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      4 products

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      What Causes SI Joint Pain?

      Pain in your sacroiliac (SI) joint is often the cause of lower back pain. Back pain is thought to affect roughly 80% of adults, but thankfully, there are exercises and support products that can help ease this discomfort.

      Lower back pain due to SI joint dysfunction can be caused by a number of things, such as an injury to your SI joint, cartilage erosion as you age, hormone changes during pregnancy which can result in an overly mobile SI joint, an abnormal gait, conditions that cause joint inflammation, and uneven leg lengths, to name a few.

      Symptoms of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

      The lower back is not the only area affected by SI joint pain.

      What are the symptoms of SI joint pain?

      • Pain at the backs of your hips, groin, or thighs

      • Lower back pain

      • A burning sensation or stiffness in your pelvic region

      • Leg instability or buckling

      • Pain while sitting for extended periods of time

      Luckily, BraceAbility offers a complete line of sacroiliac joint dysfunction treatments.

      Best Treatment for Sciatica and Sacroiliac Pain

      The best treatments for SI  joint pain are usually conservative and focus on trying to restore normal motion in your joint. Following we detail just 3 of the best non-surgical treatment methods to help cure your sciatica and sacroiliac pain quick!

      • Hot and Cold Therapy

      Along with plenty of rest, initial treatment should include using ice or cold packs. Apply ice in 15 to 20-minute intervals to reduce inflammation in your lower back. Depending on the duration of sharp, intense pain, ice can be continued anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks.

      Heat, such as a heat wrap or hot bath, can also help during your healing process. Just stick to ice initially and during high-intensity pain to reduce swelling. Check out our innovative heat and ice wrap for quick and easy hot and cold therapy.

      • SI Joint Exercises and Stretches

      Physical therapy exercises and stretches can be helpful in strengthening the muscles around your sacroiliac joint by improving your flexibility, balance, strength, and stability. Improving on these things can help with sacroiliac joint pain management.

      Try out these 7 sacroiliac exercises for SI joint pain and learn which 5 you should avoid!

      • Supports and Braces

      There are many supportive devices and back braces available at BraceAbility, which help improve sacroiliac joint dysfunction and pain almost instantly! But sometimes, choosing a back brace can be a little overwhelming. There are braces with pulley systems, rigid back panels, some with multiple straps, and some without any. Check out our recommendations below for the best SI joint braces.

      Top 5 Sacroiliac Belts for Treating SI Joint Pain

      1. Customizable SI Belts

      As anyone who has worn a back brace can attest, putting one on and getting it adjusted properly is no easy feat. That is not the case with this sacroiliac back belt. Its mechanical pulley system provides a 5-to-1 compression ratio, making it easy for you to tighten this medical SI brace for ultimate support. Plus, the pads on this SI joint belt are adjustable, and you can remove them for a sleeker, low-profile fit.

      Also allowing for custom levels of compression is our adjustable lower back brace. Similar to Cybertech’s sacroiliac back belt, this support has a pulley system. Its dual pulley system allows you easily generate a lot of compression, which is great for lower back pain treatment with very little effort. Simply, slide your thumbs through the pull tabs and pull them away from your body. The right pull tab controls lower compression and the left pull tab controls upper compression for increased personalization.

      1. Sacral Belts for Pregnancy

      Are you pregnant and looking for low-back pain relief? A belly sling provides much-needed support and stabilization to your growing belly during pregnancy, relieving extra pressure on your low back.

      You can easily apply and adjust this maternity support belt using its easy-to-follow instructions and Velcro closures. This sciatic support belt can also be effective for relieving arthritis and symphysis pubis dysfunction, which is common among pregnant women. Plus sizes of this prenatal belly sling are also available.

      If you are not interested in a belly sling, BraceAbility offers a number of other pregnancy back supports and maternity braces. Otherwise, try out these 7 effective remedies for pregnancy back pain.

      1. Trochanter Hip & Pelvic Support Belts

      Trochanter belts help stabilize the joints of your lower back, relieving pain stemming from your sacroiliac or lumbosacral joint.

      This trochanter belt can be used as a hip pain band, pelvic alignment correction brace, coccyx brace, boa SI belt, trochanter brace, sacrum stabilizing belt, or broken tailbone support belt. Its soft material, low-profile fit, and Velcro closures make this belt easy and comfortable to wear. Plus, it is universal (one size fits most), making it perfect for anybody.

      1. Athletic Back Braces for Sports

      A lower back brace for working out is great for maximum support of your spine while also allowing flexibility. Most other athletic back supports make it hard to move around and tend to constrict you from doing your daily activities. Luckily for you, our Sporting Back Brace allows you to move, jump, twist, and turn without any trouble.

      This workout back brace is breathable, lightweight and slim, making it a good choice for athletes who don’t want to hinder their performance. It is made out of a thin nylon mesh material, so you will never have to worry about overheating.

      1. Elastic Back Braces

      BraceAbility offers several elastic back braces that allow for a high degree of movement, meaning you can treat your back pain while still going on with your day-to-day life.

      This elastic back brace for women hugs and supports your lower back and abdomen. It can be easily applied and secured thanks to its simple wrap-around design. Plus, it is tapered front, making it more comfortable to wear than many other back braces. Available in plus sizes up to 4XL, to fit women with bigger hips and tummies. Check out all of our plus size back braces.

      Another great premium-quality elastic brace is this men’s or women’s orthotic back belt for muscle pain. Whether you are seeking treatment for male or female SI joint pain, back muscle spasms, or pain relief for a pulled back muscle, this lumbar wrap is a comfortable, low-hassle solution.

      Other Advantages of SI Belts

      Besides providing support and stability to those with SI joint dysfunction, SI joint belts can also improve posture, which is helpful for healing. View more of our postural supports.

      Another benefit of using sacroiliac belts is that relief can be instant. There is no need to suffer from low-back pain any longer. Try a sacroiliac joint belt today!