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Compression Brace for Elbow Sprains and Other Injuries

This versatile compression brace for the arm and elbow can help with a number of sources of pain in the elbow. To name just a few, this is a great brace for an elbow sprain or strain, arthritis-related joint pain or stiffness, or various forms of elbow tendonitis like golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow.

The 10-inch wide arm compression sleeve provides an ideal amount of support on either side of the joint. The elbow compression sleeve provides flexible, lightweight support that will not be a burden or an irritation as one goes about his or her day. 

Compression itself is beneficial to an injured arm because it can stimulate blood flow, which, in turn, helps reduce painful inflammation. This is also great for promoting healing of an elbow injury.

The compression and the warmth it creates are also quite soothing to an arthritic or stiff elbow joint.

This sleeve for elbow sprains comes with a two-inch wide band that wraps around the forearm just below one’s elbow joint. This band can support/tack down an irritated tendon, relieving pain stemming from an injury or overuse.

It is extremely quick and easy to apply and adjust this ulnar compression strap for elbow tendonitis thanks to its hook-and-loop Velcro closure.

The material of this elbow support sleeve wicks away moisture and is quite breathable. This makes it a good elbow brace for sports or everyday use. It is also free of latex, which is great for those with sensitivity to the product. This material is also anti-microbial and it won’t retain odors.

The sleeve/arm band combo will fit either the right or left arm. It comes in a neutral black color and fits flush to the arm for discreet use.

Support for Treating Elbow Sprains, Tendonitis, Arthritis and More

Throwing a baseball day after day, carelessly bumping an elbow against a doorfame, falling onto an outstretched arm or getting ones arm twisted in the midst of a football tackle are just a few examples of the many ways one can injure the elbow joint.

In many cases, this causes a soft tissue injury such as a sprain, strain, contusion, tendonitis or bursitis. While sprains, strains and contusions are acute injuries stemming from some immediate trauma, tendonitis and bursitis are usually overuse injuries that develop over time.

While such injuries can be quite painful, they can generally be remedied via conservative methods.

The severity of one’s sprain (stretched or torn ligament) or strain (injury to a tendon or muscle) will dictate one’s treatment. A complete tear may require surgery to repair. But in most cases, such elbow injuries can be addressed via conservative methods.

Rest, ice, compression and elevation are go-to remedies for treating an elbow sprain or strain. The compression this particular elbow strain sleeve provides is ideal for providing compression that helps prevent additional swelling and reduce what inflammation is present more quickly.

Treating moderate elbow strains might require the added support of an elbow brace. We also offer a number of heavier-duty elbow braces for sprains and such if even more support or immobilization is needed. Depending upon the severity of one’s injury, one may benefit from physical therapy.

Treatment for overuse injuries like tendonitis is quite similar. Rest and activity modification are important for giving inflammation a chance to subside and encouraging healing.

A splint or elbow compressive wrap can help reduce stress on the joint and encourage healing. We also offer a number of elbow braces specifically geared toward treating golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow.

Exercises to correct any imbalances and to improve one’s flexibility are also important to long-term treatment of elbow tendonitis.

And prompt treatment of an injury is important, as failure to do so can lead to additional damage.

Osteoarthritis typically affects weight-bearing joints like the hips or knees. But a previous injury can heighten one’s risk of damage/degeneration to the cartilage of the elbow, leading to the hallmark pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis.  

Activity modification is important to limiting pain and further deterioration of the joint. An arthritis compression sleeve for the elbow like this provides soothing warmth and compression to the joint.

There are medications and supplements one can take to deal with some of the pain associated with arthritis of the elbow. In some cases, various injections may be an option.

Key Features of Elbow Compression Sleeve for Elbow Pain

This versatile elbow splint can help with many injuries to the elbow. Following is a breakdown of the numerous features that enable it to do so.

  • Elbow wrap supports the tissues of and around one’s elbow
  • Includes a 2-inch wide straps that encircle one’s forearm for added support
  • Warms and compresses the elbow, soothing elbow pain
  • Well perforated material of this arm and elbow sleeve makes it breathable and comfortable
  • The material wicks away heat and moisture, optimizing it as an athletic elbow brace
  • Sports elbow brace is soft and flexible for user comfort
  • Anti-microbial finish of the sleeve for a sore elbow also equips it for daily or sports use
  • Hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to adjust the amount of compression the forearm band applies
  • 10-inch wide athletic elbow sleeve provides good support without restricting movement
  • Latex-free elbow support for osteoarthritis
  • Black elbow sleeve for sports is gender neutral
  • Available in many sizes fitting a wide variety of forearm circumferences
  • Sprained elbow brace works for either the right or left arm
  • Treats elbow pain stemming from an elbow sprain or strain, tendonitis of the elbow, including lateral epicondylitis or medial epicondylitis, arthritis of the elbow
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