Elastic Ankle Brace for Gymnastics, Dance & Athletic Support

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Elastic Foot & Ankle Support

The elastic foot and ankle bandage provides maximum support and compression to help prevent pain and injuries. An ankle support that gives two different degrees of tension to the foot and ankle in just one piece of elastic material is ideal for those looking for a simple bandage to help with their injury.

This slip on foot wrap is very thin making it simple to fit in a shoe for maximum support and protection when participating in yoga, cheerleading, dance or gymnastics. It is constructed of flexible spiral fabric which makes it easy to slip on and adjust its placement once on the foot. The ankle bandage comfortably wraps around the foot and ankle making it easy to wear for long periods of time. Made of latex-free, elastic material, this flexible wrap is able to easily conform to the ankle, compressing the foot and ankle as need. 

Maximum compression and support are necessary when dealing with any type of injury to reduce pain. Feet have a lot of pressure weighing down on them, therefore, it is important to pay attention to any problems you may be having. By wearing a brace, the pressure that our body puts on the feet can be reduced. Those who participate in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading or other sports are very active with their feet and may deal with different issues. BraceAbility offers the most simple elastic wrap and many other ankle and foot braces for those who deal with ankle sprains, swelling, tendon injuries or other foot and ankle problems in their life.

This slip on foot and ankle sleeve comes in a range of sizes from S - 2XL. To apply, find the slightly bigger opening on the end of the ankle sleeve. Slip-on the sleeve to the affected foot and pull up until the heel is placed in the middle opening (sizing tag will be by your toes). For maximum compression, make sure the sleeve is tight to the ankle

Sport Braces for the Foot and Ankle

Wearing a foot and ankle brace while being active can help your health and mobility in the long run. Injuries can always be prevented by taking the proper precautions. Cheerleading, yoga, dance and gymnastic are just a few of the many athletic activities one can be hurt while doing. The elastic ankle and foot sleeve is ideal for these specific athletes. The flexible ankle brace is able to compress and support the ankle which helps to better prevent injuries, such as stretching or tearing the ligaments or tendons of the ankle, spraining the ankle, and prevent swelling after extravagant use. One can wear the ankle sleeve and protect their ankle while being just as mobile as they were before.

When dealing with foot and/or ankle pain, it is important to rest and take pressure off of the affected area. The athletic ankle wrap can help users prevent or ease pain of an injury. Whether one is walking, running or participating in gymnastics, dance and cheerleading this simple ankle sleeve ensures to effectively support your ankle and foot.

BraceAbility offers a wide variety of ankle and foot braces, as well as many other orthopedic braces for conditions that may be caused due to playing sports or being active. 

Elastic Foot and Ankle Sleeve Features

  • Single strip of material
  • Conforms to the foot and ankle
  • Low-profile - easily fits inside shoe
  • Flexible, latex-free elastic material
  • Two degrees of tension
  • Provides maximum compression and support
  • Spiral construction for a smooth, comfortable fit
  • Simple slip on application
  • Color: Beige
  • Size: S - 2XL 


Sizing chart for the elastic foot and ankle sleeve. Available in sizes S-2XL.
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