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      Treating a Thumb Injury with a Thumb Splint

      Thumb orthoses like thumb splints, thumb supports, and spica braces are used to help treat a wide variety of disorders/conditions and injuries of the thumb like De Quervain's syndrome, tendonitis, thumb sprains or strains, and thumb fractures. These thumb orthoses can also be used for post-operative rehabilitation, post-cast removal, or as a cast substitute for long-term use. In addition, thumb spica wrist braces are used to provide additional support, stability, and immobilization for the thumb area.

      Here at BraceAbility, we offer a selection of thumb spica splints for every thumb condition, disorder, and injury.

      De Quervain's Tendonitis Treatment with a Thumb Spica Splint

      De Quervain's syndrome, also known as De Quervain's disease or De Quervain's tendonitis, is caused by an irritation or constriction of the tendons around the base of the thumb. This condition is named after Swiss surgeon Fritz de Quervain, who first identified it in 1985. The swelling of the tendons around the thumb brought about by this disease causes pain and tenderness in the patient's thumb when he or she is grasping or gripping things, when forming a fist, or when turning the wrist.

      The exact cause of De Quervain's syndrome is unknown. However, repetitive gripping and grasping of certain objects, overuse, inflammatory disorders such as arthritis, or a direct blow or acute injury to the thumb are all thought of as possible triggers for the disease.

      Treatment of De Quervain's syndrome may include taking anti-inflammatory medication, injecting corticosteroids into the tendon sheath to reduce swelling and pain, avoiding activities that cause pain and swelling, and—in extreme cases—surgery if symptoms are severe and do not improve. However, the most effective treatment for De Quervain's syndrome is wearing thumb spica splints to help rest the thumb and wrist. The spica brace or thumb splint is usually worn twenty-four hours a day for several weeks to help immobilize the afflicted area and help the patient avoid any activities that might potentially aggravate the condition.

      How Can a Thumb Support Brace Help Treat Sprained Thumbs?

      A sprain occurs when the thumb is bent backward out of its normal range of movement. When this happens, damage occurs to the ligaments that help support the joint at the base of the thumb. Thumb sprains commonly occur when playing contact sports such as football and basketball and while skiing.

      The symptoms of a sprained thumb include the following: laxity and instability in the joint, pain in the web of the thumb when moved, swelling of the joint at the base of the thumb, and pain when the thumb is bent backward.

      When someone suffers a sprained thumb, they can choose to either undergo surgical or non-surgical treatment depending on the severity of the damage to the ligament. If the ligament is completely torn, an operation may be necessary to retain normal movement of the thumb. Surgery will involve reconnecting the torn ligament to the bone.

      In the case of a partial tear of the ligament, simple thumb splinting is commonly prescribed. A physician will ask the patient to wear a thumb splint, specifically a thumb immobilization splint, for at least five weeks until the swelling and tenderness in the thumb has disappeared.

      Spica Splints and Thumb Braces Available at BraceAbility

      For immobilization of the thumb, especially for post-operative rehabilitation, stabilization of thumb fractures, post-cast removal, or as a cast substitute for long-term use, we at BraceAbility suggest the lace-up broken thumb splint. This thumb brace is anatomically designed to conform to the natural shape of the thumb and wrist, providing comfortable and secure immobilization.

      On the other hand, this thumb splint is indicated for use to help treat thumb sprains, trauma, tendonitis, and overuse injuries. This thumb spica brace is uniquely designed to be easily applied with one hand and features a heat-moldable thermoplastic stay for superior mobilization and is easily adjustable using a heat gun.

      The thumb and wrist splint with an abducted thumb is ideal for the treatment of De Quervain's syndrome and thumb strains. It provides consistent clinical results and is designed with dually adjustable aluminum stays that support the palm surface of the wrist and extensor surface of the thumb.

      Choose from our selection of high-quality and competitively priced thumb splints and spica braces depending on your needs. Not sure what thumb spica splints and braces you require? No problem. Our customer service representatives are here to help. To speak with one, please call us at (866) 712.7808. We'll be glad to assist you.