The BraceAbility Sacroiliac Belt helps relieve lower back pain from sciatica and bursitis
Sizing for the SI joint pain relief belt is one size fitting 28 inch to 45 inch hip circumferences
The SI joint lower back compression wrap applies targeted support to the sacroiliac joint
Our black hip belt is a wrap-around brace to reduce SI joint inflammation
Our medical-grade SI joint belt is made of breathable, lightweight materials for all-day comfort.
The sacroiliac joint pain brace also helps with sciatica, hip flexor pain, and arthritis
The sacroiliac belt sciatica treatment brace can be worn during the day or while sleeping
instruction sheet for how to put on the sacroiliac hip belt
To clean the sacroiliac hip belt, machine wash on a delicate cycle with cold water. Air dry before you reapply.

Sacroiliac Belt | SI Joint Brace for Lower Back Support, Sciatica Treatment, Bursitis Hip Pain Relief

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Product Description

Our Top 5 Favorite Features of This SI Joint Pain Belt

  1. Effective, Natural Pain Relief

    SI joint pain can be difficult to deal with, but when it comes to relieving the pain and protecting from further injuries, this support belt makes it easy. The sacroiliac brace can be worn for long periods of time, including while you’re active, which makes the recovery process effortless.

    The lightweight SI joint belt provides relief from lower back and hip pain caused by:

    Speak to your doctor or medical professional to make sure this is the right product for you before wearing. If you’re dealing with severe SI joint pain, check out our full assortment of lower back and hip supports designed for ultimate lower back relief.

  2. Lightweight & Durable Materials

    The thin hip band is lightweight and breathable, yet supportive. No matter what you’re doing throughout the day, walking, working, or exercising, you can feel confident that your sore lower back or hip is getting the support it needs. The hip brace is washable and completely adjustable, making it easy to use and reuse, unlike taping or other one-time use wraps.

  3. Adjustable Belt Conforms to You

    Universal sizing allows a range of men and women to benefit from the use of this SI joint belt. Hip and lower back pain can range greatly depending on the injury or condition, which is why this belt can be adjusted to support and manage a range of pain levels as you recover. Customize this belt to fit your needs by adjusting the dual-tension compression straps, or simply placing the brace either higher or lower on your hips, depending on where your pain is.

  4. Discreet All-Day Wear

    When it comes to SI joint, lower back, and hip pain, it will take time to fully recover. That’s why this brace was specifically designed to be worn for lengthy amounts of time. Whether it’s all day, night, or both, the light wrap will continue to do its job without anyone else even knowing. Plus, you can wear the black, adjustable belt underneath or outside of your clothing, whatever is most comfortable for you.

  5. Comfortable Compression

    If you’re looking for lower back pain relief or a way to reduce painful inflammation in your sore SI joints, this band is perfect for you. The one-of-a-kind hip belt offers a personalized level of pressure, support and compression, yet is so lightweight and thin that it can be worn for hours comfortably. Thanks to the soft materials, you can wear the belt directly against your skin without worrying about irritation throughout the day.

How Will This Sacroiliac Belt Help My Lower Back Pain?

If you’re feeling either a dull or sharp pain in the lowest part of your back and hips, you’re likely experiencing SI joint pain. Your SI joint can get inflamed, which could happen for several reasons such as sports injuries, jogging, or working. The inflammation causes an aching pain in your lower back and hips, which can also lead to pain along your legs, tailbone, and pelvis in some cases. So, now that you know what is causing the pain, the next question is how do you get rid of it? One of the best features of this SI belt is that it can be worn for long periods of time. This allows your SI joint to get the support, compression, and relief it needs to fully heal and function properly, even as you’re active.

SI Joint Pain & Pregnancy

Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, pubic symphysis, or a combination of the two, are extremely common conditions for women to experience during pregnancy. But, why? Well, your sacroiliac joints connect the lowest part of your spine to the back of the pelvic bone. The aching pain you’ve been feeling in your lower back and hips during pregnancy is likely due to either hormonal changes, the extra weight and stress placed on the joints, or a mixture of the two. In addition to exercises and stretches that promote pelvic stability, the use of a pelvic stability belt like this one can be a simple, yet tremendously effective help.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Bursitis Hip Belt

  • What conditions / injuries does the brace treat? Provides effective lower back and hip pain relief for sacroiliac SI joint dysfunction, sciatica, pinched nerves, hip bursitis, arthritis of the hip or lumbar spine, and pulled hip flexor injuries.
  • Who can wear it? The universal lower back belt will fit a range of teens to adult men and women within the hip circumference of 28 inches to 45 inches.
  • How do I put it on? Undo all fasteners and center wrap on lower back, just above buttocks. Wrap left side, followed by the right, and fasten. Repeat with double-pull tension straps & adjust for comfort as needed.
  • Can I wear this belt if I’m pregnant? The SI band is maternity friendly, however, you should always check with your medical professional before wearing.
  • When should I wear it? The belt is designed for all-day and all-night wear. Speak to your doctor or medical professional to find what length of wear time would be safest for your injury or condition.
  • How do I adjust this brace? Simply pull and secure the two, double-tension straps on each side of the brace and secure them to a snug, comfortable fit.
  • What material is this brace made of? This belt is made of neoprene and an elastic tendon strap, with nylon hook closures.
  • How tall is this brace? The support is 3.75 inches tall and 37 inches long.
  • Washing instructions: With fasteners attached, hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Allow the belt to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Breathable materials for all-day use
    • Completely adjustable fits most men and women
    • Quick and easy to put on and take off
  • Color: Black

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Shelly SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Love how it holds you in place. Awesome product.

Jennifer P.
United States United States

This is a great product

I’m pleased with this belt. I love how narrow it is and still gets the job done. I even sleep in it as needed.

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David R.
United States United States

One size fits all?

Belt misrepresented by models at website. Appears longer than actually is.

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Shirleyann F.
United States United States

Scroliliac Belt

Very Comfortable

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Kathy W.
United States United States


Does what says put on takes few minutes pain going down leg gone

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