rib Binder for Rib Injuries

      • What conditions / injuries does this rib band treat? Use this elastic chest bandage for bruised, cracked, fractured, or dislocated rib injuries.

      • How does it work? Designed to treat and ease rib pain by providing comfortable compression, protection, and support during daily activities.

      • Who can wear this medical rib brace? Available in both a universal women’s and men’s size, fitting a wide variety of chest circumferences.

      • What size should I get? To choose your size, use a soft, flexible tape measure and find the circumference around your chest at the bottom of your sternum underneath your breast, in inches.

        • Universal male: 34”-60”

        • Universal female: 34”-60”

      • When should I wear it? Can be worn throughout the day for support and compression while recovering from an injury to your rib cage. Ask your doctor before wearing this belt while sleeping.

      • What is this rib strap made of? This brace is made out of latex-free, premium-quality elastic, a Velcro closure, and soft, flannel-lined foam padding.

      • How tall is this bruised rib corset? 6 inches tall.

      • How do I put it on? Wrap the brace around your back at the level of your lower rib cage, just below your chest. Using your left hand, stretch the end of the brace with padding across your body and hold against your ribs. Using your right hand, stretch the Velcro end of the brace and across your body. Secure the Velcro strip on padding at your desired level of compression and support.

      • Washing Instructions: Handwash in warm water with mild soap, allowing it to air dry completely before reapplying.

      • Other features:

        • Natural, non-invasive fix for bruised or broken ribs.

        • Quick easy to adjust the fit of this chest wrap.

        • Fits easily over or beneath your clothes.

      • Color: White.
      Sizing chart for universal broken rib belt fits men and women's chest circumferences up to 60 inches
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