Plus size XXL knee brace for patella support for working out, walking and exercising with excess knee fat
Sizing chart for exercise knee pain brace. Available in sizes XS-4XL.
BraceAbility short knee brace for your patella to stabilize dislocations hide_on_site
The dislocated knee brace by BraceAbility is made of breathable material making it perfect for working out
The padded c-shaped buttress on the dislocated knee supports inside or outside of kneecap preventing dislocation or subluxation
Relieve knee pain from arthritis, tendonitis, and knock knees with the BraceAbility short patella tracking knee brace
Our short exercise knee pain brace is the ultimate solution for knee pain and discomfort
The short knee brace instruction sheet is a sleeve style base with two adjustable straps for patella tension
the exercise knee brace should be washed by hand with warm water and mild detergent
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Exercise Knee Brace | Sweat-Resistant Work Out Stabilizer Sleeve for Patella Tracking & Kneecap Pain

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Product Description

5 Reasons People Love This Knee Brace for Working Out

Knee pain can be caused by a number of reasons, one of them being exercise and physical activity, which happen to be some of the best things you can do to improve your overall health. With stress and strain on your body, over time your knees may start to disagree with the workload associated with exercise, or sports and begin to ache. This athletic knee wrap was designed to provide the ultimate comfort and support while you are active, so you don’t have to sacrifice your fitness and well being.

  1. Lightweight & Low-Profile Protection

    This exercise knee brace covers no more area than is necessary, making it a lightweight and low-profile option for dealing with knee pain while working out. This translates to user comfort and helps it to stand out from other knee braces for exercise.

  2. Flexible Open-Patella Design

    The open-patella design of this small and short knee support improves its flexibility and keeps pressure off of your sore kneecap, while the popliteal area at the back of your knee is closed for added support and compression.

  3. Adjustable and Universal Fit

    With sizes available from S - 4XL, anyone from teens to plus-size adults can wear this knee sleeve. Plus, this adjustable brace can be worn interchangeably on your right or left leg.

  4. Supportive C-Shaped Buttress Stabilizer

    The buttress of this sleek knee compression sleeve stabilizes your knee, which is especially helpful if you’re in need of extra support while walking downhill or uphill, or on uneven surfaces, such as what you may experience while hiking or trail running.

    The C-shaped buttress is compression molded and textured, helping prevent it from sliding out of position. Plus, by simply flipping this knee brace, the C-shaped buttress can be easily adjusted for either lateral (outside) or medial (inside) knee support.

    The padded C-shaped buttress helps to stabilize your kneecap
  5. Breathable, Medical-Grade Material

    This multi-sized patellar brace is constructed of sweat-wicking material, making it the best knee brace for exercise. The neoprene-alternative fabric provides compression and support that you would expect from a neoprene knee brace but without the warmth. The lightweight sleeve allows heat and moisture to escape, making it a more comfortable option for knee support while working out.

Patella Stabilizing Knee Brace for Walking, Exercise, and Everything in Between!

You heard it right! It does not matter what your exercise may consist of, this brace will work for you and your workout routine. From casual golf with your friends, to a marathon runner, knee pain is common and you may be experiencing one of the following knee conditions.

Created to provide both medial (inner) and lateral (outer) kneecap stabilization, this lightweight patella sleeve is ideal for whatever your daily activities may consist of. All components of this workout knee brace were designed to treat and prevent:

Treat Knee Pain from Exercise & Running

While working out can be beneficial for one’s overall health, peace of mind and more, it also comes with some risk. Overdoing it, poor form, a collision or overloading the knee joint (or other areas of the body) can cause injury and pain. Rather than figuring out how to work out with knee pain, one should focus on addressing the underlying cause.

treat knee pain caused by exercise with our lightweight exercise knee brace

Knee pain while exercising can be quite counterproductive, plus it can lead to worsening of an existing injury or the development of a more serious one. For that reason, it is important to address rather than ignore the problem. Doing so may include the use of a workout knee brace like this. Knee sleeves are also popular products for support and compression while working out.

Benefits of This Patella Knee Strap for Plus Size Adults

It’s no secret that knee pain and obesity are connected. The knees are the shock absorbers of the body. Their role is to absorb the force when we step, jump, run, play, or perform a motion with our legs. If we are carrying around extra weight on our body it exerts extra pressure on the knee and cartilage, which can eventually lead to the cartilage breaking down or osteoarthritis.

If you are plus size and your knees hurt, it’s likely you’ve been told a million times to lose weight. Sure, this will help, but it is hard to exercise when you're in pain or experiencing patellar tracking issues. This patella stabilizer knee brace provides the extra support and compression needed in order to make these exercises less painful.

Exercise can seem like a daunting task at times, especially if you have a bad knee. Fortunately, exercise doesn’t have to be hard or dreadful to be beneficial! Check out these low-impact workouts to help minimize stress on your knee joints while increasing your flexibility and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Patellar Support Brace

  • NOTE: This product is the same as the Short & Lightweight Patella Tracking Brace
  • What conditions does this knee stabilizer treat? Used for patellar tracking disorder, patella subluxation or dislocation, patellofemoral pain syndrome, light MCL and LCL injury prevention, meniscus pain, knee sprains, knee arthritis, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, chondromalacia, patellar tendonitis, and more.
  • Who can wear it? With sizes ranging from XS to 4XL, anyone from kids and teens to plus size adults can wear this knee brace.
  • How do I know what size to get? Using a fabric tape measure, stand up and measure the circumference around the center of your kneecap. To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend having a close family member or friend assist you. Refer to our sizing graphic in the photos above to choose the right size.
  • How do I put it on? To apply this wrap, loosen the straps and position the brace on the affected side and slide it over the knee. Make sure the seam is placed on the back of the knee, and your kneecap is centered in the opening with the support placed on the rim of your kneecap. Adjust the straps to your desired tension or comfort level.
  • Can I wear this sleeve over my pants? Yes, but this knee brace is meant to fit against your skin for a better grip. It can be worn above tight pants or leggings if necessary.
  • How tall is this patella tracker knee brace? 6” tall in the front and 3.5” tall in the back.
  • What material is this brace made of? 3/16” thick, latex-free, breathable neoprene alternative and a rubber compression mold buttress. Elastic strap is made with medical-grade fasteners.
  • When should I wear this athletic knee wrap? This lightweight knee brace can be comfortably worn all day while sitting, standing, and during physical activity.
  • Washing instructions: We recommend hand washing this knee brace in warm water with mild detergent and then laying flat to air dry completely before reapplying.
  • Other features:
    • The seam of this athletic knee support is at the back, minimizing irritation.
    • Releases heat and moisture for a cool, dry fit, perfect for athletic sports!
    • The compression-molded, textured buttress keeps the brace elevated on your leg.
  • Color: Black.

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