Wrist and thumb splint immobilizes and supports the metacarpophalangeal joint at the base of the thumb
Sizing chart for thumb and wrist tendonitis splint. One size fits most
The material this sore wrist and thumb splint is made of is breathable and soft
Thumb stabilizer can be tightened to reduce movement in your thumb
Wrist splint / thumb stabilizer leaves your fingers free
Contoured wrist stay matches the natural curve of your wrist
To apply this wrist support brace follow these 4 steps

Right Hand Wrist Brace | Tendonitis Splint for Thumb De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Treatment

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Right Wrist Brace Provides Relief for Tendonitis

This versatile wrist brace for De Quervain’s tendonitis and more immobilizes the metacarpophalangeal (MP) joint and the carpometacarpal (CMC) saddle joint between the thumb and the index finger, in addition to supporting the wrist. This makes this wrist brace/thumb stabilizer well equipped for treating a number of wrist injuries on the thumb side, including:

  • Wrist or thumb tendonitis
  • De Quervain’s disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Thumb or wrist sprains or strains
  • Rhizarthrosis

The wrist splint for tendonitis includes an aluminum stay for additional support. If one desires a sleeker, more flexible thumb/wrist brace for tendonitis, he or she can simply remove the stay.

There is also a rigid stay at the thumb of the wrist and thumb brace for tendonitis for immobilization and support. This stay can also be removed from the wrist brace with a thumb stabilizer for a more flexible fit. The aluminum stay is not easily bendable because it is intended to be an immobilizing splint, but if needed you can slightly mold the thumb stay for a customized thumb stabilizer wrist brace fit.

The splint for wrist tendonitis is composed of durable material that will stand up to frequent use. This material is also breathable and lined with a padded lycra material, which makes this a more comfortable tendonitis wrist splint.

Another feature that enhances the comfort factor of this wrist splint with an abducted thumb component is the contouring that is incorporated in several areas of the brace. The contouring in the palmar area of this wrist and thumb support for tendonitis enables one to move the fingers normally, including grasping or clenching motions. There is also contouring at the fifth MP joint (pinky) of this tendonitis treatment of the wrist, allowing one to spread the fingers.

Besides the obvious comfort aspect of allowing free movement of the hand outside of the thumb, the motion permitted by this wrist brace with thumb support also means it can be used during therapy for wrist tendonitis.

How to treat tendonitis in the wrist and thumb will likely involve exercises meant to build up the strength and flexibility of the soft tissues in the affected areas. If this tendonitis wrist splint with a thumb stabilizer restricted movement of the hand more than necessary, it would likely lead to some counterproductive muscle loss.

This brace for tendonitis in the thumb and wrist is secured via fasteners. There are three along the wrist and forearm area, which ensures the De Quervain’s tendonitis wrist brace stays in position, as well as one around the thumb. If the strap ends are too long, you can cut off the excess material. 

This style of closure means one will not waste time trying to figure out how to use the thumb and wrist splint or struggling to apply and/or adjust it.  It also makes it quite easy to secure and adjust the wrist brace spica for tendonitis—after all, it makes little sense to require excessive twisting, gripping etc. that stresses one’s tendons if the goal is healing wrist tendonitis. On the other hand, a cast for right wrist tendonitis may be going overboard in many instances.

This wrist and thumb brace extends up the arm for added support to the wrist and forearm. The splint is 7" long. This measurement does not include the thumb portion, see image above for details.

So as you can see, from its price tag to its smart, comfortable design to its supportive qualities, there are many reasons this is a good brace to help with tendonitis wrist/thumb, and other injuries. See more braces for the wrist and thumb.

How to Treat Tendonitis in the Wrist and Thumb

Injuries to the hands and wrist are some of the most common injuries among athletes. Think about it… these areas of the body are essential for gripping and swinging a bat or racket, shooting a basketball, grappling with another wrestler, doing a flip and so much more. And in daily life, one relies on these areas of the body for so much—holding hands, lifting a baby, eating, or strumming a guitar would be difficult to impossible without these areas of the body.

Typically what causes tendonitis in the thumb/wrist falls into the category of overuse or trauma—tendonitis of the wrist or thumb can fall into either category. Some conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes can also lead to tendonitis of the hand and/or wrist.

Tendonitis is a general term referring to inflammation of the tendons. This is problematic as these connective tissues must glide through various tunnels in order for one to move the hands and wrist.

Understandably, forcing an irritated swollen tendon through such passages can be painful and eventually impossible.

Tendonitis thumb/wrist treatment typically begins with following the steps of RICE—rest, ice, compress and elevate the hand, thumb, and wrist. These steps can reduce painful inflammation more quickly.

This brace for tendonitis in the wrist and thumb helps with both the rest and compression steps of this process. The wrist splint with abducted thumb immobilizes the MP and CMC joints, helping with wrist pain on the thumb side by forcing these tendons to rest. The fasteners on the thumb stabilizing wrist brace also means one can adjust the amount of compression it provides at both the wrist and thumb area. For additional compression, one might consider a bandage or wrist wrap.

One can also take over-the-counter pain killers to help with the wrist pain above the thumb associated with de Quervain’s syndrome and other sources of wrist and hand pain. In some cases, a corticosteroid injection may be needed to calm the inflamed tissues.

Once inflammation and wrist/thumb pain from tendonitis are under control, one can start performing exercises to strengthen the muscles around the sore joint and stretches to improve mobility as part of treatment for wrist tendonitis.

And as previously noted, the fact that this wrist splint with thumb immobilizer allows full movement of the fingers helps minimize muscle loss and hand function during the periods of immobilization.

One should follow the instructions of a medical professional when it comes to getting back to activity. Overdoing it or performing certain motions can lead to a reinjury.

Other steps to prevent a reinjury include being sure to warm up and to gradually increase the intensity of one’s workouts. Cooling down is also important. Attention to proper form and equipment are also important for preventing tendonitis. Wearing a wrist and thumb guard can also help prevent such injuries.

How long it takes for wrist tendonitis to heal will depend upon the location and severity of one’s injury. It may take just a few days or several weeks for one to get back to normal. If one is still performing aggravating activities, reversing wrist tendonitis may take even longer.

Key Features of Right Wrist Splint

The numerous sizing features, low price tag, and smart design of this orthotic makes it one of the best thumb and wrist braces for treating tendonitis and a number of other hand and wrist injuries. Following is a detailed list of its features:

  • Rigid wrist brace with thumb spica immobilizes the MP and CMC joints
  • Contouring at the palmar crease for full finger function and also at the lower joint of the pinky finger, allowing palmar spread
  • Wrist brace for thumb tendonitis, wrist tendonitis, de Quervain’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, rhizarthrosis, wrist or thumb sprains, thumb or wrist strains, etc.
  • Rigid splint for sprained wrist can be made more flexible by removing its palmar or thumb stay
  • Rigid thumb stay of this wrist and abducted thumb splint for thumb tendon injuries can be molded to suit one’s needs and anatomy
  • Wrist tendon pain splint is constructed of durable material that will hold up well to wear
  • Black color of this wrist and thumb stabilizer for the right hand also means the support does not show wear, dirt, stains, etc.
  • Padded lycra lining for a more comfortable fit
  • Material of which this sore wrist, thumb side splint is constructed is also quite breathable
  • Hook and loop closures of this wrist support brace for torn tendonitis make it easy to apply and to adjust the compression it applies
  • Wrist splint/thumb stabilizer leaves the fingers free
  • Affordable wrist splint with thumb protector

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Relief & Support

This feels soooooo good! Much better than the arm sling I made in desperation, and so well made! It is so very comfortable and supportive. I am very new to having De Quervian Tenosynovitis - let alone how to say it, but I do know how to say relief! Don't quite know how they can sell it for just $19.99, so did not mind at all having to pay for shipping. Thanks Braceability! Just love it!

Nikki B.

Does not last long

I have worn this for 2 give or take weeks and it is falling apart


Exact one more than half the price

Just had CT surgery on right wrist. Was "given" this exact brace by my Dr. who charged me/insurance $54.00. Now need one for left wrist. Told my Dr. I could get one for $19.99 and his response was, "do what you think you need to." So I'm getting this one....and a new Dr.!


Very satisfied

I went to some local medical supply companies and they wanted 3x the amount for a similar brace. The quality is exactly the same, I’m very pleased with this brace. To be honest, I thought I would get some cheap product and my expectations were low. I was totally wrong. If I ever need another brace this will be the first place I come. Thank you braceability you exceeded expectations


Great product

I have been struggling with my tendinitis for more than 20 years, now it’s also arthritis too. I have been wearing the brace for 4 hours now & so much better than braces I buy from the stores. The brace helps with pain & helps me so I can keep my job at work. Thanks so much I’m almost 40 years old & I ate having this problem but the brace makes things better for me