Experience copper-infused, therapeutic compression with this active thigh sleeve for torn, strained, or pulled hamstring and quadricep injury pain relief
The sizing chart for the hamstring compression sleeve comes in sizes small through xl fitting up to 28 inch thighs
Our thigh sleeve is made with copper infused nylon to help reduce odor while recovering from a hamstring strain
Our upper thigh sleeve applies four way compression to support an injured quad during all activities
Compression Thigh Sleeve - Copper Leg Support for Torn Hamstring, Quad Strains, and Pulled Muscle Treatment
Our quad compression sleeve can be worn on your right or left leg
The BraceAbility black thigh sleeve helps reduce muscle cramps and pains from quad tendonitis

Compression Thigh Sleeve - Copper Leg Support for Torn Hamstring, Quad Strains, and Pulled Muscle Treatment

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Product Description

Hamstring Compression Sleeve: Our Top 4 Favorite Features

  1. Made with Copper-Infused Compression

    The stretchy, high-quality compression sleeve is made of the best, copper-infused fabric. Copper materials prevent any stink, sweat, and filth with the anti-odor and anti-bacterial features. The moisture-wicking sleeve keeps you cool and comfortable, preventing any sweat while you’re active. Copper compression supports your entire thigh, providing targeted pressure and stabilizing your weakened leg as you heal.

  2. Reduces Stiff and Sore Muscles

    Surround your weakened muscles with the ultimate level of targeted compression, protection, and support. The level of compression in this hamstring sleeve not only reduces any inflammation and tension but improves healthy blood circulation. Soothing warmth reduces any stiffness and soreness in agitated, overused muscles. Plus, you can wear this support brace while you’re up and active. Wear the sleeve interchangeably on the right or left leg for effective coverage and support for inner, outer, back, and front thigh injuries and pain.

  3. Allows for Active Recovery and Relief

    This thigh compression wrap provides the perfect level of stretchy, flexible support as you begin to get back into activity following a thigh injury. Not only will this sleeve help protect as you recover but the compression will also help relieve any soreness you may have after lifting, running, working out, or physical labor. Wear the upper thigh compression sleeve during the day while you’re up and active, or overnight to ease stiff and sore hamstring and quadricep muscles.

    Use this copper leg sleeve to help stabilize, protect, and boost recovery from:

    • Pulled or torn hamstring
    • Quadricep tendonitis
    • Repetitive thigh injuries
    • Strained quads
    • Sore thigh pain

    If you’re not sure if this support will work for you, check with your doctor or medical professional for advice about your specific thigh injury, condition, or pain before wearing.

  4. Provides Ultimate Protection from Injury or Pain

    If you’re recovering from a torn, pulled, or strained hamstring (or any other thigh muscle) this thigh sleeve is perfect for you. When you’re recovering from a thigh injury, your weakened muscle is at a much higher risk for further injury or pain to occur. This thigh compression wrap surrounds your entire thigh with targeted compression, so you’re able to get back to doing the things you love without the need to worry about re-injury or painful muscle movements.

    How Do You Know If You Pulled or Tore Your Hamstring?

    Pain in the hamstring muscles of the thigh is extremely common, but there are a variety of specific injuries that could be causing your pain. To find the best treatment process to heal your hamstring, it’s important to know exactly what’s going on. So, how do you know if you pulled your hamstring or tore the muscle? It comes down to certain causes and symptoms. A torn hamstring is more severe, while a pulled or strained hamstring, while still painful, is more moderate.

    Torn Hamstring Muscle

    A torn hamstring is a step above a strained or pulled muscle, it is a complete or partial tear. This type of injury is a rip in the hamstring muscle that occurs when the hamstring has been overstretched or overloaded with too much weight and force. If a torn hamstring occurs, you’ll feel severe pain and not be able to straighten your leg, with immediate swelling. This injury will require multiple months of recovery and rest to fully heal.

    Hamstring Strains and Pulls

    Hamstring muscle strains will commonly cause sudden pain and tenderness to the back of your thigh. If you’ve pulled or strained your hamstring it will be difficult to move your leg due to the pain, but the strength of the muscle itself is still intact and should not be affected. A pulled hamstring will take some time to heal, but with proper rest, stretching, and heat or ice therapy, you’ll be able to get back to your daily activities.

    Pulled Hamstring Recovery Time

    You know you’ve pulled your hamstring, but how long will it take for things to start feeling normal again? The severity of your hamstring pull will ultimately determine the length of time it will take to heal. Mild strains can heal as soon as three weeks after the injury occurs if you’re resting and stretching properly at home. More severe tearing of the muscle can take months to fully heal. When it comes to recovering from a pulled hamstring, it’s important to not push yourself too fast or too hard. Slowly increase your physical activity, such as walking. As your hamstring heals and gets stronger, you can add more stretches and exercises. Wearing a compression sleeve as you begin to work back into physical activity and exercise is a great way to prevent further injury from occurring by protecting your weakened hamstring.

    Understanding Muscle Strains: Why is my Thigh Cramping?

    Notice a random, maybe painful, cramping going on in your thigh? Don’t worry, this is quite common for active men and women. The reasoning behind thigh cramps usually leads straight to overusing your muscles. This could be from running and exercise, or physical labor. Depending on the severity of the overuse of your quads or hamstrings, the pain of the cramps can be very mild, or extremely severe.

    How to Stop Thigh Cramps

    Cramping in the leg can be unpredictable, leaving you with shooting pain at inconvenient times. How do you stop thigh cramps from happening? The easiest way to get rid of thigh cramps is to give the affected leg some rest. Muscle overuse can cause painful cramps and the more you use those muscles, the more likely the cramping is going to occur. On top of rest, you should stretch out the affected area. For cramps in the front of the thigh (quadriceps), pull your foot up on the affected side towards your buttock, hold for 30 seconds and slowly release. If you have a cramp in the back of your thigh (hamstring), sit on a chair or the floor and slowly pull the top of your foot toward you with your leg extended out and straightened.

    If you’ve been resting and stretching and still aren’t seeing progress with your thigh cramps, you may want to try hot or cold therapy along with the help of compression. Using heat, ice, and compression on the sore muscle can help relieve any inflammation and tension. To relieve inflammation try using an ice pack or ice roller. For relief from sore and stiffened muscles, try using a warm towel or heating pad. Wearing a compression sleeve while you’re walking around or completing other physical activities will provide comfortable, targeted compression to the muscles, which will reduce swelling and improve blood circulation.

    Frequently Asked Questions About This Copper Thigh Sleeve

    • What conditions / injuries does the copper sleeve treat? Use the hamstring compression sleeve to help treat and manage any sore muscle spasms, strains, and pulls, torn hamstring recovery, quadriceps tendonitis, general thigh pain, and injuries.
    • Who can wear it? With a wide range of sizes available, most teen to adult men and women can wear this compression wrap.
    • What are the benefits of copper? This copper-infused leg sleeve is perfect for active recovery from injuries. The copper material offers an anti-odor and anti-bacterial option to help comfortably speed up the healing process.
    • How do I put it on? Pull the sleeve onto the affected leg with the wider end on first. Pull sleeve up leg onto the thigh.
    • How do I know what size to get? Use a flexible measuring tape and refer to the sizing chart pictured above to find your correct size.
    • Can I wear this brace over my pants? This sleeve should be worn directly against the skin. If preferred, you can wear pants over the compression sleeve.
    • When should I wear it? Wear the support during physical activity, or after activity for recovery purposes.
    • What material is this brace made of? The thin and breathable sleeve is made of 85% copper and nylon blend with 15% spandex.
    • How tall is this brace? The support sleeve is 9.5" tall, the support is meant to sit from your upper thigh to just above your kneecap.
    • Washing instructions: Machine wash on delicate in cold water with mild detergent. Let sleeve air dry completely before reapplying.
    • Other features:
      • Wide range of sizes available
      • Perfect support for active recovery
      • Copper-infused, comfortable compression
    • Color: Black

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Edward P.
United States United States


Bought medium based on size chart, but was too tight. Kept it anyway and ordered a large, which fits great. Does require pulling up after a few hours. Selling point, you can smear pain gel on your leg, then cover with the brace with no staining pants.

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Mick K.
United States United States

hamstring support that works

I got a hamstring sprain lifting weights and was afraid I might not be able to lift again. The Braceability wrap was the solution, it feels like I'll be working out again soon.

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Joan C.
United States United States


Good. It helped me recover from torn muscle

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Keith B.
United States United States

Thigh sleeve

Excellent - did the job as advertised

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Hey Keith! We are so grateful for your kind words. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review!