Comprehensive LSO Spine Stabilization Brace for Mid and Lower Back

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Corset Full Back Stabilizer Brace for Lumbar Pain

The compression and support this brace for back pain applies could not be simpler to operate or more comfortable.

One of the key elements of this lumbar back support is Cybertech’s patented mechanical advantage pulley system. This system amplifies one’s force, making it easy to tighten the brace and apply compression using just one hand. The pulley system operates smoothly and the front closure of the brace eliminates the need for any damaging twisting.

The pulley system, along with the front padded panel of the lumbar back brace, produce intracavitary pressure that helps reduce pressure on the spine.

The rigid anterior (front) and tall posterior (back) panel are both covered in a plush padding that is soft against the skin. If one desires a sleeker fit, the padding can be removed. These pads plus the compression offer side-to-side (sagittal) control, minimizing damaging movements of the spine.

The aforementioned compression, control and support make this a great tool for treating and managing pain associated with spinal anomalies, including but not limited to:

The pulley-operated support also can be used as a post-surgery back brace for procedures such as a laminotomy, foraminotomy, multilevel decompression, anterior laparoscopic fusion or intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET).

The 15-inch tall posterior panel of the low-back wrap supports the lumbar spine from the sacrum at the base of the spine to the ninth thoracic vertebrae midway up it.  The anterior panel is 8 inches high.

Treating Low-back Pain with a Lumbar Spine Brace

Low-back pain is a remarkably common ailment among Americans, in part because this area of the back is subject to a high degree of stress. Long hours sitting and long hours standing on hard surfaces can lead to back pain, as can congenital spinal conditions, overstraining the back, poor posture, trauma, or simply the wear and tear of aging. Find out more about common back problems and injuries.

This particular back brace by Cybertech produces intracavitary pressure that lessens strain on the spine. Doing so allows any painful inflammation to subside and gives healing a chance to occur. The support the LSO back brace provides also helps prevent sagittal movement that might cause additional damage to the spine.

These qualities also make this a great post-surgery low back brace. Other features that are conducive to that end include the force-amplifying pulley system that allows one to smoothly and easily adjust compression to one’s desired level.

An anterior closure tab for that pulley system is also great for avoiding any application strain. The compression itself is also helpful in that it speeds the flow of blood to the affected region, speeding the removal of swelling and promoting healing.

Heat and cold therapy pads are available separately that can be used with this back brace for stenosis to further speed up one’s recovery times. The comprehensive LSO from Cybertech can also accommodate the use of its digital device for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

Features of Cybertech’s LSO for Back Pain

Cybertech back braces stand out from competitors’ thanks to their patented pulley systems that make it simple to apply compression as well as their high-quality design. Following is a list of the features of this particular spondylolisthesis back brace:

  • Mechanical advantage pulley system amplifies one’s force so it is easy to apply compression
  • Anterior panel helps apply intracavitary pressure, reducing load on the spine and easing pain
  • Lumbosacral orthotic provides targeted segmented therapy, offering sagittal control
  • Treats lumbar mechanical back pain, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, facet syndrome, low-back injuries from trauma
  • Also a great post-surgery lumbar brace for laminotomy, foranimotomy, laparoscopic fusion, multilevel decompression or IDET procedures
  • Rigid, plastic covered posterior and anterior panels are ergonomically contoured
  • Both panels of the low- to mid-back pain brace are covered in plush padding that can be removed
  • Posterior panel is 15 inches tall, extending from the sacrum to the T9 vertebrae, protecting and supporting the back
  • Velcro closures at the front of the body for the pulley system pull tab and the low back belt itself make application a breeze
Sizing chart for comprehensive LSO spine stabilization brace. Available in sizes S-XL.
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