BraceAbility wrap around ulnar gutter splint to immobilize pinky joint
sizing chart for the broken pinky hand brace comes in three sizes fitting hand circumferences from five to ten and a half inches
The eight inch metal splint stabilizes the pinky and ring finger
The jammed finger splint has adjustable straps allowing it to be worn for right or left hand injuries
Our new boxer fracture splint is an all natural pain relief for ulnar gutter
The metacarpal fracture splint for pinky finger injuries fits men and women
the instruction sheet for the ulnar gutter splint has three simple wrap around straps
Our broken pinky finger splint immobilizes jammed fingers

Ulnar Gutter Splint | Hand Brace for Broken Pinky or Ring Finger, Metacarpal and Boxer Fracture Relief

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Product Description

The 4 Best Boxer Fracture Splint Benefits

  1. Perfect Fit for Range of Men and Women

    Not only is this boxer splint available in various sizes, but it also features adjustable straps to provide the perfect fit, pressure, support, and compression for various injuries. If you are dealing with finger swelling or inflammation, you can easily adjust the compression level for a better, more comfortable fit. The splint can also be worn interchangeably on the right or left hand, making it easy to use and reuse over time.

  2. Comfortable Immobilization Day or Night

    Made of soft, padded materials, this pinky splint can comfortably be worn throughout the day or through the night while sleeping. Unlike other hard, plastic finger splints, this support is soft against the skin for soothing warmth and compression. Perfect for injuries that require immobilization over long periods, this splint can be worn while sleeping or while up and active.

  3. Relieve Sore Finger Injuries, Pain, and Conditions

    This splint will provide you with the support and protection you need to fully heal and recover from sprains to breaks in your ring or pinky finger. Use for pinky and ring finger injuries and conditions such as:

    • Tendonitis, arthritis, and gout
    • Boxer fractures
    • Trigger finger
    • Fourth or fifth metacarpal fractures
    • Mallet finger
    • Broken ring or pinky finger
    • Jammed or sprained finger

    Speak to your doctor or medical professional to ensure this immobilizer support is the right choice for your injury, pain, or condition.

  4. Designed for Active Recovery

    Thanks to the finger-free design, you can immobilize your injured pinky or ring finger and still use your other healthy fingers. Heal, protect, and support your injuries and maintain the ability to complete daily tasks, such as typing, working, texting, writing, cooking, driving, and more!

How Does This Ulnar Gutter Cast Work?

Following finger injuries, the importance of a successful recovery is crucial to prevent reoccurring pain and injury over time. Your affected finger must be held and immobilized in a protected, straightened position to heal properly. This ulnar gutter splint holds your ring and pinky finger in a compressed, protective position while keeping the rest of your fingers free. While wearing this hand brace, you can ensure a full recovery while still staying active!

Frequently Asked Questions About This Metacarpal Fracture Brace

  • What conditions / injuries does this support treat? Use to help treat and manage ulnar gutter pain caused by metacarpal fractures, breaks, jams, mallet, and trigger finger.
  • How does it work? Finger splint immobilizes your ring or pinky finger to help speed up the healing process and prevent further injury or damaging movements.
  • Who can wear it? With various adjustable sizes available, this splint can be worn by most adult men and women.
  • What size should I get? Use a flexible measuring tape and refer to the sizing chart pictured above to find the perfect fit for you before purchasing.
  • What is it made of? Hand brace is made of foam and cloth, aluminum stays, and hook and loop fasteners.
  • How do I put it on? Lay splint flat on a table and place hand palm down on splint. Wrap bottom strap around forearm and fasten. Repeat with palm strap. Wrap top strap around pinky and ring fingers and secure.
  • Can I wear this splint to bed?  Yes, this finger immobilizer is soft and comfortable, easily worn through the night while sleeping.
  • Washing instructions: Remove splint and hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Allow wrap to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.
  • Other features:
    • Aluminum stay supports the entire outer side of the injured hand
    • Comfortable padded materials for day or night use
    • Durable straps can be adjusted for varying levels of support
  • Color: Black.

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