Elastic & Neoprene Back Pain Relief Compression Brace


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BraceAbility offers the elastic & neoprene back pain relief brace for maximum compression to the lower lumbar region. This 9" tall back brace is made of a neoprene material making it comfortable for all day and night wear.

Back Pain Relief Brace

The 9" tall elastic back pain relief brace is ideal for those who are experiencing pain in the lower lumbar back. This brace is able to provide extra compression and support for the patient who is in pain. Many great features are included on the back pain relief brace including a pocket in the back for either a gel pack or pressure pad (all sold separately). These extra inserts help to increase compression and improve back posture while wearing. Also built-in to the back pain relief brace are double pull tension straps more added compression. They can be adjusted as needed for the best compression and support. This brace has a low-profile fit, meaning that it can be worn above or beneath clothing. The comfort of the neoprene material that this lower back brace is composed of allows for all day and night use while also helping to accelerate the recovery period.

The application and removal process of this product is very simple. Lay the back support flat and locate the top. If you purchased a gel pack or pressure pad, now is the time to insert it into the pocket. Center the brace on your back. Pull the left side firmly across to the middle of your stomach, repeat for the right side. Attach the two sides by the fasteners on the ends. Adjust as needed for own comfort preferences.

Elastic Lower Back Pain Brace

Wearing the elastic back pain brace can help those who are struggling with uncomfortable back pains. It is important to take care of your back and help treat any condition or pain you may be experiencing. This back brace has many indications that it can help to treat including:  

  • severe low back pain
  • lumbar muscle weakness
  • lumbar strain or sprain
  • lumbar instability
  • Improve posture

Be sure to get the proper amount of rest needed when experiencing back pain, but at the same time it is also important to stay mobile so your back does not stiffen up and get even more sore. It's flexible, elastic material allows for movement while also stabilizing the back and applying the much needed compression to the area of the lower back that is in pain. The inserts that can be placed in the pocket of the neoprene back brace help to add extra support and compression and are highly recommended for the lumbar back support.  

It is black in color and latex free for those who are allergic. There is a brace for everyone in need with sizes ranging from S - 4XL. Refer to sizing chart for your correct size.

Back Compression Brace Features

  • Provides support and compression to the lower back region
  • Double pull tension straps for added compression
  • Comfortable, flexible, low-profile fit
  • Made of neoprene and premium quality elastic with contact closure
  • Indications: severe low back pain, lumbar muscle weakness, lumbar strain or sprain, lumbar instability, improve posture
  • Easy application and removal  process
  • Latex free
  • 9" Tall
  • Optional inserts - gel pack or pressure pad (sold separately)
  • Black
  • Wide range of sizes S - 4XL
The sizing on our elastic and neoprene back pain relief brace comes in sizes small to 4xl. Sizes are based on body circumferences around where you plan to wear the brace. Small fits 25
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