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What Makes This One of the Best Thumb and Wrist Braces?

This highly adjustable splint supports and immobilizes the thumb and wrist so that healing can occur. This makes it a great option for treating a number of thumb injuries and wrist conditions, including:

  • De Quervain’s Syndrome
  • Tendonitis of the thumb or wrist
  • Basal (carpometacarpal, or CMC) joint arthritis
  • Ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injury (AKA, skiers’ thumb)
  • Scaphoid fracture of the wrist
  • Wrist or thumb sprains/strains
  • Wrist contracture

This is also a great post-cast removal brace.

The wrist/thumb splint features four metal stays that are each malleable (with some elbow grease) for a customized fit. These palmar, thumb and dorsal stays immobilize and support the hand. Three of the stays reside in the wrist area, including one that extends up the thumb, as well as one in the palm region that limits one’s ability to bend or extend the wrist or thumb.

For additional customization and a more flexible fit, two of these wrist stays can be removed. This makes the thumb/hand brace more flexible in instances where only the thumb needs to be immobilized or supported. Or if your wrist sprain treatment is moving along well and your doctor permits controlled movement, one can simply remove one or two of the stays.

The brace for thumb and wrist injuries leaves the fingers free. Besides giving your fingers freedom, this is also great for preventing the loss of hand and wrist strength and flexibility while using the brace.

The material of this lace-up wrist brace is durable, yet soft against the skin. All of its edges are finished so they will not chafe the skin.

Velcro closures make it easy to cinch up the wrist splint with thumb support using just one hand. This style of wrist and thumb closures is also more accessible for those with arthritic fingers. Thanks to these features, applying, adjusting and removing the thumb and wrist splint is remarkably simple.

Ordering the product is also quite easy as the only choice you have to make is whether the brace is for the left or right hand. The universal wrist brace fits wrist circumferences ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches.

This cuts down on our inventory, which translates to low prices for you.

Treating Wrist and Thumb Pain with an Immobilizing Splint

This thumb abduction brace can help with many causes of wrist and thumb pain. Whether you are dealing with wrist pain at the base of the thumb stemming from chronic overuse that is associated with de Quervain’s tenosynovitis, restricted motion and thumb/wrist pain under the thumb known as CMC arthritis due to worn cartilage, a scaphoid fracture in between the wrist and thumb, a sprained wrist/thumb or weakness after the removal of a cast, this thumb spica can help.

Protecting against further injury and rest are two of the most important steps for treating pain on the thumb side of the wrist (or just about any injury). This particular wrist splint with its abducted thumb feature helps with both of these steps.

The four stays of the wrist and thumb brace for tendonitis immobilize the joints. This prevents additional damage from occurring from movement while these tissues are swollen and painful. In addition, the stays are malleable and contoured for a comfortable fit.

Immobilization via a wrist and abducted thumb splint also gives swelling a chance to subside and rests the soft tissues in the area. This helps healing to get underway sooner.

The positioning of the stays and their shape can be adjusted as needed for your particular injury. Or you can remove one or two of the stays altogether if you would like a more flexible thumb stabilizing brace.

The elastic laces paired with Velcro straps make it very easy to get a customized fit with minimal effort.  This is especially helpful for those dealing with arthritis in the hands.

The fact that this wrist guard with an abducted thumb component leaves the other fingers free is also worth noting. This helps prevent the loss of strength and flexibility in the hand and wrist as one recovers from an injury.

Q&A on Wrist and Thumb Splint

  • What conditions / injuries does this elbow splint treat? It can help in many cases where wrist and/or thumb immobilization is needed, including (but not limited to) de Quervain’s syndrome, arthritis of the thumb and wrist, some wrist fractures, sprains/strains to the wrist or thumb, skiers’ thumb (UCL injuries) and after the removal of a cast.
  • How does it work?  The four stays of this wrist and thumb stabilizer support and limit movement of these areas. This forces you to rest the thumb and wrist so that inflammation can subside and healing can occur. This also protects against additional damage when the wrist and thumb are in a more vulnerable state. As treatment progresses, you can make it more flexible by removing some of the stays.
  • What is this splint made of?The wrist brace is made of a soft but durable material. Metal stays offer tough support, and elastic lacing make it easy to get a secure fit. Velcro strap closures make application, removal and adjustment fast and simple. The brace is free of latex.
  • Who can wear this splint?This thumb abduction splint will fit wrist circumferences ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches.
  • How do I put it on?First, open the brace and slide the hand into it so that the palmer stay lines up with the middle crease of the hand. If you have it positioned right, the thumb stay should follow the length of the thumb and arm; the dorsal stay at the back of the hand should be lined up with the knuckles. Next, wrap the wider thumb strap around the thumb and secure the Velcro closure. Then the thinner strap between the thumb and index finger can be attached. Finally, you can wrap the lacing straps around the wrist and attach it to the hook and loop material, readjusting the fit as needed. If you have the brace on correctly, you should be able to bend the knuckles.
  • Washing Instructions: You can hand wash this splint using cold water. It should be air dried.

  • Color: Black


Sizing chart for universal wrist brace fits 4-12 inch wrist circumferences
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