Stand Up Straight: You'll Look Ten Pounds Lighter

We’ve all seen the transformation photos of people who’ve participated in workout regimes, healthy eating programs, or maybe even simply just taken a diet pill.  They inspire us instantly and offer us a glimpse into our future if we were to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Although some of these transformations may be honest, it is important to be rational when viewing photo sets like these. So why do I bring this up? Because small tweaks can be performed in order to transform the way a person looks. For instance, Photoshop can work wonders, better lighting changes everything, and you guessed it, altering your posture can make you look slimmer instantly. In fact, it’s said that changing your stance from slouching to straight can make you look up to 10 pounds lighter.

So if altering your posture can make you look 10 pounds lighter in seconds, why don’t we all just practice better posture?

Before & After

before and after fixing your posture to reduce weight

The photo set you see above were taken within in seconds of one another. In the first shot, I held slouched stance.  In the second photo, I lifted my body slightly to hold myself in a proper stance. The difference made by this small modification is obvious.

What are the Benefits of Good Posture?

If the photo comparison above isn't convincing enough, good posture does so much more for an individual beyond making them appear slimmer.

  • Higher Energy Levels

    Higher energy levels because oxygen can flow throughout your body efficiently.

  • Relieves Chronic Neck & Back Pain

    Better posture is also known to relieve the chronic neck and back pain you may be experiencing, especially if you have a sedentary job.

  • Promotes Weight Loss

    Even more promising in your journey to look and feel healthier, improving your posture is linked to weight loss because holding yourself upright works your muscles. This means you won’t just look like you lost weight, but you actually will lose weight.

    If you are obese and looking for a way to initiate weight loss and better health in your life, posture improvement is the perfect first step. The following correcting options will help you to feel slimmer easily, making the big leap towards a lifestyle change that much easier.

Stretch, exercise or wear a posture brace brace for quick posture correction 

3 Quick Tips for Posture Correction (Feel & Look Good!)

  1. Wear a Corrective Posture Brace

    Wearing a brace is the most effortless and effective way to correct your posture. Instead of having to constantly be aware of your posture, the brace does the work for you. In the beginning, it may seem uncomfortable, but that’s because it’s working. Whether you are suffering from obesity, need to shed a few pounds, or just looking to start your journey to better health, our posture brace designed for plus size people will help you start looking slimmer as soon as you put it on.

  2. Exercise

    If total weight loss is your goal, exercise is a no-brainer. However, make sure to incorporate exercises that are geared towards better posture. Your shoulders and abs are the muscles that hold your posture upright, so make sure to work at strengthening these muscles.

  3. Stretch

    Along with exercises comes stretching. If you are exercising these areas for better posture, you should most definitely be stretching these areas too.

Thankfully, we have created a 21 Day Posture Improvement Challenge at BraceAbility that incorporates the three main posture correcting tools (giving you examples of stretches and exercises to perform). If you’re looking to speed up your journey to perfect posture this plan is just for you.

You may also want to check out our entire selection of posture braces, and our plus size back braces.

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