The BraceAbility rechargable heated vest will keep you warm outside while hunting or golfing
The sizing chart for our heated vest is size M through 6XL
Hand wash the electric heated vest for the longest use
Our warming vest is the best heated jacket for hunting and golfing in the winter
Our all black heated puffer vest fits men and women
The battery operated vest fits youth thorugh big and tall men
BraceAbility heated hunting vest with an internal heater on your chest and back
The rechargeable men and womens heated vest is for sale on our website or Amazon
To clean our battery powered puffer vest, hand wash in warm water
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Heated Vest | Insulated Electric Warming Jacket for Hiking, Hunting, Outdoor Activities (Battery Not Included)

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Product Description

Men and Women’s Electric Heated Vest: Top 4 Features and Benefits

  1. Wide Range of Sizes Available

    Find the perfect, most comfortable fit for you with a wide range of hard-to-find sizes available. This zip-up warming vest comes in sizes ideal for petite to plus-size men and women. To find your size, measure using a flexible measuring tape and refer to the sizing chart pictured above before purchasing. When it comes to this heated vest, do not assume your size, as sizing runs slightly smaller than normal, especially if you’d like to layer underneath the vest for extra warmth!

  2. Perfect for All Occasions

    Whether it’s a chilly commute to work, a brisk fall football game, hiking, hunting, golfing, riding a motorcycle, biking, or skiing, this heated vest provides soothing warmth whenever and wherever you need it. Wear the fashionable vest indoors or outdoors for effective, insulated warmth that will last all day. Lightweight and portable, the vest is easy to pack up and take with you while traveling or enjoying in the comfort of your home.

  3. Soothing, Long-Lasting Warmth

    Unlike other forms of heat therapy, this vest can provide full core, hand, and back warmth all day. Using a rechargeable battery pack (sold separately), you can simply plug into the vest and have soothing warmth in seconds that will run as long as the battery pack does. On top of the electric heat, the inside of the vest is lined with a high-quality material designed to reflect and trap in body heat. The reflective material provides instant warmth without compromising breathability, keeping you warmer for longer.

  4. 3 Levels of Adjustable Heating Settings

    Personalize the insulated vest jacket by using the three levels of heat settings to find the perfect amount of soothing heat and comfort for you. The warming jacket not only features three different heat levels, but you will also be able to feel the comforting heat throughout your core and back. To adjust the settings, click through the button on the vest's chest, using the lit-up colors as your guide.

    • Red indicates the highest level of heat (131 to 149 degrees F)
    • White indicates a medium level of heat (113 to 131 degrees F)
    • Blue indicates the lowest level of heat (95 to113 degrees F)

    To adjust where the heat is located, simply press down on the back or core button for three seconds to turn it on or off.

Finding The Perfect Insulated Warmth Vest Size For You

Designed to fit a wide variety of body shapes, you can choose from various sizes to find the best, most comfortable, and most efficient option for you. Before purchasing, remember that this vest does not adhere to traditional sizing. The warming vest runs small, so please measure accurately. If you’d like a more fitted vest to fit clothes or other coats and jackets over the top, select a smaller size. Select a larger size if you want a larger, roomier vest to fit bulky clothing or sweatshirts underneath. Whether you’re looking for a petite or big and tall plus-size vest, there are plenty of options available for you to choose from!

Using a Warming Vest: How Does Rechargeable Heated Clothing Work?

You’ll need to purchase a portable battery pack to use this long-lasting heated vest. The battery pack plugs into the cord located on the inside of the jacket. You can adjust the heat level you’d like to experience. The heated jacket stays warm for as long as your battery pack, offering soothing warmth for hours. No matter your indoor or outdoor activity, achieving relief from chilly temperatures has never been easier!

Making The Most Out Of Your Heated Puffer Vest: Top Tips and Tricks

Wearing a heated vest is one of the easiest ways to beat the cold, but you’ll want to ensure you make the most out of this warming jacket to get all the benefits!

  1. Find the Perfect Portable Battery

    To have long-lasting warmth and comfort while using the heated vest, you’ll want to find the best portable battery for your needs. The vest does not have a portable battery included so that you can choose the best option for the activities and use of the heated vest. The vest is compatible with any portable charger charged using a USB port, such as this portable battery charging pack. The vest includes the power cord within a discreet inner pocket, perfect for storing the battery pack.

  2. Personalize Your Heat Settings

    One of the best features of this heated vest is how you can personalize the level of heat, which is great for both indoor or outdoor use. The best way to find out what you like is to adjust the level of heat settings differently the first few times you wear the vest. This way, you can find what you like and adjust the settings accordingly based on your activity and personal preferences.

  3. Choose a Comfortable Size

    This vest runs small; make sure you know how you’d like the vest to fit before purchasing. For example, if you wear the vest over more fitted, slim clothing, you can order a more snug size against the body. If you know you’ll likely be wearing the vest under bulkier clothing, such as sweatshirts or other jackets, plan to size up!

Frequently Asked Questions About This Battery-Heated Jacket

  • What should I use the warming vest for? Use the heated vest indoors or outdoors for soothing warmth while working, hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, outdoor sporting events, or anytime you’d like to experience the soothing warmth.
  • How does the heated jacket work? The vest heats up in three adjustable heating zones when connected to a portable battery for soothing warmth.
  • Does the rechargeable vest come with a battery? No, the portable battery will need to be purchased separately.
  • When should I wear the warmer vest? Wear indoors or outdoors during various activities to keep your core, back, and hands warm.
  • How warm can the vest get? The levels of heat are dependent on the setting.
    • Red / High - 131 to 149 degrees F
    • White / Medium - 113 to 131 degrees F
    • Blue / Low - 95 to113 degrees F
  • Can the vest get wet? The heated vest is water-resistant. However, the less water the vest is exposed to, the better!
  • What do the different heat settings mean? The lit-up colors on the heating button represent the different heat levels. Blue is low heat, white is medium heat, and red is high heat.
  • What is the vest made of? Made of water-resistant, 100% nylon outer shell, polyester liner, and filler. All components are latex free.
  • Can I wear the heated vest under a coat? Yes, layer the heated vest as you would a normal vest. However, select your size to ensure the vest will fit properly under or over the clothing.
  • How do I turn the vest on? Plug in the portable battery using the USB cord in the vest's inner pocket. Press and hold the button located on the chest of the vest for 3 seconds to turn it on and off and 1 second to switch between heat settings.
  • Washing instructions: Wipe down the vest with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Air dry completely before reapplying.
  • Other features:
    • Features inner hidden pocket for charger (battery not included)
    • Easy to wash and reuse
    • Three levels of effective heat settings
  • Color: Black.

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