the BraceAbility lower back pain brace is a white wraparound lumbar support
sizing for our lumbar back support is size small, medium, and large fitting 30 inch to 45 inch body circumference
our lower back pain relief brace is a wrap around support belt made with breathable materials
The lower back pain brace for degenerative disc disease has 4 aluminum stays that prevent the padded back brace from rolling down while wearing
the lower back hip pain brace is made with medical grade fasteners keeping it secure
our lower back brace helps relieve pain from a herniated disc or during pregnancy
the instruction sheet for the lower back pain brace is a simple wrap around application
to wash the plus size back brace, hand wash in warm water with mild detergent
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Lower Back Pain Brace | Lumbar Support Belt for Strained Muscles, Pinched Nerves & Herniated Discs

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Product Description

The 5 Top-Rated Features of This Belt For Lower Back Pain

  1. Simple, Painless Application & Removal

    Lumbar conditions and injuries can make even the slightest wrong move extremely painful. This lower back pain brace was designed with painless application in mind. Simply wrap the lumbar back support around the pain area and fasten in the front. Plus, taking it back off at the end of the day is just as easy! If you’re dealing with severe lumbar spine pain, try the same wrapping application process while laying down.

  2. Easily Adjustable for Personalized Support

    This lower back brace features double-pull elastic tension straps in the front to help increase or decrease the amount of compression and pressure you would like. Simply pull the straps out and away from your body until you reach the amount of compression you desire and secure. On top of that, there are four removable aluminum stays located on the backside of the lumbar back brace to help prevent any uncomfortable rolling or bunching throughout the day. The support stays can be bent to fit the shape of your lower back perfectly to provide the ultimate customized support to your lumbar spine.

  3. Increases Productivity & Efficiency

    A lumbar belt can provide support for your lower back while you’re working, sitting, walking, exercising, you name it! When you wear this herniated disc back brace, you’re able to keep up with your daily activities, while still managing your back pain or condition, and protecting from any further pain or injury. Don’t let your back pain keep you from doing the things you love.

  4. Made of Comfortable, Breathable Materials

    If you’ve worn a back brace all day, you know how uncomfortable and warm it can get. This lower back support brace was made with your comfort and all-day use in mind. The adjustable elastic material the support is made of is durable enough for everyday activities, such as walking, working, or exercising. The backside of this brace is comprised of soft, breathable foam and cloth laminate, making it extremely comfortable against your skin. With this lightweight wrap, you won’t need to worry about sweating and you can wear it over or under your clothes, completely up to you!

  5. Helps Treat & Manage a Variety of Lower Back Pain Conditions

    Lower back pain can be caused by a number of different conditions and injuries. Maybe you slept wrong, or you’ve been dealing with chronic back pain for a number of years. Either way, this lumbar belt has got you covered when it comes to relieving current pain and preventing any further injury or pain. Use this lower back support for a number of conditions and injuries, such as:

    • General or chronic lower back pain
    • Herniated discs
    • Pinched nerves or spinal stenosis
    • Sciatica
    • Strained, pulled, or weak aching muscles
    • Bulging discs
    • Early pregnancy lower back pain
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Degenerative disc disease
    • Hip pain
    • Back spasms

Is This Lower Back Compression Wrap Right for Me?

If you’re looking for an adjustable compression support that can help relieve, treat and manage your lower back pain throughout the day, this lumbar back belt is perfect for you. Whether you’re in the recovery process, or would just like some extra support while you’re exercising or working, the back support belt can offer a range of benefits for you. The compression helps with inflammation and relieving pressure, while the removable stays conform to your body for the ultimate level of support. Plus, you can always adjust the amount of pressure applied to your back using the tension straps on each side of the wrap, which allows for various levels of support throughout your lower back pain recovery. Whether you’re dealing with a lower back muscle strain or degenerative disc disease, you can use this support to find the best pain relief.

What Is The Best Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease?

Disc degeneration in the lumbar spine is extremely painful, as this is where your spine undergoes the most motion and stress. If you are dealing with pain caused by degenerative disc disease, it is likely to consist of a low-level, consistent chronic pain in your lower back, with random episodes of more severe pain that come and go. Wearing a compression wrap, such as this lumbar brace, can help take the stress and pressure off of your lumbosacral spine, allowing the area to have a chance to heal and recover. This also is a cost-effective way to avoid expensive spinal surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Lumbar Support Brace

  • What conditions / injuries does the back pain brace treat? Use this support to help treat and manage lower back pain, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, hip pain, bulging discs, spondylosis, strained muscles, pinched nerves and back spasms.
  • Who can wear the back support belt?
  • With sizes available from S - L, a range of adult men and women can wear this brace. If you are looking for larger sizes, we recommend the Plus Size Back Brace.
  • How do I put it on?
    • Unhook all closures and lay the brace flat on the floor to identify the topside. The top has openings, which allow you to remove the metal stays.
    • Position the brace behind your body, centered on your back with the bottom of the brace sitting at the widest part of your hips.
    • Fold the left side of the brace towards the middle of stomach.
    • Wrap around the right side, pull firmly and secure the closure.
    • Repeat this process with the double-pull tension straps to desired compression level.
  • How do I know what size to get? Using a soft/flexible tape measure, find the circumference around your hips, in inches. Refer to the sizing chart pictured above to find your size.
  • When should I wear the lumbar support? Thanks to the lightweight, latex-free material it's possible for you to wear this brace 24/7 if advised by your doctor. You can also sleep comfortably in this brace due to its soft material. It’s advised to speak with a medical professional before wearing a brace for an extended amount of time.
  • How do I adjust this lower back support brace? Grab the double-pull tension straps (located on the outside of the brace) and adjust them to make it either tighter or looser, then re-apply the closures.
  • What material is this lumbar spine belt made of? The front of the lower back support and tension straps are made of elastic. The back panel is constructed of a soft and breathable foam/cloth laminate with polyurethane foam and polyester fabric covering. Removable stays are aluminum, and all components of the brace are latex-free.
  • Washing instructions: To wash the brace, first, remove stays and close all closures. Hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Do not use bleach. The brace should be air-dried. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Padded back panel provides the ultimate level of comfort
    • Removable stays help prevent any bunching throughout the day
    • Treat and manage any mild to chronic lower back pain
  • Color: White

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