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      What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

      A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure where excess fat and skin is removed from the abdomen. The primary goal is to achieve weight loss or tighten the torso after pregnancy. Women get a tummy tuck after pregnancy in order to tighten their abdominal walls, and depending on the case a new belly button may be created by another procedure called umbilicoplasty. A tummy tuck may not be the right procedure for everyone and luckily there are alternatives. In addition, tummy tucks help with removing access skin as natural aging and genetics begin to play a larger role. As skin gets older, it may become saggy and/or flabby in the midsection especially if there have been large fluctuations in weight loss and gain. Genetics also play a role in overall body shape in mind, and luckily this procedure and plastic surgery can help mold your body to a more desired shape.

      Pro-Con List for Getting a Tummy Tuck



      Restore a flat tummy

      Scars on your abdomen

      Look better in clothing (especially swimwear!)

      Need to wait until after having all your children (surgery complications)

      Restore youthful characteristic

      Possible weight gain after surgery

      Trimmer waistline

      Lengthy recovery time

      Possible removal and diminishing of stretch marks

      Very expensive

      Confidence booster


      Is a Tummy Tuck Right for You & Things to Consider?

      As previously mentioned, tummy tucks are a serious surgical procedure and shouldn’t be taken up by just anybody. Abdominoplasty is different from liposuction because liposuction focuses primarily on spot reduction. While a tummy tuck is the surest way to slim down your stomach, it’s also the most expensive and riskiest as well. For women, in particular, a tummy tuck should be had after pregnancy. Women who are debating on getting this procedure should be aware of the pregnancy complications because of how the muscles heal after the surgery. In addition, tummy tuck surgeries help restore the pre-pregnancy figure so it obviously should be done after all desired children have been had.

      The primary goal of tummy tuck applicants is losing weight and slimming down their stomach. This type of conversation should be had with a doctor, and only considered after you have tried everything else. Tummy Tucks should be a last resort and not used as an alternative to weight loss. If you have a wedding or event coming up and want to slim down your stomach, you can check out our abdominal compression binders here.

      Tummy Tuck’s Side Effects & Complications

      Unfortunatel,y there are a couple different side effects that come with getting a tummy tuck. The longest lasting are the scars from the surgery which are located in a couple different places on the abdomen. This is because during the surgery the ‘suck’ the adipose tissue (fat cells) from a couple different places. Usually, they are to the right or left side, and then a longer one right along with your pubic line. Other side effects include an accumulation of fluid, poor wound healing, loss of skin, and blood clots. Most of these tummy tuck complications can be fixed with an abdominal binder, as it compresses the abdomen to promote healing. This plus-size abdominal binder is perfect for transitioning down, as it is large enough to wrap around and progressively helps you compress down as the weight diminishes.

      Recovering from a Tummy Tuck

      If there is one thing you’ll learn after having a tummy tuck, it’s how much you actually use your abdominal muscles; they will be nice and sore for a while. Normally the recovery period for a tummy tuck surgery takes a while. It’s a given that you should take it slow and easy for the first couple days (if not a week). There will be swelling and bruising which taking it easy will help dissipate this over the next week. Also, be sure to take your medication on time. There is a reason your doctor has a schedule for you with certain times to take them, so it is highly advised. Plus, you’re going to feel much better with the pain medication. Your doctor may also advise you to wear a tummy tuck binder. Compression garments are specifically designed to help strengthen the abdominal muscles. Building up these muscles while having your internal organs compressed is extremely vital to heal everything properly.

      Tummy Tuck Belts and Other Products

      A surgical binder is a necessity after a number of procedures to speed along healing, reduce swelling and more. The side effects of tummy tucks can be significantly reduced with an abdominal binder.