Men's Lower Back Brace Support Belt for Heavy Lifting


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Men’s Lower Back Support for Heavy Lifting

BraceAbility’s Men’s Lower Back Support Belt is a unique back brace specifically designed to support the lower back muscles while one is lifting heavy objects. The lower back belt provides a variety of benefits to individuals who participate in heavy lifting or have a job that requires lifting heavy objects, like construction. The back belt for lifting helps prevent common injuries and strains to the lower back that often occur during heavy lifts. Wearing a lower back belt while performing heavy lifts can lessen the strain on one’s back, ease existing pain, prevent damage, and encourage proper lifting techniques. For more information, check out these 7 techniques for lifting heavy objects without hurting your back.

Benefits of the Heavy Lifting Belt

The lower back belt can potentially increase performance, allowing individuals who lift competitively to carry more weight while also avoiding injury. Studies have found that wearing a compression back belt while inhaling before lifting heavy objects reduces spine loading, which can prevent further injury and pain of the back both short term and long term. Compressing the lower back during heavy lifts allows for more stability in your abdomen and lower back. This increase in stability will allow your lower back to carry more weight and prevent injury to this area as well. Most industrial jobs that include heavy lifting require employees to wear a heavy lifting belt. This is because lifting objects improperly that are too heavy can be extremely damaging to the spine and lower back. The lower back belt reduces the stress and pressure put on the lower back and spine while performing heavy lifts to avoid these damages.

Lower Back Belt for Heavy Lifting Back Pain

One of the main causes of lower back pain is sprains and strains to the low back. This accounts for most acute back pain individuals experience in their lifetime. Sprains and strains are often caused by overstretching or tearing ligaments, which often occur from lifting an object improperly or something too heavy. Wearing a back belt for lifting can ease pain for low back sprains and strains while also avoiding further tearing and injury to the ligaments. This men’s back belt can also be used for preventative purposes while one performs heavy lifts. It’s important to note that individuals should not wear the back belt for lifting around the clock. Doing so can cause the muscles of the back to weaken and lose their strength and flexible, leaving one more prone to injury in the future.

Features of the Back Belt for Lifting

The back belt for lifting is available in a wide range of sizes for men, including plus-size low back braces up to size 4XL. The abdominal wrap of the low back support fits a wide variety of body circumferences.

  • Designed to support the lower back muscles while lifting heavy objects
  • Indicated to lessen back strain, ease existing pain, prevent damage, and encourage proper lifting techniques
  • Criss-cross suspender straps are included for added support
  • Straps are removable and adjustable, allowing for a customized fit
  • The straps attach to the belt by four inch double-pull straps and fasteners to ensure the suspenders are securely attached 
  • Made of comfortable premium-quality elastic
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, includng plus-sizes up to 4XL
The sizing for this comes in sizes small through 4XL and fits 24 inches to 72 inches
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